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Georgia Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl (GaHRRB) is Celebrating 20 Years of Success and Growth

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Presenters: Wendy Smith, Mary Etta Thomas, Barbara Hallstrom.
Presented at the Georgia Libraries Conference in Macon, GA on 10/10/2019.
The presentation offers an overview of the milestones in growth of the Georgia Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl (GaHRRB) highlighting its purpose, goals and future.

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Georgia Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl (GaHRRB) is Celebrating 20 Years of Success and Growth

  3. 3. Who was Helen Ruffin? ▪ Helen Ruffin was a Media Specialist in the DeKalb County School System for many years. ▪ She served on the selection committee for the Georgia Children’s Book Award Nominees 1984 - 1985 ▪ In 1985, Mrs. Ruffin created a competitive game for students in her school to promote enthusiasm for reading quality literature. She encouraged different schools each year to participate and compete. ▪ She had a greater vision to have more teams comprised of students from different schools compete to test their knowledge of selected books. She shared this vision with her colleagues. They embraced her idea and pressed forward. ▪ In 1999 we held the first countywide competition with 9 schools. ▪ In 2000 the first Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl was held with just 16 teams. 20 years later, it has grown to an annual contest with more than 640 participating schools from all over the state of Georgia!
  4. 4. Helen’ s Intent was to: 1. Feed on the competitive nature of students; 2. Give them an exciting way to show what they remember about what they read; and 3. Reward them for being a voracious reader.
  5. 5. Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Rules ▪ Each team will consist of five members and up to five alternates. ▪ Each school will participate in six (6) rounds. ▪ Each round will consist of ten (10) questions. ▪ Alternates may be substituted between rounds. ▪ Teams will receive ten (10) points for each right answer. ▪ There will be no penalties for wrong answers. ▪ At the end of six rounds, scores will be tallied for all schools.
  6. 6. The Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Who can enter? ▪ The Reading Bowl is open to all Public/Private/Charter schools in the state of Georgia with 4th – 12th Grade students. ▪ Public libraries are eligible to sponsor teams comprised of 4th – 12th Grade Home Schooled students. What books do we read? ▪ The Georgia Book Award Nominees are the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl’s official reading lists for Elementary and Middle School. ▪ The Georgia Peach Book Award for Teen Readers Nominees are the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl’s official reading list for High School.
  7. 7. 2019 – 2020 Elementary HRRB Book List
  8. 8. 2019 – 2020 Middle School HRRB Book List
  9. 9. 2019 – 2020 High School HRRB Book List
  10. 10. Highlights of Reading Success Beginning • 1999 - Test run DeKalb Countywide Bowl 9 teams Every team competed against each other • 2000 – First Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl 16 teams • 2003-Road Trips Begin • Superintendent gives permission to use professional days to answer invitations from other school systems to spread the GaHRRB 2003 HRRB website is developed
  11. 11. South Georgia Teams Compete in HRRB • 2003 Camden County Travels to Columbia • 2004 15 school Systems competed in the HRRB
  12. 12. High Schools Join Reading Bowl Fun 2005 50+ schools compete
  13. 13. 2004-2005 UGA Hosts the State championship 2004 Meeting with Joel Taxel 2005 First state competition at Children’s Literature Conference
  14. 14. 2006 HRRB has to be split into More Regions (6) to accommodate all the registered teams
  15. 15. HRRB Grows once again 2005 AASL invites GAHRRB to Pittsburgh Pa. to present 2007 Regions grow to 6 and Match GLMA 2007 GAHRRB Presents at AASL at Reno, Nevada 2008 Third Level of Competition – Divisional 2009 GAHRRB presents at AASL in Charlotte, NC. 2009 GAHRRB Framework is Developed and Published
  16. 16. We are celebrating 20 years of competing and 33 years of a Great Idea!
  17. 17. Helen wanted to find a way to reward the students for reading books for pleasure. She came up with a game format that ended with a celebration and prizes and certificates and trophies and rewards. For the first time Reading became a sport!
  18. 18. And They came . . .
  19. 19. Benefits of HRRB • GCBA Nominees • Simple Rules • Questions for your Local Competition • Tips for Coaches • Volunteer Trainings • Levels of Competitions • Trophies / Certificates • Vendors and Sponsor Support • Public Library Support • Academic Library Support
  20. 20. 3/23/19 Committee of Teachers, School Media Specialists, and Public Librarians from all over Georgia
  21. 21. Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Rules ▪ Each team will consist of five members and up to five alternates. ▪ Each school will participate in six (6) rounds. ▪ Each round will consist of ten (10) questions. ▪ Alternates may be substituted between rounds. ▪ Teams will receive ten (10) points for each right answer. ▪ There will be no penalties for wrong answers. ▪ At the end of six rounds, scores will be tallied for all schools.
  22. 22. Questions Sample Local Unique
  23. 23. Coaching Tips • Presentations • Website • To Do Lists I WANT TO COORDINATE A BOWL What Must I Do? Tips For Coaching Your Next Georgia Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Barbara Hallstrom, Chair Ga. Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl DeKalb County Schools Dr. Mary Etta Thomas, Retired Teacher-Librarian DeKalb County Schools Lummie Harris, DeKalb County Co-Chair HRRB, Teacher-Librarian DeKalb County Schools Dr. Wendy Smith DeKalb County Co-Chair HRRB Teacher-Librarian DeKalb County Schools
  24. 24. Volunteer Training Video Presentations Face to Face Online YouTube Website CD
  25. 25. Local School Reading Bowls Regional Reading Bowls Divisional Reading Bowl STATE READING BOWL Order of Progression
  26. 26. Organized Competitions • Regional • Divisional • State • Trophies
  27. 27. HRRB DIVISION 1 – North, West, and Metro Regions Bartow County Calhoun City Cartersville City Catoosa County Chatooga County Cherokee County Chickamauga City Dade County Dalton City Dawson County Fannin County Forsyth County Gainesville City Gilmer County Habersham County Hall County Lumpkin County Murray County Pickens County North Region Bremen City Butts County Carroll City Carroll County Chattahoochee County Cobb County Coweta County Douglas County Floyd County Haralson County Harris County Heard County Lamar County Marietta City Marion County Merriwether County Muscogee County Paulding County West Region Atlanta City Buford City Clayton County Decatur City DeKalb County Fulton County Gwinnett County Henry County Newton County Rockdale County Metro Region Coordinators: Meredith Gulledge Karen Gurty Susan Wooten Coordinator: Jean Cook Rabun County Towns County Trion City Union County Walker County White County Whitfield County Pike County Polk County Rome City Spalding County Talbot County Taylor County Thomaston-Upton Troup County Coordinator: Sue Ann Prigge
  28. 28. HRRB DIVISION 2 – East, South, and Middle Regions Banks County Barrow County Bulloch County Burke County Candler County Clarke County Columbia County Commerce City Effingham County Elbert County Emanuel County Franklin County Glascock County Greene County Hancock County Hart County Jackson County Jefferson County Jefferson City Jenkins County East Region Appling County County Atkinson County Bacon County Baker County Ben Hill County Berrien County Brantley County Brooks County Bryan County Bryan County Calhoun County Camden County Charlton County Chatham County Clay County Clinch County Coffee County Colquitt County Cook County Crisp County Decatur County Dodge County South Region Baldwin County Bibb County Bleckley County Crawford County Dublin City Fayette County Houston County Jasper County Johnson County Jones County Laurens County Macon County Monroe County Montgomery County Morgan County Peach County Putnam County Schley County Twiggs County Washington County Wilkinson County Middle Region Coordinator: Jason Stark Coordinators: Christina Dover Kristi Craven Mary Peacock Margaret Hall Lincoln County Madison County McDuffie County Oconee County Oglethorpe County Richmond County Screven County Social Circle City Stephens County Taliaferro County Treutien County Walton County Warren County Wilkes County Dooly County Dougherty County Early County Echols County Evans County Glynn County Irwin County Lanier County Jeff Daivis County Lee County Liberty County Lowndes County McIntosh County Miller County Mitchell County Pelham City Pierce County Pulaski County Quitman County Randolph County Seminole County Stewart County Coordinator: Becky Nipper Linda Walker Rita Thomas Tattnall County Telfair County Terrell County Thomas County Thomasville City Tift County Toombs County Turner County Valdosta City Vidalia City Ware County Wayne County Webster County Wheeler County Wilcox County Worth County
  29. 29. Vendors and Sponsors of the Children’ s Literature Conference
  30. 30. Public Librarians• Provided Practice Space • Provided Competition Space • Provided Volunteers • Ordered multiple copies of the books in print, audio and electronic format on the Georgia Children Book Award Nominees and Georgia Peach Book Award for Teen Readers Nominees lists. Increase in circulation Coach Public Library Teams Publicize the local teams Increase in support and foot traffic
  31. 31. Academic Libraries Hoasted Bowls
  32. 32. It has never been about Helen, It’s always been about Students Reading for Pleasure
  33. 33. So In this twentieth Year of Celebration Are we taking pause or do we have plans for moving forward? Of Course, we are moving forward!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Year 21 New Website Stronger State Steering Committee Smoother Registration Process Templates More Formalized Meetings More Cross Curricular Connections Year 22 Sustainability Study Long Term Sponsors Adoptions Expansion in the North and South And Beyond . . . .
  34. 34. NEW FOR 2020 HRRB Some things we hope will make it for you to participate!
  35. 35. Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl • Oct 7, 2019 – HRRB website opens for school districts to register. • Nov 2019 – HRRB registration ends on the Friday before Thanksgiving. • Jan 2020 – Local school Reading Bowls held. • Feb 2020 – Regional and Divisional Reading Bowls held. • Mar 2020 – STATE HRRB Estimated Calendar of Events
  36. 36. Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl New! The State Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Committee will be moving from the DeKalb County school website to its own website this soon. Our new web address for the state HRRB will be: www.gahrrb.org On this site you will find the following: • General information about the HRRB • Official book lists • Dates and locations • Rules and formats • Registration info
  37. 37. Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl New! CHANGES TO REGISTRATION • Only school districts will be allowed to register on the STATE HRRB website (www.gahrrb.org). This change will help us keep track of all schools and make sure they are registering and competing in the correct location. • Public schools will register with their respective school districts. • Private/Charter schools will coordinate and register with the school district that they are located in. • Public Libraries will coordinate and register with the school district that they are located in. NOTE: Public Libraries can only have home schooled students.
  38. 38. Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl New! THE STATE HRRB COMMITTEE IS WORKING TO PROVIDE: • Reading Bowl questions for your local district Bowl. • Parent letter for coaches to send home explaining the policy about the books on the HRRB reading lists. • Marketing materials to attract prospective team members and publicize your local Reading Bowl.
  39. 39. Any Questions?