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Docker Service Broker for Cloud Foundry

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Silicon Valley Cloud Foundry Meetup: "Docker, Cloud Foundry & BOSH: Reimagining applications runtime and packaging"

Docker Service Broker for Cloud Foundry slides

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Docker Service Broker for Cloud Foundry

  1. 1. Docker Service Broker for Cloud Foundry Ferran Rodenas @ferdy Cloud Foundry Platform Engineering Team @ Pivotal Meetup.com/Bluemix Meetup.com/CloudFoundry
  2. 2. Cloud Foundry Services Cloud Foundry Services enables application developers to provision a service on demand and bind it to an application using a really simple and agile workflow Meetup.com/Bluemix Meetup.com/CloudFoundry
  3. 3. Cloud Foundry Services Broker API Meetup.com/Bluemix Meetup.com/CloudFoundry
  4. 4. Cloud Foundry Services • Where do I find services ready for Cloud Foundry? • Do I need to create an specific service broker? • Do I need to create a BOSH release? Meetup.com/Bluemix Meetup.com/CloudFoundry
  5. 5. Docker Service Broker for Cloud Foundry An easy and convenient way to expose development and testing services to your applications without the overhead of creating an specific service broker by just using Docker images Meetup.com/Bluemix Meetup.com/CloudFoundry Disclaimer: Everything stated in this presentation is to be considered my wife’s opinion, I have none (in my opinion). Actual mileage may vary. Price does not include tax, title, and license. Some assembly required. Each sold separately. Batteries not included. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. If conditions persist, contact a physician. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Keep in a cool dark place.
  6. 6. Docker Service Broker for Cloud Foundry • Services Catalog: predefined Docker services • Provision an instance: create and start a predefined Docker container and assign random credentials via environment variables • Bind an instance to an application: send service credentials hash back to the bound application • Unbind an instance • Unprovision an instance: destroy Docker container • Expose a management dashboard: top processes, stdout/stderr logs, … • Syslog drain URL: drain your application logs to a Docker syslog (logstash, …) Meetup.com/Bluemix Meetup.com/CloudFoundry
  7. 7. Docker Service Broker for Cloud Foundry It can be deployed as a standalone application, as a Docker container (frodenas/cf-containers-broker) OR Using the Docker BOSH Release: https://github.com/cf-platform-eng/docker-boshrelease • Deploy it on your choice of IaaS • Service broker application self-healing • VM self-healing • Resize persistent data without data loss • Drain containers logs to a remote syslog Meetup.com/Bluemix Meetup.com/CloudFoundry
  8. 8. Services Marketplace Meetup.com/Bluemix Meetup.com/CloudFoundry
  9. 9. Credentials Hash Meetup.com/Bluemix Meetup.com/CloudFoundry
  10. 10. Management Dashboard Meetup.com/Bluemix Meetup.com/CloudFoundry
  11. 11. Show Demo Time Meetup.com/Bluemix Meetup.com/CloudFoundry
  12. 12. Wanna learn more? Blog Post: http://blog.pivotal.io/cloud-foundry-pivotal/products/docker-service-broker-for-cloud-foundry Youtube videos: • Part 1: Provision services using Docker containers http://youtu.be/cxBKN_nV59g • Part 2: Binding applications to services http://youtu.be/AaWguQi_18g • Part 3: Multi-database engines tests http://youtu.be/192ogfmJPPc • Part 4: Draining application events and logs http://youtu.be/9hTo6Vk_cWk Meetup.com/Bluemix Meetup.com/CloudFoundry