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  1. Infopack for ESC volunteer s Future in Our Hands Youth NGO Tomorrow is Now!!
  2. 1 Implement a number of studies and joint training to assist local authorities on matters of public interest 2 To develop solidarity and promote tolerance among the public, 3 To encourage public participation and strengthening links between local groups, schools, businesses and municipal authorities, 4 To stimulate participation of young people for involvement in activities related to personal and social development activities for social adaptation of 5 To carry out active work for sustainable social development and democratic principles to promote civil society, 6 To work for action and measures to restore and improve the quality of the environment, 7 To improve the welfare of disabled people – their acceptance and finding a place in a family in a circle of peers, colleagues, friends and the middle part of the community in which they live, ABOUT US Future in Our Hands ” Youth non-governmental organization’s general idea is to carry out socially useful activities. The members of the organization are mostly youth (students, high school pupils, etc...) and specialists of working with youth and children, united around the idea of promoting education and European awareness among the youth and generally among the society, supporting people, helping people with fewer opportunities in their social integration, making youth participation in public life more active and strengthening the principles of civil society and democracy. We put emphasis on working with youth from rural areas as well as youth with trauma,stress and conflicts at home or in their communities trying our best to involve them in our local and international projects, working with their parents separately. The main objectives of the organization are:
  3. EXPERIENCE IN THE FIELDS OF: REFUGEES & MIGRANTS Being a youth NGO, we believe that it is our responsibility to involve youngsters coming from difficult backgrounds and youth with fewer opportunities into active social life, as well as to address their issues to the society. A huge part of these youth are either migrants or refugees, and their voices deserve to be heard. Our initiative regarding this topic were to write and implement the projects called "Rhythms of Unity" and "Raise Your Voice" in 2017," and "Be the Change" in 2019. In a lot of our art related projects as well we had this topic as one of our main objectives. We used photography and video editing to raise the issues that refugees face all over the world, and helped the society to become more tolerant, be more aware of what obstacles the refugees in their country face and how they can be of help. Since the above mentioned projects were so impactful, we are working on a follow up project which is called "Let's speak". SOCIAL INCLUSION & ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP THROUGH ART There are many ways to raise social awareness and address important things to the society, and arts can be easily one of the most efficient ones. We have an experience of using this great tool with all its forms: dance, music, theater, street art, craft, drawing photography and film- making. In 2016 we hosted the project called "Tram of Art" and the project was so successful that the youngsters involved came up with another project called " Art Bridge to Tolerance" which took place in 2017. Later on we had yet another project called "Art Bride" in 2019, and during all of these we used art forms to raise topics such as hate speech, tolerance, European values, prejudice, stereotypes etc. In 2019 we hosted a project with our Irish partners called " Step Up", during which we gathered youngsters interested in dancing under the same idea: to promote social inclusion and active citizenship through dance. The participants came up with a public event, which helped spread awareness about such projects and encourage local youth to be more active in the social lives of their communitie
  4. EXPERIENCE IN THE FIELDS OF: ENTREPRENEURSHIP & YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT In the field of Entrepreneurship and Youth Unemployment our experience and passion is very high. We have noticed that youngsters have the tendency to hide their potential of leadership because of the lack of self-confidence, selfesteem, experience and attention. To guide and help the youth to unlock their true potentials as well as become more eligible for the employment market, we have successfully implemented the projects Startup Boomergang in 2018 and StartUP Battle in 2020. We have pending training courses like Job Opportunity Booster, Your Footprint in Tourism Boost Your Startup, which are all concerning this very topic. On a local level as well our organization has been giving opportunities to future entrepreneurs who don't know how and from where to start their business journey, by facilitating a training course called Marketing Club. SPORTS HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Sports and Healthy lifestyle has always been quite an important topic for us. Living in a day and age where youth is always quite passive, gives preference to fast and not much quality food, we can see that it highly affects their not only physical but also mental well-being. In order to motivate the youth to make better health choices , live a healthier and more physically more active lifestyle we implemented the Get Active Get Healthy Get Involved YE in 2018 and Healthy YOUth YE in 2019. During the latter, we had a big event called Sportlandia which aimed to spread awareness about the benefits of healthy lifestyle and physical activity among local youngsters. This year as well, we touched upon this topic by our project Healthcare Trends
  5. ESC POSITION 1-PR SUPPORT TASKS: -creating promotional materials of our activities -graphic design -SMM -sharing call about the project -video making and editing -creating video and photo materials about our projects and activities -creating materials about Erasmus+ for promotion -creating project banners, posters -preparing certificates if required -any other promotional activities related the project activities and organization
  6. ESC POSITION 2-ADMINISTRATIVE LOGISTIC SUPPORT TASKS: -support in preparation our activities -shortlisting applicants, -involvement in selection of participants -Schedule appointments and maintain calendars. -support in running activities -running workshops together with the facilitator -provide information, educational opportunities and experiential growth opportunities Coordinate office procedures -write reports about the activities for the visibility -share the visibility materials with PR team
  7. ESC POSITION 3-EVENT ORGANISATION TASKS: -running activities together with the organisations' responsible person -organising events, activities by his/her own initiative -running language clubs -promoting Erasmus+ opportunities -workshop facilitations together with the responsible person from the organisation -workshops at local kindergardens and schools (2x per week) -organising debates -movie nights -open air workshops
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  9. Contact Information H. Hakobyan 3, room 11 Yervan, Armenia fioharmenia +37499337873