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Recruiting SolutionsLinkedInRecruiterProfessionalServicesHelp your team nd and engage the best passive candidates moreef c...
See full pro le with career                                                                                        Directl...
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LinkedIn Recruiter Professional Datasheet

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LinkedIn Recruiter Professional Datasheet

  1. 1. Recruiting SolutionsLinkedInRecruiterProfessionalServicesHelp your team nd and engage the best passive candidates moreef ciently on LinkedIn, while saving all sourcing historyFind more quali ed prospects and reduce Empower your team to work faster andyour time to source smarterSave your team’s sourcing history Boost your productivity on LinkedInYour team’s sourcing activity is tied to your company’s 1-to-Many InMails and saved templates help youRecruiter license, including saved pro les, notes, contact more candidates faster. Up to 50 daily searchjobs and InMail® history. You can access your LinkedIn alerts notify your team of new candidates who t yourintelligence whether team members stay or leave. exact requirements.See more pro le information Manage your pipeline effectivelyUnlike most other LinkedIn members, you’ll see rst Use project folders to stay on top of each search.and last names on all pro les within your 3rd degree Set reminders on pro les to follow up with candidatesnetwork. You’ll also gain access to expanded pro les of interest.across the entire network so you know more aboutcandidates. Drive team collaboration Saved pro les in shared project folders allow all seatGet the very best search tools holders to see more names and full pro les.Leverage the most advanced search interface onLinkedIn, with exclusive re nement lters such as Collaboration tools keep your team on the same page“years at company”, “years in position” and more. with shared searches, pro les, notes on candidates and communication history.Contact candidates directlyWith response rates as high as 60%, InMail is the most Help your team work more effectively together, even ifdirect, ef cient and credible way to reach candidates. they’re not in the same of ce. For example, if you nd a talented candidate who is not quite right for oneGet 50 InMails per month per seat to contact job, you can look at colleagues’ open projects for aanyone you like in a trusted environment. We credit better t.InMails back to you, if unanswered within 7 days,and roll them over if unused. Think of it as 50 replies Get help from the expertsper month. Your account manager and our training experts will help you leverage LinkedIn to the fullest.TEAM
  2. 2. See full pro le with career Directly contact multiple history, education & more candidates at once Stay on top of your projects with jobs, folders, search & messaging history See your and your team’s past activity with candidates Premium Talent Filters RecruiterKnow more about your candidates View expanded pro les outside Refine by your network* Company Type NEWSee last names on pro les in your 3rd Includeddegree network NEW Years in Position BETAZero in faster on your ideal candidates Premium Talent Filters Function Seniority Level BETAContact anyone directly with InMail messages 50 InMails** Any LevelSee more pro les in search results 1000 pro les per search VP (360) CXO (146)Set up search alerts to nd new candidates 50 daily alerts Director (80) Owner (68)Follow up promptly with promising candidates Set reminders on pro les Partner (23)Manage candidates with project folders 100 folders, team sharing Years at Company NEWSee your team’s activities on shared projects Collaboration tools Years of Experience NEW All DurationsContact more candidates faster 1 to many InMails & templates Less than 1 year (0) 1 to 2 years (0)Get Premium customer service Dedicated support and training 3 to 5 years (0) 6 to 10 years (128)Retain data on historical team activity Administrator options More than 10 years (589)Audit activity to support OFCCP compliance Enabled* Full name not included on pro le if candidate is outside your 3rd degree network or Groups** InMails have a response guarantee. If you don’t get a response to your InMail message within 7 days, LinkedIn will return that InMail credit to your account. Unused InMail credits roll over. talent.linkedin.com | sales@linkedin.com Please contact your sales manager or account manager for more information. Copyright © 2010 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. 10-LCS-028-G 1110