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The Metacity

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The modern city is becoming a pointer system, the new URL, for tomorrow’s hybrid digital physical environment. Today's Facebook will be complemented by tomorrow's Placebook.

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The Metacity

  1. The MetacityRob McIntosh, Creative Director -NAWLZ
  2. The modern city is becoming a pointer system,the new URL, for tomorrow’s hybrid digitalphysical environment. Todays Facebook will becomplemented by tomorrows Placebook.Explosive innovation and adoption of computing, mobile devices, and richsources of data are changing the cities in which we live, work, and play. Itsabout us, and how computing in the context of our cities is changing howwe live. A digital landscape overlays our physical world and is expanding tooffer ever-richer experiences that complement, and in emerging cases,replace the physical experience. In the meta–cities of the future,computing isnt just with us; it surrounds us, and it uses the context of ourenvironment to empower us in more natural, yet powerful ways.
  3. the city is the new computer
  4. the city is theplatform,the network,the sensors,and the interface
  5. The city has become layered.
  6. Mobility Options Food & ATM Locations Traffic Data From Space Friend Locationthe city becomes the platform Architecture & Interiors Me & You City History Social Geotags City Mass Transit Air & Sea Transit
  7. an interfaced MetaCity:the city platform that provides a pictureof any situation, anywhere, And wewill enjoy, without the burden of it’smachinery. a freedom paradigm.
  8. everyone,everything,and everywherebecomes part ofthe city interface
  9. a shared infrastructure private infrastructure personal systems public infrastructure
  10. the city becomesan extension ofour senses.
  11. we are the computer.
  12. it creates:knowledgeconnectionsmeaningnew freedomsa public luxury
  13. frog is imagining how that feels
  14. Today Brompton1910 Me
  15. the city is the new computer