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InnoEnergy presentation for Funseam Seminar Circular Economy 2021

  1. Image courtesy of Roberto Bueno, TBB Photo Contest Linking circularity & sustainable energy – InnoEnergy perspective FUNSEAM virtual seminar 28/10/2021 Marcin Lewenstein – InnoEnergy Thematic Leader for „Energy for Circular Economy” Intrnational context of waste management
  2. AGENDA EIT InnoEnergy at glance & our ecosystem Linking circularity and energy – our view Circular innovations - our foucs areas Top cases
  3. AGENDA EIT InnoEnergy at glance & our ecosystem Linking circularity and energy – our view Circular innovations - our foucs areas Top cases
  4. 3 EIT InnoEnergy Objectives ▪ Ensure security and safety of supply ▪ Reduce costs in the energy value chain ▪ Reduce CO2 emissions ▪ Improve European competitiveness ▪ Remove barriers to innovation ▪ Encourage sustainable growth ▪ Create jobs Human Capital: Master Programs and professional learning Incubation: Investing in early-stage start-ups and scale-ups Innovation: Investing in product development Setting up Industrial value chains: European Battery Alliance (EBA), European Green Hydrogen Acceleration Center (EGHAC), European Solar Initiative (ESI) EIT InnoEnergy Activities EIT InnoEnergy at a glance Reducing risk and time-to-market for energy innovations EIT InnoEnergy is the trusted open innovation ecosystem for sustainable energy in Europe
  5. EIT InnoEnergy: 10 Years of Sustainable Energy Innovation 4 Most Active Energy Investor PitchBook 2020 Annual Global League Top investor in renewable energy tech CB Insights Largest Climate investors by number of deals PwC VC Energy investor 2018-2020 Pitchbook
  6. 5 Key Statistics EIT InnoEnergy at a glance Reducing risk and time-to-market for energy innovations In 10 years we have built the largest sustainable energy innovation ecosystem in the world
  8. Network and connections Building global connections Offices across Europe and in the US 500+ partners 23 shareholders 7 Boston (USA) Benelux France Germany Central Europe Scandinavia Iberia
  9. AGENDA EIT InnoEnergy at glance & our ecosystem Linking circularity and energy – our view Circular innovations - our foucs areas Top cases
  10. Power generation has been in focus so far but the innovation will happen in greening the industry emitting almost the same amount of CO2 Circularity – the next big thing 9 Hard-to-abate industrial and heavy transport CO2 emissions: 14,3 bn tonnes (39%) Current focus of CO2 emissions: 18,4 bn tonnes (51%) Global energy-related CO2 emissions by sector (tonnes bn) Other: 3,5 bn tonnes (10%) Source: IEA via Economist, 2014 Power 13,6 Light road transportation 4,8 Iron & steel 2,3 Cement 2,2 Other industry 2,2 Chemical + Aluminium + Paper 1,6 Heavy road transportation 2,5 Air 1,0 Shipping 0,9 Heating buildings 2,2 Other, 3,5
  11. EU policymakers will need to replicate the successful policy-mix of public support and regulations for the process of industry decarbonisation and Circularity – the next big thing 10 CO2 emissions in the EU ETS from energy-intensive industries 2008-2018 Source: EUTL data, CE Delft calculations, European Energy Agency (2019) Estimated impact of different factors on reduction in CO2 emissions (power and heat) in the EU-28 Summarized CO2 emissions from power and heat generation have been decreasing due to efficiency improvements and switch to renewable sources... ...while at the same time emissions from energy-intensive industries have been flat for the last decade.
  12. x The challenges have already been noticed and addressed in the new policies and regulations... Circularity – the next big thing 11 Decarbonization industry/heat/transport Circularity recycling/plastics/waste mgmt Grid-scale energy storage & Power-to-X fuels II
  13. x ...providing EUR 1800 bn of financing until 2027 with some part obligatory related to climate, incl. decabornizing industry and circular economy Circularity – the next big thing 12 x Next Generation EU €750bn Regular MFF 2021-2027 €1074.3bn incl. Recovery and Resilience Facility €672,5bn 2021-2027 €1824.3bn Multi Annual Financial Framework 2021-2027 Programs and instruments:
  14. According to McKinsey's analysis, the industry will reach net-zero emissions after power, transportation and buildings sectors Circularity – the next big thing 13 • From now until 2030, 75 percent of abatement would be achieved by expanding mature and early- adoption technologies such as heat pumps in buildings, heat cascading in industry, and EVs in transportation. • When electrification opportunities would approach their maximum uptake, other measures would become the focus. • By 2050, 45 percent of the European Union’s total emissions would be abated by switching from fossil fuels to electrification, and another 30 percent would be eliminated by using hydrogen, biomass, and CCU/CCS. Total emissions per sector in cost-optimal pathway for EU- 27 Megatons of CO2 equivalent Source: How the European Union could achieve net-zero emissions at net-zero cost – Report by McKinsey, Dec. 2020
  15. AGENDA EIT InnoEnergy at glance & our ecosystem Linking circularity and energy – our view Circular innovations - our foucs areas Top cases
  16. x x x Energy for Circular Economy TF provides solutions for unaddressed energy issues in the key sectors to make net zero economy possible InnoEnergy – Energy for Circular Economy - Portfolio overview 15 Heat (48%) Transport (32%) Power (20%) Total final energy consumption by sector: Modern renewable energy: 10% Renewable energy: 3% Renewable energy: 25% Not addressed: 90% Not addressed: 97% Not addressed: 75% Bioeconomy Waste solutions Power-to-X Impact on resolving key issues in the sector: • Solid biomass • Biogas, bio-SNG and biofuels • Green hydrogen (non-electrolysis) • Waste-to-energy • Waste-to-fuels • Power-to-hydrogen • Power-to-heat • Biogas, bio-SNG and biofuels • Green hydrogen (non- electrolysis) • Waste-to-fuels • Recycling and materials recovery • Power-to-hydrogen / gas • Power-to-liquids • CHP • Waste-to-energy • Recycling and materials recovery • Excess- renewable energy to X • CCU Source: REN21, 2018
  17. For new dealflow, InnoEnergy focuses on hydrogen value chain, industry decarbonisation, materials recovery and heavy transport solutions Where are the opportunities? 16 Energy for Circular Economy x Bioeconomy • Relatively mature segment • Scalability significant but limited by feedstock availability x Waste solutions x Power-to-X • Immature - current development stage as solar energy 10 years ago – huge innovation potential • High scalability and global potential KEY THEMES • Green gases (grid, green hydrogen, transport) • Advanced bioenergy solutions using „RED II feedstocks” • Distributed biomass waste streams solutions (materials, CHP) • Products as carbon sinks KEY THEMES • Hydrogen value chain (production, storage, distribution, end use) • Focus on industry (green steel, cement, fertilizers) and heavy transport • Power-to-liquid sustainable fuels – such as SAF –using CCU solutions • Power-to-heat • Relatively mature segment • Scalability significant but limited by feedstock availability KEY THEMES • Plastics – recycling and substitution • Battery recycling and materials recovery • Waste heat valorisation • Sewage sludge valorisation • Products as carbon sinks • Solutions for municipal solid wastes and RDF
  18. AGENDA EIT InnoEnergy at glance & our ecosystem Linking circularity and energy – our view Circular innovations - our foucs areas Top cases
  19. x 18 x Notable circularity focused assets – food for thoughts x x Here are some notable examples of assets from our Energy for Circular Economy portfolio and beyond Circular materials Recycling in renewables Waste heat valorisation e-Fuels Biowaste streams Power-to-X x x x x x Digital circularity Waste-to-Fuels Carbon valorisation
  20. EIT InnoEnergy circularity portfolio 19 NICLAS DAVIDSSON CEO of Meva Energy Meva Energy is the world’s leading provider of gasification technology for renewable energy production based on small fraction fuels. Our system enables power and heat providers to utilize biomass in a uniquely efficient and profitable way. Challenge Solution Value proposition • When addressing the need for industrial-sized cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) from solid biomass, today's paradigm is either to build large scale power plants (larger than 10 MWe) using steam turbine CHP technology, or to burn the feedstock in a boiler – producing only heat. • Meva Energy's solution is to enable power and heat production in the range below the commercial feasibility of steam turbine technology. • Acceptance of fine fraction, low cost feedstock. • Highly controllable power source able to balance power grids due to intermittency of solar and heat. • Low cost, high efficiency production of renewable, decentralised power and heat. • Production of even gas quality with high energetic content, suitable for a high efficiency lean-burn gas engine. • Relatively non-complex system layout, low pressure and temperature.
  21. x x Meva Energy is the world’s leading provider of gasification technology for renewable energy production Deep dive: Meva Energy 20 • Business Line: Bioeconomy • Vintage year: 2019 • Total KIC IE Equity: 9,55% • Co-Location: Scandinavia STATUS Biomass fines Biomass fines Gas for industrial process heat Combined heat and power (CHP) Biochar side stream Renewable gas Biomass gasification system of entrained flow gasifier type Key features: • Produce true high-quality and stable gas. • Acceptance of fine fraction, low cost feedstock. • Relatively non-complex system layout, low pressure and temperature. • Valuable biochar as side stream – used for e.g. soil improvement, active char, water cleaning, animal feed Industrial scale CHP in Piteå, Sweden. Capacity: 1,2MWe and 2,4MWt
  22. EIT InnoEnergy portfolio 21 Erik Odén CEO of C-Green Our vision is to be the global leader in sustainable sludge and wet organic waste handling solutions and contribute to a climate-neutral and circular society. Founded in 2014, we are a Swedish company with headquarters in Solna, just outside of Stockholm. Our headquarters are equipped with a customized, state-of-the-art lab and we operate a mobile pilot plant. The company’s main owners are the original founders, KIC InnoEnergy, Almi GreenTech, Nordea Bank, and individuals with strong industrial and financial networks. Challenge Solution Value proposition • Waste-water treatment plants worldwide produce sewage waste with residue sludge difficult to dewater containing bacteria, pharmaceuticals, phosphorous, toxins and heavy metals. Disposal costs are high and environmental targets not reached. • A compact, robust and efficient process solution based on hydrothermal carbonisation allowing separation of phosphorous (for further use in fertilising applications) and heavy metals from sludge, degeneration of toxins, deactivation of pharmaceuticals and transformation of the remaining sludge into bio-coal. It enables waste-water treatment plants to reduce their operating and capital cost, while meeting the environmental target for sludge management. • Cost-effective sludge management saving approx. 30% vs traditional systems. • Small, scalable one-size-fits-all solution, energy-efficient process. • Turns harmful sludge into homogenous biofuel with a high energy density for power production at combined heat and power (CHP) plants.
  23. x C-Green provides HTC technology for wet biodegradable solid waste handling in scalable modular systems Deep dive: C-Green 22 STATUS OxyPower HTC™ Key features: • Sludge capacity: 25,000 tons/year • Biocoal capacity: 5,000 tons/year • Low OPEX • Low CAPEX - Easy to deploy, operate and maintain • Uses the chemical energy in the sludge – no external heat needed. • Facilitates the recovery of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) • Reduces transportation costs and emissions by handling sludge on-site. Patented hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) and wet oxidation technology sold in pre-manufactured container-size modules. • Business Line: Waste to energy • Vintage year: 2016 • Total KIC IE Equity: 18% • Co-Location: Scandinavia The first C-Green HTC plant installed in Stora Enso's mill in Heinola, Finland.
  24. EIT InnoEnergy portfolio 23 Marcin Koziorowski CEO of EcoBean Our project is 100 percent zero waste. Used coffee grounds are packed into so-called EcoBoxes. It is a perfect solution, bringing only environmental benefits Challenge Solution Value proposition • Over 2 billion cups of coffee is consumed worldwide daily. Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world. It generates around 25 000 tons of coffee waste each day, ending up in the landfill and generating high carbon and methane emission. • Ecobean is a service that relies on waste coffee pick up from cafes or offices and which includes special bins and bags, footprint reports, corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports and marketing input. All collected spent coffee grounds are collected and recycled into a range of bio- products such as: PLA, lignin, coffee oil, animal feed and coffee briquettes. • Ready-made circular economy solution. • Ready-made CSR and eco-marketing input. • Big brands and market leaders involved. • A reduced CO2 footprint.
  25. CONFIDENTIAL 24 EcoBean extends the existing coffee value chain and makes it more sustainable by circular use of resources Source: EcoBean EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The classical coffee industry value chain Spent coffee grounds (SCG) BIOFABRICATES1) Ready products by EcoBean: BIOREFINATES1) Raw materials for coffee and other industries Flowerpots Logs/Briquettes Raw materials for: Coffee oil • Biodiesel (FAME) • In the future: Add features to pharma/ cosmetics products Lignin • Coffee capsules (and pods) • Disposable packaging, straws • Carbon fiber PLA • Cups, plates, rigid packaging • Rubber-like materials Animal feed additives • High-end lactic acid bacteria proteins • Calcium and protein feed for insects (premium product) Other fine chemicals • High-margin ingredients for multiple sectors • Replacing fossil fuel products • Upcycling SCG – prolonging its lifetime as carbon sink • Renewable energy source • Reducing low-valorized waste • Reducing the carbon footprint of the whole coffee value chain by at least 20% All benefits for the clients: 1) Biofabricates are products of physical processing and biorefinates are chemically processed
  26. Berlin, 3 – 4 November 2021 The Business Booster is EIT InnoEnergy’s annual two-day international networking event that showcases 150+ sustainable energy technologies under one roof. Each year the event rotates among European capital cities, which have included Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Paris. In 2020, the event was held online, bringing together 1,200 attendees at TBB.Connect. THE BUSINESS BOOSTER - ABOUT THE EVENT WHY PARTICIPATE? • You will have a chance to discover cutting edge technological solutions to enhance your product portfolio. • A great chance for you to detect new opportunities and business models for your company. • You will save time because innovations are segmented by market, helping you find the right solution for your business, see how they are segmented • Great place for you to find partnership opportunities. • You will have a chance to see live product demonstrations. • You can also pitch your challenges to the most innovative start-ups across Europe.
  27. EIT InnoEnergy Kennispoort 6th floor John F. Kennedylaan 2 5612 AB Eindhoven The Netherlands Thank you, any questions?
  28. 27 BACKUP SLIDES EIT InnoEnergy services for innovators
  29. Energy of circular economy • Waste management and recycling efficiency solutions • Solutions for air pollution • Biomass conversion technologies • Alternative fuels (eg. biogas, SNG, hydrogen, methanol, DME, ect. ) IoT & Smart technologies • Smart city solutions • Smart buildings and retrofits • Digitalization of heating infrastructure and services • Big Data and AI/ machine learning solutions for the energy sector • Energy blockchain applications • Predictive maintenance • Smart grid Energy storage • Energy Storage Systems for commercial use • Mobility Storage systems • New chemistry and cell designs • Software and hardware for storage systems management • Heat storage systems • Storage systems recycling and second-life Energy from renewable sources • Photovoltaics • Solar termal • Offshore and onshore wind power • Ocean energy Energy efficency E-mobility and Electric Vehicles • Electric vehicles • Vehicle-to-grid technologies • Battery-swapping solutions • Charging stations for supply of electric energy to EVs • Plug and play charging solutions • Private & public transportation • Last mile solutions • Micromibility • Energy management solutions and systems • Energy recovery solutions • Waste heat valorization • AgriTech INVESTMENT SCOPE
  30. OPPORTUNITIES WITH INNOENERGY Startups & Scale-ups • 150 - 500kEUR • For % equity • Incubation - mentoring USA Landing Program Legal & IP Support VC Community InnoEnergy events Business Developers Network Access to Industrial Value Chains InnoEnergy Interns Industry partners & networking Big Projects • Up to 8mEUR • International consortia • Open call 2x per year
  31. EIT InnoEnergy services for innovators Value added services to mobilise innovation 30 Market intelligence Customers and growth Technology enhancement Supply chain and industrialisation Governance strategy Regulation Access to human capital Social acceptance and citizen engagement Access to Finance Innovator
  32. EIT InnoEnergy services Value added services to mobilise innovation 31 All of the innovations we support leverage off the following services and expertise, which reduces their time to market, de-risks their innovation and supports the development of commercially attractive solutions to empower a sustainable energy future. On the following pages you will read about some of 2020’s most promising innovations and their successes.
  33. What we do and how we support you 32 We provide comprehensive support and services to help you at every stage of the product value chain, to enable the transformation of innovative ideas into marketable products Our services go beyond traditional funding mechanisms. Because our goal is to ensure all projects deliver a commercially viable product, we don’t ‘fund and run’. Instead we offer a shared-risk model based on: Our success is aligned with the success of each project. We invest in individual innovation projects for up to three years and see a return only once the new product is on the market and delivering value. All our returns are re-invested in our next innovation projects. COMMERCIAL RELATIONSHIP As research progresses, projects can change: new priorities can emerge, timescales can shift or new partners may become interested. Our financing agreements are based on real-world experience of R&D and give projects the room to make changes where necessary FLEXIBLE FINANCING The commercial value of an innovation lies not just in the first sale but also in its intellectual property (IP) and on-going licensing agreements. We make sure that the originators and developers of an idea retain control of their IP and their stake in the future value of their product SECURE IP ENVIRONMENT Our flexible management programme, business support mechanisms, monitoring & reviews aid project management & administration, while our partners among the top-rank players in Europe’s energy sector help with technology improvements and access to customers and suppliers ON-GOING SUPPORT Through our networks, we open-up access to a deep pool of essential skills and resources, complementary research and expertise, and market opportunities across Europe. Financing from InnoEnergy can also act as a catalyst for further funding from a variety of public and private bodies EUROPE-WIDE ENGAGEMENT
  34. Value chains Structuring the energy value chain in Europe 33 European Green Hydrogen Acceleration Centre Promotion and co-creation of industrial projects across the value chain Building connections with other industrial and energy value chains Acceleration of technology development Stimulation of market growth Societal acceptance Addressing the skills gaps Address the industrial challenge of electrification of mobility and the energy industry Brings together more than 500 industrial and innovation actors from mining to recycling Common objective to build a strong and competitive European battery industry Scaling up the solar PV industrial ecosystem in Europe at the 2025 horizon. Reaching a 20 GW annual production capacity by 2025 Creating an additional 40B€ GDP annually Creating 400,000 direct and indirect jobs