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Time Management for Project Managers - Lessons from Bill

This presentation was given to the Project Management Institute's Dr. Bird Chapter in Kingston Jamaica. It describes the journey undertaken by the protagonist in the book "Bill's Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure." In the third part of the book he must find a way to improve the skills of his team-members so that they can fulfill their mandate, and also avoid being laid off due to low productivity. He's forced to take some risks to realize this goal that brings him into direct confrontation with company policies and an employee who wants to see him fail. http://perfect.mytimedesign.com

Update: Several months after this speech was delivered, I gave a speech at the PMISCC conference in Trinidad. The link to the contents (audio, slides and paper) are available here - http://perfect.mytimedesign.com/calling-all-project-managers/

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Time Management for Project Managers - Lessons from Bill

  1. 1. Lessons from Bill Francis Wade
  2. 2. Act 3 – The Team Fails
  3. 3. A Capacity Problem
  4. 4. What Does a Project Manager Do?
  5. 5. You – Stuck
  6. 6. Gut instinct / winging it
  7. 7. A Way to Measure
  8. 8. By Individual Profile X X X X X X X X X X X
  9. 9. By Belt
  10. 10. My Struggle
  11. 11. Not Yours!
  12. 12. Your Perspective
  13. 13. TheirPerspective
  14. 14. Time demandsIndividual commitmentsto complete future actionsInvisible, intangibleTangible propertiesPsychological weight
  15. 15. Fundamentals
  16. 16. Peace of mind
  17. 17. Notice Results• Stuff falling through the cracks• The state of their Inbox• Their physical space• Life balance
  18. 18. Monitor Habits
  19. 19. Fundamental #4 – Acting Now TrackingBehaviours
  20. 20. Grow the Plate
  21. 21. 3. Supporting the Team inGrowing the Plate
  22. 22. Habit change supports• Human support / social• Reminders• Ongoing training / coaching• Checklists• Backups• A diary of progress• A written plan of small changes
  23. 23. Project Manager
  24. 24. Line Manager
  25. 25. Team Members
  26. 26. No More Premature Limits
  27. 27. Increase Team-Member Potential
  28. 28. www.mytimedesign.com/amazon