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Top NFT Games 2021

  1. TOP TRENDING NFT GAMES By NFT Game Development Company
  2. Tera Virtua Terra Virtua has already created officially licensed NFTs for global franchises like The Godfather and Top Gun. Terra Virtua is taking the concept of digitals collectibles through NFTs and gamifying it to make the process more fun for users. Terra Virtua is a fully immersive digital world, combining mobile, AR, and VR experiences to bring its collectible universe to life
  3. 13 Ethernity is creating a platform where famous digital artists can collaborate with celebrities and launch limited pieces for auction. Ethernity is taking the primary selling points of digital art – high production value, celebrity status, and promotion of good causes – and using them for collectors everywhere Ethernity Chain
  4. Alien Worlds Alien Worlds have over 13,000 players and 20 million in-game transactions Alien Worlds is the second biggest blockchain game by users and an all-encompassing digital gaming and collectibles universe.
  5. AnRKey X is creating an ecosystem combining Defi, NFTs, and gaming wrapped up in an arcade-style platform. AnRKey X is preparing for the launch of its flagship game, Battle Wave 2323, which will allow anyone to compete and monetize their skills and NFTs. AnRKey X
  6. NBA Top Shot is reimagining the concept of sports cards using blockchain and NFTs, creating digital moments for the top basketball players that are limited in quantity. As a fully licensed product of the NBA, Top Shot collectibles have picked up steam dramatically, with many selling for thousands of dollars and some even crossing the six-figure price range. NBA Top Shot The sports card industry has taken off recently, propelling many modern and vintage cards past the $1 million mark
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