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Prototyping With WordPress: No Coding Required

WordPress is a powerful CMS but it can also be used to build fully functional prototypes. Headway theme’s drag and drop visual editor allows you to create and experiment with different layouts including fixed width and responsive designs. Use the prototypes to collect feedback, test for usability and improve your design on the fly; or clone it to test multiple variations of the same design. Being on a web server, you only need a web browser to edit, share and collaborate on your prototypes. You don’t need to know any PHP. Knowledge of HTML and CSS is helpful but not required. Here’s the best part: once you are finished, your prototype doesn’t go to waste. If you choose WordPress as CMS, you can simply modify your prototype to build the final website. If not, you can still use CSS generated by the theme. Join us to learn a simple and quick prototyping tool using a recent project as an example. Using a real project as an example, learn how to: - Use visual editor to build a grid based layout from scratch - Apply custom CSS styles - Reusing layouts, blocks and styles for different sections of the website - Export layouts to create multiple prototypes for the same project

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Prototyping With WordPress: No Coding Required

  1. 1. Prototyping With WordPress No Coding Required Gaurav Gupta edUi Conference September 29, 2014 #edui_protoWP @FrshBakedPixels
  2. 2. #edui_protoWP @FrshBakedPixels
  3. 3. about me IT Analyst Office of the Vice Provost for Learning Innovation and Student Success Virginia Commonwealth University #edui_protoWP @FrshBakedPixels
  4. 4. the old way of doing things
  5. 5. adding prototyping to workflow
  6. 6. Balsamiq Axure Omingraffle Visio Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Paper Keynote PowerPoint HTML Bootstrap Foundation #edui_protoWP @FrshBakedPixels prototyping tools
  7. 7. my search for WordPress frameworks
  8. 8. enter Headway Themes #edui_protoWP @FrshBakedPixels
  9. 9. could this be used for prototyping?
  10. 10. Transfer Center #edui_protoWP @FrshBakedPixels
  11. 11. why WordPress? #edui_protoWP @FrshBakedPixels
  12. 12. easy to learn no coding required* * (though knowing HTML, CSS and JavaScript is helpful) why WordPress?
  13. 13. online works across OS/browsers easy collaboration easy sharing with clients why WordPress?
  14. 14. responsive layouts why WordPress?
  15. 15. reuse to create variants to build final product why WordPress?
  16. 16. There’s a plugin for that™   why WordPress?
  17. 17. what you need to get started #edui_protoWP @FrshBakedPixels
  18. 18. WordPress installation (multisite) Headway Theme
  19. 19. Plugins •  Easy Bootstrap Shortcode •  WP Responsive Menu •  NS Cloner Optional Plugins •  Types + WP Views •  Slider e.g. Master Slider, Layer Slider •  Forms e.g. Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms
  20. 20. demo #edui_protoWP @FrshBakedPixels
  21. 21. Wrapper
  22. 22. Wrapper + Blocks
  23. 23. Block Types
  24. 24. Title Content
  25. 25. Title Content Default behavior
  26. 26. Custom Query
  27. 27. Blog Index Front Page Pages Posts Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Post 1 Post 2 Post 3 Shared Layout Layout inheritance
  28. 28. making it responsive #edui_protoWP @FrshBakedPixels
  29. 29. Assignment Box #edui_protoWP @FrshBakedPixels
  30. 30. raffle #edui_protoWP @FrshBakedPixels
  31. 31. Questions? #edui_protoWP @FrshBakedPixels