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Xamarin Test Cloud - from zero to hero in automated ui testing

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Xamarin Test Cloud - from zero to hero in automated ui testing

  1. 1. Geert van der Cruijsen Lead Consultant Xpirit @geertvdc #TECHDAYSNL #XAMARINTC
  2. 2. Lead Consultant at Xpirit
  3. 3. Make your users love your apps
  4. 4. Make your users love your apps This
  5. 5. Make your users love your apps This NOT This
  6. 6. Make your users love your apps This NOT This
  7. 7. Mobile app quality challenges
  8. 8. Screen sizes & orientations
  9. 9. Device Fragmentation
  10. 10. Short & often user sessions
  11. 11. Thousands of iOS and Android APIs Public web APIs Backend integrations Third party libraries Memory, CPU and network constraints
  12. 12. Long Cycles Rapid Iterations High Test Realism Simplistic Tests Beta Testing Manual Testing Automated UI Testing Unit Testing Automated UI testing is the only way to ensure your app LOOKS BEHAVES PERFORMS well on a broad set of devices with every release
  13. 13. Test ANY native Android / iOS app
  14. 14. Test ANY native Android / iOS app Or hybrid app
  15. 15. Test on Real Devices Be confident that your apps function correctly and look great on real devices that are not rooted or jail broken. Accelerate with Continuous Integration Integrate Xamarin Test Cloud into your continuous integration process or ALM to make every release a quality release Analyze Results Quickly More than detailed technical feedback, stunning visual reporting performance monitoring Beat Fragmentation Test automatically on hundreds of combinations of operation systems, screens and resolutions Start immediately Dedicated QA engineers get you up and running with Xamarin Test Cloud fast and ensure your ongoing success Author Tests Easily Test your entire app, from the UI down, using object-level user interface testing
  16. 16. PC Device or Emulator
  17. 17. PC
  18. 18. PC
  19. 19. public override bool FinishedLaunching ( ... ) { ... #if ENABLE_TEST_CLOUD Xamarin.Calabash.Start(); #endif }
  20. 20. [SetUp] public void BeforeEachTest() { app = ConfigureApp.Android .ApkFile("../../path/myapp.apk") .StartApp(); }
  21. 21. app.Tap(x => x.Id("my-webview").Css("#my-button")); app.Tap ("Click me"); app.Tap (c => c.Marked ("Add")); app.EnterText(c => c.Class("UITextField") .Index(0),"Get Milk");
  22. 22. var matches = app.Query(c => c.Class("UILabel")); var matches = app.Query(c => c.Class("TextView")); var matches = app.Query(c => c.Button()); var matches = app.Query(c => c.TextField()); var matches = app.Query(c =>c.Button() .Marked("Save"));
  23. 23. app.WaitForNoElement(x => x.Marked("Loader")); var l = app.WaitForElement(x => x.Marked(”Label"));
  24. 24. Query Tap WaitFor WaitForElement WaitForNoElement Screenshot SwipeLeft SwipeRight ScrollUp ScrollDown Flash
  25. 25. Next steps?
  26. 26. Traditional Quality Model
  27. 27. Plan & Design Attention to Quality Test Deploy & Release Monitor & Analyze Develop & Build Shift Left Quality Model
  28. 28. Feature: Getting the weather forecast In order to get weather As a weather enthusiast from Europe I want to be told the weather of a certain location in Celsius Scenario: Get forecast for manually added location Given I opened the app When I have entered ”Amsterdam” as a location When I set the Imperial switch to ”Off” When I press the Get Weather button Then the weather for Amsterdam should be shown in Celsius
  29. 29. Test cloud in your ALM Cycle
  30. 30. Under development
  31. 31. Call to action 1: ENABLE FREE TRIAL 2: WRITE TESTS 3: RUN ON 1000+ DEVICES 4: PROFIT!! CODE SAMPLES: http://xpir.it/td16testcloud
  32. 32. Geert van der Cruijsen Lead Consultant Xpirit gvandercruijsen@xpirit.com @geertvdc #TECHDAYSNL #XAMARINTC CODE SAMPLES: http://xpir.it/td16testcloud

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • Xpirit

    Community noemen
  • So, there’s a fragmented device landscape, yet users expect apps to work perfectly on the device of their choice. They also expect great mobile features. There is quite a bit of complexity in delivering a great app.

    There are thousands iOS and Android APIs. Apple and Google just recently had their user conferences here in San Francisco, and each announced over 5,000 APIs in their upcoming device operating system releases alone. In addition, manufacturers such as Samsung and Amazon each add their own device-specific APIs, adding further complexity.

    The average app consumes about 5 public web APIs – such as social login and sharing, news feeds, photo sharing, and cloud storage are just a few examples.

    Most apps have some sort of connections to business systems. Internal apps deliver company data, and consumer apps often surface account and product information.

    There are several 3rd party libraries consumed in most mobile apps – from bar code scanning, to charting, to encryption libraries, to authentication, to messaging protocols and more.

    All of these great mobile features need to be delivered on these tiny computers in our pockets with limited memory and CPU resources, and subject to network latency, spikes and disconnects.

    Pulling off a great app on a single device is difficult – pulling it off on hundreds of devices is exponentially more difficult.
  • For native iOS apps calabash/calabash-ios

  • 1: query on Class
    2: query on class through helper methods
    3: query using Marked
  • 30 days free trial

    Write tests using test recorder (can be done in a couple of hours even if you don’t have access to code on android)