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Jonathan Anthony Personal Brand

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My team developed a very interesting approach to personal branding that showcases an individual’s sense of their brand, “empirical” testing like Myers-Brigg / PI / StrengthsFinder, and the relative sense of their personal brand from their team.

We then take individuals through a process of elimination to refine their brand elements; and then an activation phase where they start to put their personal brand to work – through key messages, formulation of ‘the ask’, career development discussions with line managers (and headhunters?) etc.

My main brand offerings: creative tension; fixer; velocity.

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Jonathan Anthony Personal Brand

  1. 1. HOW I SEE MYSELF MY MOODBOARD HOW OTHERS SEE MEJONATHAN ANTHONY YOUR BRAND : DIRECTOR, CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS MY STRENGTHS : MY COLOR : 1. STRATEGY PURPLE MY WORK PHILOSOPHY : 2. MAXIMIZER Creative, 3. CONNECTEDNESS independence, deep 1. Know thyself and how to add value. 4. COMMUNICATION contemplation 2. Then push for MORE. 5. IDEATION 3. Always have fun. 4. Work is learning and learning YOUR STATEMENTS : “Open and flexible, likes to is the work. “A driven, MYERS BRIGGS : try out new things, believes ENFJ motivated futurist. 5. If 1-4 are not present, get out asap. TEACHER in his ideas and is happy to introspective, cooperative, Not afraid to run go a long way to make things MY BRAND : directive, and expressive. with new ideas.” work..” BIG 80-20 56% 75% 38% 1% FIXER “A strong forward thinker “Challenging convention for aPICTURE On personality trait scales, scored as Active, Pleasant, Sociable, who innovates new ideas Demanding, Impatient, Appreciative, and Compromising. new future.” and focuses.”THINKER VELOCITY The ideal work environment for an ENFJ is forward-thinking and people-centered, with a clear humanitarian mission and an emphasis on constructive action. YOUR ARCHETYPE : YOUR COLOR :CREATIVE-TENSION Most likely of all types to believe in a higher spiritual power. THE VISIONARY RED Action, confidence, ENFJs are often attracted to leadership roles; they naturally looks to the future for possibilities and does not courage PI : GENERALIST organize people to take advantage of their unique talents. focus on the past. A 5 B 9 C 2 The ideal job for an ENFJ allows them to develop andSELF D 7 implement ideas that improve the circumstances and M 23 I well-being of other people. YOUR ANIMAL : TIGER Strongest Behaviors: Bravery, competitiveness, 1. Intuitive understanding of team cohesion, dynamics, and MY ARCHETYPE : interpersonal relations. unpredictable 2. Relatively independent in taking action on his own ideas. THE VISIONARY looks to the future for possibilities and does not MY BRAND ELEMENT : MY NEXT CHAPTER : 3. Eager for results, his drive is for swift implementation focus on the past. Management Style: Broadly focused; his attention is one where hes bringing his team and what goals he wants them to achieve. MY ANIMAL : Selling Style: Adept at navigating the politics of an organization. MONKEY Curioisty, creativity, adaptable, intelligence