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Workplace harassment - an editable video

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Use and easily adapt this video template at https://www.moovly.com/template/workplace-harassment

This customizable video template helps Human Resources personnel communicate to their employees what the organization’s policy is on undesirable behavior and harassment in the workplace. The template explains what workplace harassment is, who is involved and impacted, what the company policy is on boundary-crossing conduct, how to handle incidents and whom to contact to get help.

Template Content:

What is Workplace Harassment?
- Any undesirable, unwanted, boundary-crossing conduct from one employee toward another

Who is involved?
- Supervisor / manager - offender - victim - witness

Our policy
“Our organization will not tolerate workplace harassment based on race, religion, age, sex, origin or disability”

How to handle - what to do?
- If you are harassed, make it clear that the boundary is crossed.
- If you are a potential offender, ask yourself if you are going too far. Everyone deserves respect!
- If you are a witness, don’t hide. Offer help to the victim or contact the appropriate HR person

How to get help?
- For more information or to report harassment situations, contact…

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Workplace harassment - an editable video

  1. 1. An editable video you can fully customize to your needs
  2. 2. What can you change to this video? You can adapt everything in this video to your needs – no expertise required! For example, you can: • Change the colors • Add your logo • Add a voice over • Remove or change the music • Change the pictures • Switch the order of the content • Add or delete parts
  3. 3. HOW TO CUSTOMIZE THIS VIDEO? • Create a Free account on Moovly – www.moovly.com • Go to the Templates section and look for the Workplace Harassment video • Open the template, make your changes, export as video NO VIDEO EXPERTISE REQUIRED AS EASY AS POWERPOINT