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Signage and Car Wraps in Auckland

General Signs provides total signage solution like Signage, Sign writers and Vinyl car wraps in Auckland. We are also work for Building exteriors, Shop fittings and Billboards. Make General Signs your next stop and give your company the impact it deserves.

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Signage and Car Wraps in Auckland

  1. 1. Signage and Car Wraps in Auckland How to Care For Your Car Wrap If you are considering a car wrap for you business vehicle, you are making a smart choice. Not only are car wraps one of the most effective forms advertising on the market today, but also one of the least costly. There are a few things about car wraps that you should know however. None of them are really downsides, in fact most are positives, to having a car wrap, just questions that you may have going in. The first, and possibly most important, decision you will have to make about your car wrap is the style. There are many different looks and colors that you can choose for your company car, and the possibilities are nearly endless. The best way to come up with a design for your car wrap is to take some rough ideas that you have had, along with some other ads you have used in newspapers and magazines, including your business logo, and bring them into the place you are planning on having your car wrap made. There are almost always graphic designers and artists that work at places such as this that will be able to sit down with you and all of your designs and come up with a look for your car that will attract the most people while still remaining classy. These people can do wonders on computers and know what styles work and don't work. So trust them with your car wrap, but don't let them push you too far away from what you are looking for either. © General Signs Co. 2015 All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. The next thing that you'll have to face when you get a car wrap is the minor inconvenience of not having a car for a time. Normally this isn't a huge deal, and most companies can have the wrap installed on the car in less than three days, but it is still something to consider. I would bring your car into get the wrap applies when you are leaving for a business trip the next day, because while it is possible the wrap will be finished, you may end up walking to your destination. Maintenance of your car wrap is a huge factor. Most of the time, depending on the severity of the weather where you live, a car wrap can last up to seven years. This number comes with the assumption that you will take care of it however. The care for a car wrap isn't anything outlandish or difficult. In fact you would take care of the car much the same as you would if it didn't have the wrap on it. You will want to wash it with soap and water frequently. This become more important the most really dark and really light colors you have on your wrap. If you normally use a pressure washer, you'll have to find a new way to wash. The pressure from a pressure washer can and probably will damage the wrap. It can either put holes in it or make it fold or crease and once that happens it's basically ruined. Another thing that you will want to avoid when caring for you wrap is window scrapers. Now while they are a nice way to get the ice off of your car quickly, you'll have to start warming your car up and letting it melt off. Ice scrapers off the same destructive patterns as the pressure washer. Obviously if you don't have the wrap on the front of your car, or over the windows this isn't a problems, but for a full wrap it is something you'll have to pay attention to. So you see, there are mountains of benefits to having a car wrap put on your business vehicle and not many downsides. And with proper care of your car wrap the benefits only increase, because the better shape it stays in, the longer it will last, the more advertising you are getting for your money. © General Signs Co. 2015 All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Car Wraps Are Effective Promotional Tools Car wraps can turn your car expenses into tax deductible business expenses. All the while, giving you a huge advertising bang for your advertising dollar. A car wrap will turn your car into your own private moving bill board. The novelty of car wraps means that your message is seen, heard and remembered. This is one of the hottest promotional tools of the times. Car wraps have only been a popular form of advertising for the past decade. The wraps are not just limited to cars. There are van wraps, bus wraps, trailer wraps, etc. In fact, any vehicle surface can be wrapped. Studies have shown that all forms of vehicle wraps are highly effective ways of advertising. Historically, most advertising or branding applied to cars had to be done by the way of paint which was permanent or magnets which were vulnerable to theft and damage. Car wraps now provide a means of applying semi-permanent advertising to your car. When and if you want to change the advertisement, you can simply design and apply a new wrap. The old wrap can be removed without causing any damage to the underlying car. Once removed the wrap cannot be re- applied. © General Signs Co. 2015 All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. If you are considering advertising your business with a vehicle wrap the first thing you should do is find a designer and manufacturer in your area. Start your search with the Yellow Pages and then do an internet search. It generally takes 2-3 weeks to design and manufacture a wrap that is specific to your business and car. The application of the wrap takes another 2-3 days. Each wrap is very durable and can last up to three years. There are ways of getting in on the benefits of car wraps even if you do not have your own business to promote. Local businesses often contract with local drivers to have private cars wrapped and will pay the private car owner a monthly fee. If you have a late model popular car you may be able to earn some extra cash. In order to qualify you must promise to drive a minimum number of city kilometers per month. Car wraps, bus wraps, and all other types of vehicle wraps are a big part of the next advertising wave. This type of advertising is highly visible and highly effective. The price is reasonable and it is completely removable, causing no damage to the underlying car. If you have a cool late model car or a business that needs some extra exposure than you might consider the benefits of a car wrap. © General Signs Co. 2015 All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. New Ways to Customize the Look of Your Vehicle! If you're like many auto enthusiasts, you chose your vehicle because of some unique features that make it different and that set it apart in a crowd. You might have even invested in some aftermarket components to increase performance or to modify the car's appearance with the intent of making it distinctly yours. Did you know that vinyl wraps and graphics can create another great way to customize the look of your car, truck, van, RV, or other vehicle? Car wraps and vehicle graphics aren't just for businesses to use as fleet advertising! New wrap materials offer some visually attractive options for vehicle owners who want to achieve a unique "look" in their vehicles' appearance. Instead of the expense and potential risk associated with a new paint job, custom wraps and graphics can be safely installed and later removed. This feature is particularly important in the case of exotic vehicles that can potentially lose resale value with an after market paint job. In contrast, a car wrap and vehicle graphics allow you to customize your vehicle during your time of ownership, and the wrap and/or graphics can later be cleanly removed for resale purposes. Mobile advertising using car wraps and vehicle graphics has rapidly become a powerful and extremely cost-effective means for increasing a business' exposure to a much larger audience than traditional store-front signage achieves. © General Signs Co. 2015 All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. As a result of the popularity of mobile advertising, many new wrap materials have been developed to provide increasingly improved performance characteristics including outdoor durability, color fastness, clean removability, and installation on complex vehicle body curves. These new materials enhance the available cosmetic options for personal, custom car wraps and vehicle graphics. In addition to wrap vinyl that can be digitally printed in full color with complex patterns and photo-realistic images, some wrap materials are solid, opaque colors including a dramatic matte black wrap that is becoming increasingly popular for high-end and exotic vehicles. Other wrap material options simulate the look of carbon fiber, diamond plate, or actual vehicle paint in brilliant colors to accent a vehicle's appearance. Combinations of these materials can be used to wrap or cover the complete vehicle body or even as a partial wrap to cover portions of the vehicle such as the hood, fenders, or roof. In addition, these materials are frequently used as accents on mirror shells, spoilers, etc. Contrasting colors and/or contrasting finishes (such as gloss vinyl accents on a matte black wrap) create visually stimulating graphics that are sure to make your vehicle a one-of-a-kind! 1 Whetu Place, Auckland,  New Zealand, 0632  info@generalsigns.co.nz  (09) 478 9836  © General Signs Co. 2015 All Rights Reserved