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Más de Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego(20)


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  1. VOLUNTEERING IN BLAGOEVGRAD My ESC experience in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria Project implemented with funds from the European Commission under the European Solidarity Corps Programme
  2. 6TH AUGUST 2021 • On the 6th of August, after a couple of weeks of waiting and getting ready to leave, I finally landed in Sofia, Bulgaria. My bulgarian experience had officially started
  3. 9TH AUGUST 2021 • I was finally ready for the first day of work: after a weekend spent in Blagoevgrad getting to know my fellow volunteers and enjoying the city, we headed to the office to start the project
  4. FIRST WEEK • With the help of our coordinators Kiril and Ivan, we discuss what we want to achieve during our month in Bulgaria: we planned to not only get in contact with the local community, but to learn more about volunteering itself and the ways in which we can contribute to our communities even after returing home.
  5. EVENTS The time had come to actually meet some locals and put into practice our ideas. After a brainstorming sessions, we prepared a calendar with the many events we would implement: sport and cooking classes, movie nights, cultural dinners and language lessons and much more
  6. ONLINE WORKING Sometimes unexpected events may force us to change plans last minute, which is indeed what happended when covid-19 forced the whole team to work online for ten days. Despite this, thanks to technology and many zoom meetings, we manage to carry on with our projects and reflect on how to best employ our time in isolation.
  7. EXPLORING BULGARIA On to the cherry on the top of cake: the opportunity to spend my free time exploring Bulgaria and the bordering countries! From strolling to the streets of Sofia to eating banitsa in Plovdiv, there wasno time to get bored. Not only that: the richness of Bulgaria stands also in it being influenced by the many neighbouring countries
  8. LEARNING AND SHARING Our activities in Blagoevgrad didn't only concern the organization of event: we spent our time in language lessons, interesting workshops and discussion about the European solidarity corps and creative writing lessons