Romeo and Julietin the art,[object Object]
Introduction,[object Object],During the romantic period, a wide number of famous painters, focused their attention on some of the most notorious Shakespearian’ s plays, such as Macbeth, Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. We can notice that there are two different types of characters: the heroine, magnific and inaccessible, the symbol of beauty and pityless diva and the figure of the angelic woman also seen as a victim. Juliet is often presented as the heroine, as she demonstrates courage and determination even she is only 13 and there is a feud between her family and his lovers one.,[object Object],“Romeo and Juliet”, a tragedy written by William Shakespeare, was a very important fount of inspiration for many artists. That’s because the tragedy includes important themes as love, growth and death. For example there are many pictures about the “balcony scene” and the “kiss”. Another way in which “Romeo and Juliet” became so popular is the cinema, in fact there are some representations about the tragedy; the most famous is the one with Leonardo di Caprio…,[object Object]
Queen Mab’ s CaveJoseph Mallord William Turner ,[object Object]
Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851), english romantic painter Queen Mab’ s cave-(1846). Oil on canvas. Haused in London, Tate. Queen Mab is a fairy mentioned in Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet. In the case of Romeo and Juliet, Queen Mab words are spoken by Mercutio in the one of the most famous monologues in the history of theatre. In this, Queen Mab is described as a tiny creature that sits on the faces of the sleepers and realizes their wishes in their dreams, then she wakes them with a start and make them sleep again. In some occasions, she is bane’ s carrier. The lengthy poem talks about dreams, and Shakespeare used some tricks to make the reader remember it throughout the enitre tragedy. The monologue foreshadows the fate of the two lovers. When Mercutio tells Romeo about Queen Mab, Romeo has a premonition of the crash, with regard to the party where he meets Juliet for the first time, because of a dream he did. This annoys Mercutio, who does not recognize in Romeo’ s words a premonition, and he thinks it’ s bad, that causes, in his opinion, dreadful thoughts. This picture is the representation of Romeo and Juliet’s whole story development, so we can say that Queen Mab monologue is a metaphor of their lives.,[object Object]
‘‘Romeo and Juliet’’Frank Bernard Dicksee,[object Object],[object Object]
Artist: Frank Bernard Dicksee
Museum:City Art Gallery, Southampton, England.
Technique: oil on canvas
Period: 1884,[object Object]
The Pittosporum is an evergreen and symbolizes  Romeo and Juliet’s love that survives the adversity.
The Asphodel is the plant of the poison that Juliet drinks to simulate the death.THE BACKGROUND,[object Object],The atmosphere of  the city on the background  is foggy and gloomy, and it seems more the country of London than Verona.,[object Object],THE LIGHT,[object Object],Thanks to the lateral lumination  all the light is concentrated on the kiss and attracts the viewer’s attention.,[object Object]
Romeo and Juliet last goodbye,[object Object],The picture «Romeo and Juliet last goodbye» isoftenconfused with the oneentitled «The last kissgiven to Juliet from Romeo». The first isnowlost. It’ s existenceistestified by a watercolordrawing, autographed by the artist (Hayez), who shows us the lovers in the moment just before the kiss, with Juliet lifting her face alreadyclosinghereyes and Romeo, whobends over her, havinghisfootplaced on the windowsill. The luck–visual, literary and melodramatic- asthat of other stories of impossible and unlucky love of the past, would continue to bear fruit and increaseattention, demonstrating the valueinherent in our culture of the relationshipbetween Eros and Thanatos. The scene takesplace in Juliet’ s house, stillwrapped in the darkness of night, with Juliet’syoungshoulders, thatstretches for the last kiss to Romeo, now on the balcony, shining in the rosy light of dawn. An interestingcompositionsupportsvigoroussurrenderinspired by the greatvenetiantradition.,[object Object]
‘‘The last kiss given to Juliet from Romeo’’Francesco Hayez,[object Object],FRANCESCO HAYEZ, AN ITALIAN PAINTER, THE HIGHER EXAMPLE OF ROMANTIC PAINTING“The last kiss given to Juliet from Romeo” (1823). Oil on canvas. Haused in Villa Carlotta di Tremezzo.When Hayez, in 1823, had faced “The last kiss given to Juliet from Romeo”, commissioned by Giambattista Sommariva, one of the main collectors of romantic Milan, he had clearly in mind the two versions of the most famous love drama of all times.,[object Object]
The famous invention of the "voluptuous" kiss, ("The kiss is not the tender love of a pure soul enchanted, but voluptuous") that Romeo, about to descend from the open window, gives to a passionate Juliet in slippers, had aroused a remarkable consent in the public and great fortune, that the wise painter - a good manager of his business - had to make reproductions of the painting (even miniatures and engravings, and also the famous cameo, which was made in 1824 by John Beltrami for the same Sommariva). Hayez was inspired by Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet, addressing two emblematic themes of poetic romance. The contrast between social constraints and the freedom of individual feeling (the love between the young couple is forbidden by their powerful families) and the eternal bond between love and death (which emerges at the story’s conclusion). Influences from the classical era of Ingres’s painting can be noted in the piece, particularly in the accuracy and clarity of the drawing. The architectural layout of the scene is highly dramatic, while the careful description of the details of daily life allows place the representation in a contingent historical reality and not in an abstract world. These devices increase dramatic attention and instigate the lively participation of the observer. The romantic taste for detail is a rediscovery of the precision applied in Dutch genre painting of the 1600s. It is also confirmed by the care the artist took in depicting the furniture, clothing and even Juliet’s slippers.,[object Object]
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