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Analysis of regional magazine advert page

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analysis of regional magazine adverts page

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Analysis of regional magazine advert page

  2. 2. The masthead is the brand and the name of the perfume that is why its in black and bold font as it’s the most important text on the page. This advert also conforms to the usual standard of perfume adverts , it includes the perfume and a reflecting image with it. The perfume bottle here is the most important as it’s the largest. The colours used are pink(models skin and lips, the background ad the perfume bottle. and white(in the flowers her eyes and the lid of the perfume) the pink connotes youth, beauty, pretty, girly, baby and feminine. The model in this advert only has half of her face clearly showing, the other half is covered by a flower. The flower connotes health, fresh smelling, beauty and delicate. The model is not seen to be wearing any clothes even though we only see her top half only flesh and hair is to be seen. This conforms to the male gaze as it sexualises her. The model has direct mode of address this creates a relationship between model and reader, making them feel more involved with the advert and more likely to buy the perfume.
  3. 3. The advert on a whole suggest a sexual and lustful mood, implying that buying this product you will feel and act that way. The word ‘HEAT’ also connotations of lust and sex as well. This advert conforms to the normal perfume adverts. The model is centralised adding element of importance and due to the slight low angle, a sense of dominance is added The colour scheme of red is important as the connotations of red include heat, lust, sexual, sensuality, love and empowerment. This is portrayed through her facial expressions which has been enhanced by the lighting, along with the rest of her exposed skin again conforming to the male gaze and women being sexualised. ‘Catch the fever’ suggests a sense that its a bad thing that you want which, enforces the sexualised image of bad is a good thing. The placement of the text is also the main thing that sexualises it. It is placed over her breasts, this conforms to the male gaze, as it assumes their eyes will instantly been drawn to that part of the models body therefor reading the test that is placed there. This advert has the perfume by itself obviously added in at the end, in the bottom corner, instead of with the model. This shows the models importance over the perfume itself. This is because Beyoncé is the selling point to the perfume, not the actual perfumes brand itself as it is her own fragrance and it will be her fans that are most likely to buy it. Direct mode of address from the model creates a relationship between model and reader. This makes the reader feel more involved with what is going on with in the advert.
  4. 4. The image of this adverts conveys a sense of male dominance. This could attract a male audience and allow them to believe that by having this product it would make the more attractive to woman. The lighting seems brighter on the models faces which highlight the expressions. The man seems distracted from the woman and focused on the reader(direct mode of address - this creates a relationship with the reader) also like he is dismissing the woman, again showing dominance and shows patriarchal views. The woman as an intimate expression, kind of like she is desperate for the man and his attention, this will appeal to a male audience as if they have this product women would desire them too. The male model is centralised however the woman model is leant slightly to the viewers left ; this could symbolise the importance of men and how woman are controlled sexually by men , this idea is backed up with the angle of the camera pointing up at the man the further represent dominance. Black connotes manliness, strong, mysterious and danger. Black is used to darken the whole advert to make it more masculine and it is also the colour of the bottle. Both the male and the female model appear naked, this not only sexualises the woman but also the man, going against the male gaze, but conforming to the new theory of the female gaze.
  5. 5. Conclusion: After researching into regional magazine’s avert pages, I found that the codes and conventions include:  The male gaze – used to sexualise women and make men desire to have it(the woman and product) and women desire to be her and by buying the product will active that.  Colour connotations – having a colour theme to connote the feel of the advert and product.  Direct mode of address from the model – creates a relationship between reader and model.  Making the model desirable – lighting, clothing and camera angle contribute to this, more likely to entice the reader to buy the product.  Product – in clear very so reader can see what they will be buying.