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Increase Your Free Cash Flow                                                                                      Audit & ...
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Increase Business Cash Flow Coaching Program

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Business growth specialists, Green Bean, offers clients an awareness audit and tailored coaching focused solely on improving cash flow and profits.

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Increase Business Cash Flow Coaching Program

  1. 1. Increase Your Free Cash Flow Audit & Program Investment FIRST STEP: NO OBLIGATION AUDITIs a hybrid between coaching and consulting The one time audit fee is €200 plus iva with one objective: Improve cash flow Get an external business audit not from an accounting perspective If you so choose, follow-up coaching will be provided. The coaching fee will depend onBusiness growth specialists, Green Bean, offers BUT the program but will ALWAYS be justifiedclients an awareness audit and tailored coaching with a positive return on investment afterall itfocused solely on improving cash flow and profits. A business growth specialist perspective is an increase in cashflow we are focused on. We follow the flow of cash in your business from While the audit is not recognised, all Key Benefits to Audit & Coaching finding customers all the way to paying out profits. coaching programs are recognised and may be fully or partially funded through the When we focus on cash flow it ALWAYS Along the way we highlight: Fundación Tripartita. Contact us to find out improves  Opportunities for increased cash flow your free entitlement. Awareness allows us to improve things  Unnecessary leakages of cash flow Find out where there are opportunities, cash  Bright-spots to develop more profits leakages and bright-spots in your operations  Potential threats to your profits Receive recommendations from experienced growth specialist to improve your profits But we don´t stop there, we recommend: Focused business coaching available to help  Specific strategies, techniques and skills to execute the priority improvements immediately develop to improve cash flow and profits Hassle-Free processing Our administrative Low-risk audit available without commitment to  To prioritise and how to take action partner can take care of all the paper-work for coaching you. Easy to understand audit, focused on The audit is completely confidential and usually constructive improvements not accounting requires two hours of your time plus general access figures to company information. We guarantee a positive return on investment, you will make/save more than the cost of this course - guaranteed. SECOND STEP: FOLLOW-UP COACHING We tailor coaching programs to help you execute Ed Hamilton, Barcelona Business Coach any business improvements based on the audit´s recommendations and management´s priorities.  Over 1000 hours coaching business owners to grow their  To see results we need to execute change. business profits  All coaching has one objective: to improve  Client success stories include: your business cashflow and profits  127% increase in yr-on-yr profits, doubling annual sales, and a 22% average increase in sales last year for all clients. Contact u s today:  10 years business experience and founder of two current businesses. + 34 93 112 67 57  Evaluated 100s of businesses and invested admi n @fr eegr eenbea ns. co m over €2 billion while an investment banker  Graduated from the Haas School of Business ww w. fr eegr eenbeans. com