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Facebook Engagement Rate

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Our new research: a metric to measure the engagement between users and companies on Facebook.

The research looked into more than 100 Facebook fan pages mantained by different brands of different sizes.

Regardless of size, number of fans or industry, fans showed common behaviors by rewarding key achievements from the brand and showing little interest when the brand does not share real value or, simply, the created content is not what the audience is looking for.

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Facebook Engagement Rate

  1. Facebook Engagement Rate (E.R.) Are fans really listening to me? frozenfrogs
  2. This rate reflects the huge growth on Facebook and Twitter, the new trend for marketers, professionals, companies and average mortals. and you can get this data in another bazillion places frozenfrogs
  3. Facebook VS Twitter: Unique Visitors 150000000 122M 112500000 59M 75000000 37500000 22M 4ML 0 01/giu/08 01/lug/08 01/set/08 01/ott/08 01/dic/08 01/feb/09 01/apr/09 01/giu/09 01/lug/09 Facebook Twitter Source: Compete.com frozenfrogs
  4. This rate shows if and how Facebook is a trend for marketers. and again...you can get this data in another bazillion places frozenfrogs
  5. 600 Results for “Facebook for ML Business” in Google 10 ML Become fans of a page each day 2 Movies on Facebook and endless books Source: Facebook.com frozenfrogs
  6. If you don’t live under a rock, you heard of the “race to 1,000,000 followers”, where popular profiles have thousand and thousand of people following them. If you are in Facebook, Twitter or even MySpace, you are popular if you have thousands of them. frozenfrogs
  7. One day Kevin Spacey said to David Letterman that, with 800,000 followers on Twitter, he will get lots of people saying “hi” back to him. David Letterman replied that, to achieve the same thing, he just needs to walk down the street. frozenfrogs
  8. This raises a question: are 800,000 people really following Kevin Spacey? and millions of fan are really following companies and brands ? frozenfrogs
  9. Our goal is to get a benchmark to understand if fans are really engaged with brands and, if they are ... how much are they ? frozenfrogs
  10. Testing a sample of more than 100 really active business pages, across multiple sizes and different industries, in their status update we’ve seen that the behavior of the fan was very similar for every page. So we defined and found ... frozenfrogs
  11. E.R. That stands for Engagement Rate how much people are really engaged with you. sorry, no George Clooney here. frozenfrogs
  12. 0,36% fan: 300K - 600K 0,24% 0,57% fan: 150 - 10K fan: 100K - 300K 0,16% 0,46% 0,12% fan: 10K - 50K fan: 600K - 1ML fan: 50K - 100K 0,19% Observing Facebook: portions of the “f” match fan: 1ML - 3ML the size of the groups (a square block is around 300K fan), while the height matches the Engagement Rate. The latest block has been exploded to give a clearer representation. 0,16% fan: 3ML - 6ML frozenfrogs
  13. 150 - 10K With small communities, you have no excuses not to 0,57% take care of each one. Growing towards 100K you might lose some focus (we need more fans, damn it!) or, 10K - 50K simply you are not quite “there”, when you are a part 0,16% of your customers life. 50K - 100K 0,12% 100K - 300K If you are on the way to having 1million of fan, you are 0,24% on the way to making something great for your customers. Could it be a new phone, or a car maker 300K - 600K going green? 0,36% 600K - 1ML 0,46% 1ML - 3ML On huge fan pages it is normal to have lower 0,19% Engagement Rate, as long as you are not Michael Jackson (RIP). Keep these ER as a benchmark, see them 3ML - 6ML grow on important announcements or drop when you 0,16% bore your audience. frozenfrogs
  14. I know that with 1,000 or 1,000,000 fans, they engage with the brand/page in similar ways. … as long as you take care of them. frozenfrogs
  15. It’s nice to know that, to keep my fans engaged, there are 5 main trends to follow. … to avoid to run in the pit of the endless (and useless) chit-chat that will lead in a near oblivion. frozenfrogs
  16. Spanking Brand New! When you are a fan you have a special relationship with that brand. And it is very nice to have a conversation with it. However, to bring some meaning to it, the announcement of a major product release or an important upgrade raises the interest of your audience. Even better if powered by your customers feedback. frozenfrogs
  17. $$$$$$$! Of course, with a new product release there will be a promo. Discounts, special offers, freebies will not be ignored by your audience. Do not underestimate the fact that, if you want something from your fans, they will inevitably ask “What is in for me?”. frozenfrogs
  18. Be green! Being eco-friendly, supporting causes (with cash and not with apps!), doing something concrete to make this world a better place gives you an instant approval from your fans. After all, you show that you care, just like them. This is working particularly well for automotive brands on Facebook. Also, charity involvment works! frozenfrogs
  19. Do something really special! When F.C. Barcelona won the Champions League cup, the announcement had thousands and thousands of feedback messages on a single status updage. This is not limited to sports team on facebook. It should never be. A brand shoud do something exceptional for their loyal customers. Apple does it, Coca Cola does it. What’s your excuse? frozenfrogs
  20. Something for the eye Last but not least, you should not limit yourself to text updates. Video consumption is on the rise, YouTube and mySpace are turning to be entertainement channels. Along with text and pics, a video will do no harm. frozenfrogs
  21. Examples How can you read it Showed in a bubble chart, the size and its colour represents the level of engagement between the brand and their fans. frozenfrogs
  22. Example: Wired US in September The new Bentley Buy your own Burglars at dinosaur New Wired the Apple Cybernetic available The 747 Fire Store contact lenses Fighter Flip vs Everything To run better, Wired Anti paparazzi iPod about ditch your Nike Newsletter defences on The BMW Vision Abramovich Yacht Apple Touchpad Brew your own You can smoke on beer European Airlines Wired US uses its Facebook Fan page to feed news items from wired.com to its fans. Looking at the Wired US page, we see how users are more engaged on strange and particular news and tech articles, while news that have been featured everywhere gain less interest. Also, we see that news related to Europe gain less interest. frozenfrogs
  23. Example: Ducati in September The new About Ducati Ipermotard Casey is back Monster Art Please, do not spam Imola GP First place for Nicky Haiden Ducati uses its Facebook Fan Page to feed general news to its users, from sport news, to new models and others activities. With Ducati we see the tight relationship between fans, brand and the competitive world where users seem awarding Ducati success of the race tracks. And when the launch of the new Ipermotard reaches such high levels of engagement, we can expect Ducati clients to be some of the loyalest out there. frozenfrogs
  24. methodology (or… the missing slides) how to bake it in your own page we appreciate your questions and feedback at frozenfrogs.it gianluca@frozenfrogs.it denis@frozenfrogs.it frozenfrogs
  25. facebook engagement rate your content hellooo, we have a brand new car designed for U your status update, your news, your new product ... I don’t like the design their feedback Great !!! the way your fan interact with you. I love it They like your status or they reply on it. we’ll buy it the ER [engagement rate] [comment + like per status] the percentage of fan that give a feedback x 100 over a company update. frozenfrogs
  26. Ve s pa - Ad i da s sh oe s co frozenfrogs lle ct io n >> ER Au 0, di 52 A8 % sp Co ys st ho um ot e in Na g >> tio ER na lE 0, nn 53 io % ca pa sa Cr ew Du >> ca tiM Au ER ul di 0, tis 57 CM % tra O da sp 12 ee 0 0 ch be >> s ti ER n 0, sh 13 ow % at EI CM A 20 09 >> ER 0, 77 % facebook engagement rate - some cases
  27. frozenfrogs Digital & Emerging Media Agency FrozenFrogs is a digital media agency, focused on social and emerging media. Our projects start from listening to, and learning, from the online conversation of consumers, analysing their online behaviours. From their behavious and online activities, users send feedback and ideas that can help you reach results in terms of Engagement, Co-Creation, Conversation and, consequently, better results. We strongly believe that the performance of an online business depends from the trust you can establish with your clients. We can help you establish this relationship. NEED MORE ? Visit us at www.frozenfrogs.it (in Italian) or either get in touch with: gianluca@frozenfrogs.it (follow him at @frozenfrogs) denis@frozenfrogs.it (follow him at @denisr)