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Anton Boyko "The future of serverless computing"

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Are you still planning your servers capacity in CPU and RAM? Do you enjoy answering questions like “what amount of servers we need to buy to serve 10K and 10M users”? Do you enjoy paying for those servers while they are sitting idle?

In my session I will talk about the current state and the future of serverless computing. I will show several demos that show how to start using serverless computing, what are the application scenarios for it, how it can scale, what it will cost, etc.

This session will be useful for developers and architects who are seeking a way to create an app utilizing all your previous skills, but make it scalable, reliable, fast and cost efficient.

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Anton Boyko "The future of serverless computing"

  1. 1. The future of serverless computing Anton Boyko Microsoft Azure MVP
  2. 2. Serverless? Population of homeless servers is growing
  3. 3. They asked me for NoSQL, so I dropped the database. No database, NoSQL!
  4. 4. Benefits of serverless Manage less Micro-pricing Ease of scale (up & down)
  5. 5. Reserved Agent Job 1 Job 2 Job 3 Serverless Job 1 Job 2 Job 3 Agent 1 Agent 2 • Fixed CPU • Fixed RAM • On-demand CPU • On-demand RAM
  6. 6. Serverless offerings Microsoft Azure • Azure Functions • Azure Logic Apps • Azure Container Instances AWS • AWS Fargate • AWS Lambda Google cloud • Cloud Functions • Cloud Run
  7. 7. Azure Logic Apps Declarative integration between services.
  8. 8. Azure Container Instances Containers billed by amount of seconds they run.
  9. 9. Azure Functions Event-driven on-demand custom code execution.
  10. 10. DEMO Consumption scale
  11. 11. Impediments Why aren’t we there yet?
  12. 12. Capacity What will it cost to run a serverless app for 10K users?
  13. 13. Capacity planning • Q: What will it cost to run a serverless app for 10K users? • A: How will you calculate what it will cost to run a non-serverless app? • A: What will it cost to wash all the windows in Seattle?
  14. 14. Capacity calculation example Facts • Each user spent 5 minutes on average on your website daily. • Each user reads 10 articles daily. • Each user generates 15 requests daily (10 articles + 5 utility requests). • Each request takes 1 second on average. Conclusions • Each user consumes 1 sec per request. • Each user consumes 15 secs per day. • Each user consumes 450 secs per month. • 10K users consumes 4.5M secs per month.
  15. 15. DurabilityHow to orchestrate workflows? Sagas?
  16. 16. Durability – fan out / fan in
  17. 17. Consumption example – fan out / fan in 1 sec 3 sec 3 sec 3 sec 2 sec 6 sec Orchestrate Fan out Fan in Response
  18. 18. Durability – long running async HTTP API
  19. 19. DEMO Durable functions
  20. 20. Durability – human interaction
  21. 21. Performance How to get predictable and consistent performance level?
  22. 22. Performance Consumption • 1 CPU core • Up to 1.5 Gb RAM • Cold start • Scale down to 0 instances Premium • Up to 4 CPU cores • Up to 14 Gb RAM • Pre-warmed instance • Scale down to 1 instance Azure Function Plan switcher https://aka.ms/premium-plan-sample Understanding serverless cold start https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/understanding-serverless-cold-start/
  23. 23. Performance – scalability
  24. 24. Performance – cold start
  25. 25. Performance – cold start
  26. 26. Conclusion
  27. 27. Scalability Performance Enterprise
  28. 28. Questioning the question mark Anton Boyko Microsoft Azure MVP me@boykoant.pro