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VCI features

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The VCI in turn sets the framework, being strategically positioned around the world for SMEs to have easier access to foreign markets.
Virtual Cluster Initiative’sactivities are divided into four strategic areas: Marketing, Public relations (PR), Purchasing Cooperation, Strategic Purchasing
This Flagship initiative, the” Virtuelle Cluster Initiative” aims to strengthen the competitiveness and increase the level of awareness of the SMEs in the German region through promoting cross-border links between specialised research and innovation hubs, which leads to strategic innovation alliances. The ultimate aim of VCI is to promote sustainable growth and prosperity especially targeted for SMEs.

The main objective is to provide a central platform to facilitate the search the Internet, Regional, National and International. A virtual exhibition is a digital version of a modified real exhibition accompanied with digital and multimedia features. If all companies and Clusters take advantage of this innovative multimedia approach to present their research, products and services on the Web the Internet as such, the Virtual Cluster Initiative will gain the character of the first International Exhibition.

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VCI features

  1. 1. Virtuelle Cluster InitiativeThe VCI in turn sets the framework, being strategically positionedaround the world for SMEs to have easier access to foreign markets.Each Exhibition is supported with one project manager for that country. Which serves as the contact point for SMEs wanting to enter that Market.Another interesting application of the platform is Virtual Job fairs which can be done, for examplein the city assisting in scholar retention from the universities, and at the same time reducing theCO2 footprint. The possibilities are endless, Online training and virtual training, upload from videosof Real Estate for potential investors, Virtual Corporate Event, Virtual Customer Day, ProductLaunch .........It is more than a Trade Fair, it is a virtual environment, visualizing the information which is intendedfor transmission. The CeBit and other Trade Fairs could be a possibility for a Hybrid Exhibition,meaning before, during and after extending the real exhibitions intent. Virtuelle Cluster Initiative 1
  2. 2. The Entrance of the Exhibition http://www.virtuelle-cluster-initiative.com/ Virtuelle Cluster Initiative 2
  3. 3. The Pavilions of the Exhibition can be named fitting to Exhibitors For Example: Aerospace (at your request) Virtuelle Cluster Initiative 3
  4. 4. Exhibitor booths, inside the Pavilion Virtuelle Cluster Initiative 4
  5. 5. Once entering the Exhibitor booths with Corporate Identity and Presentation screens. It is possible for one Cluster with many companies to share onebooth allowing each company to have his own screen (possibility) For example: Company 1 Company 2 Company 3 Virtuelle Cluster Initiative 5
  6. 6. Behind each Presentation Screen the Exhibitor has the possibility to upload Pictures, Documents, Presentations and Videos, as well as Conferences. Virtuelle Cluster Initiative 6
  7. 7. As well as Conferences (VOIP) “Spreed” and Expo e-mails Spreed Online Meeting No. of attendees (includes conference host) 3 (free of cost) Virtuelle Cluster Initiative 7
  8. 8. Online meeting made easy. Spreed features audio/video,office and video presentations, application sharing, remote control, whiteboard, chat and more. Virtuelle Cluster Initiative 8
  9. 9. Worldwide Connectivity Virtuelle Cluster Initiative 9
  10. 10. Spreed Web Meetings save time, money and fight global warming If your business is to meet or to train people there is truly no better instrument on earth to reduce CO2 emission than web meetings and/or the telephone. Spreed Web meetings are truly environmentally friendly. Spreed meetings can significantly help you to reduce the CO2 emission. Meet, present, train - with every Spreed meeting you will reduce your carbon footprint. From January 1st, 2008 Spreed servers in Europe are powered by clean energy. The European Spreed server farm is powered CO2 emission-free by hydro-electric energy. Experts say that hydro- electric power generation is the environmentally most friendly power. Fight global warming with Spreed web meetings. Virtuelle Cluster Initiative 10
  11. 11. Each Country is supported by one Project Manager see http://www.virtuelle-cluster-initiative.de/our-team/ VCI Utah, USA VCI Russia VCI VCI Australia Slovenia VCI New Zealand 11
  12. 12. Features Live Web Meetings Stand Branding Design in 4 clicksVideosPDF-DocumentsPPT-Presentations Live Chat Metrics - StatisticsPicturesPicture gallery Virtuelle Cluster Initiative 12
  13. 13. Your benefit as:Exhibitor Visitor· Permanent availability (24/7) · Admission free· Global reachability of target · Permanent availability (24/7) groups · Wide range of suppliers· Many presentation alternatives · Optional participation in conferences· Update of presentations at any and web-based seminars time · High usability· Presentation of conferences and · Fast access Web-based seminars · Time-saving· Time-saving· High usability· Low costs Strategies and value creation Operating boundaries which is imperative for further growth Expand clientele Build Business Network on the Exhibition Enhance Collaboration Based on the five sector model of the circular flow of income Virtuelle Cluster Initiative 13
  14. 14. What are the next steps?1. Request info from: info@virtuelle-cluster-initiative.de2. Choose an Exhibition Hall (by more than 10 Exhibition booths your own Hall name)3. Choose an Exhibition booth Template4. Fill out: Exhibitor Ordering Requirements5. Send the info an: info@virtuelle-cluster-initiative.de6. Within two working days you will receive a User Name and Password for you to Configure your Exhibition booth in back-end Thank you for your attention and awaiting your next stepJeffrey KleinpeterFurchgasse 774321 Bietigheim-BissingenTel.: 07142 – 921 952Mobil: 0157-81781516e-mail: info@virtuelle-cluster-initiative.deHomepage: http://www.virtuelle-cluster-initiative.de/Exhibition: http://www.virtuelle-cluster-initiative.comSkpeID: jeffrey.kleinpeterLinkedIn: de.linkedin.com/in/jeffreykleinpeter/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Virtuelle-Cluster-Initiativede/347683211974910?ref=hlBlog: http://virtuelleclusterinitiative.wordpress.com/about/ Virtuelle Cluster Initiative 14