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Benefits and Advantages of GDI

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Why choose GDI over other truss design outsourcing firms? One word will summarize: integrity!This slide will tell you why in detail.

Gould Design Inc. is a family owned and operated establishment partnered with MiTek USA and MiTek Canada. Specializing in remote truss design, our staff’s knowledge & experience extend throughout the US, into Canada, even Europe and beyond. GDI carries liability insurance and software licensing rights. In total, our team of specialists have over 250 years of component design experience and offer an extensive variety of real-time field knowledge relating to engineered design and application.

Vision Statement:
Extensive research, combined with breakthrough technologies focusing on industry innovation provides the springboard for GDI's professional development program. Utilizing communication and "real-world" experience in construction applications allows the flexibility required to successfully satisfy a unique variety of customer needs.

Mission Statement:
Providing design solutions to component manufacturers with unique requirements, while maintaining quality and timely performance, optimally suited to your individual needs.

Value Statement:
Garnishing relationships with customers and employees through integrity and professionalism, communication and ethics, resulting with increased efficiency and savings for the customer's bottom line.

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Benefits and Advantages of GDI

  1. 1. Benefits and Advantages
  2. 2. Benefits • No payroll obligations • Exceptionally trained staff • Fully insured company (General Liability (2M) and Errors & Omissions 1M) • Fully licensed company (MiTek, On-Screen Take-Off, etc.) • "As-Needed"/"On-Call" basis • Abundant design capacity • Consistent performance with efficient, optimized designs • Potential to sell NEW products/services to clients • No criteria? No problem! We can create this tool for you • Willing to share knowledge and tools with your staff
  3. 3. Advantages • • • • • • • • • • • No overhead costs typically associated with employees Reduced operating costs, as we act as a vendor Larger profit margins due to consistent, efficient performance No workman's comp/overtime Specializes in complex jobs Able to handle “problem” salesman and or clients No continual training cost to you Over 250 years combined experience No fringe benefits required (401K/IRA) Opens up more doors for market share = Increased capacity Multitude of experience in the USA, Canada, Europe & beyond
  4. 4. Thank you for listening. Any questions?