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Vita journal v0608

  1. 1. VITAJUnE 2008 TRIvITA.ComInFLAMMATIOnour nation’ssecret epidemicOMegA-3FATTy ACIdSGood for yourbrain, heart, skin,joints and moreBrAInSHrInKAgeYes, it can reallyhappen fasterthan you thinkEASE INFLAMMATION & STAY ACTIVE withGREAT SAVINGS ON OMEGAPRIME sEE PAGE 11FoR DETAiLs
  2. 2. 10 Essentialsfor health and wellnessThe 10 Essentials were created to suitevery Wellness Seeker. Taking even smallsteps in each one will improve your life andwellness in wonderful ways.PHYSICAL1. Breathe DeeplyDeep breathing expels body toxinsfaster than any other means.2. Drink WaterGetting enough water provides an instantenergy boost – and you may even eat less.3. Sleep PeacefullyEstablishing a bedtime routine will helpyou sleep longer and more soundly.4. Eat NutritiouslyChoosing healthy, whole foods minimizesblood sugar swings.5. Enjoy ActivityAn active lifestyle enables everysystem in your body to work better.EMOTIONAL6. Give and Receive LoveHeart-focused, sincere and positivefeelings boost the immune system.7. Be ForgivingAs you let go of negative feelings towardothers, you will find greater peace and optimism.8. Practice GratitudeGratitude brings instant joy, buildsphysical defenses and reduces stress.9. Develop AcceptancePracticing acceptance clears your mind ofneedless anxiety, freeing you to enjoy life.SPIRITUAL10. Develop a Relationship with GodAs your relationship grows, you will enjoyall the blessings of unconditional love.Letter from TriVita’s CEOOUR NATION’S SECRET EPIDEMIC – INFLAMMATIONIt is staggering and alarming to see the growth and escalationof inflammation-related diseases in America. This is especiallydisturbing considering that we lead the world in medical scienceand spend more on healthcare than any other nation in the world.Now, my intention is not to use scare tactics in this article but tomake you aware of dangers to your health so you can make the bestchoices for good health. One reason disease continues to escalate is that our healthcare methodsfocus on the symptoms – not the causes – of disease. It is now estimated that 50% of our nation’spopulation is dealing with an inflammation-related disease.What is inflammation and how does it evolve into disease? Inflammation is a process by whichthe body’s immune system protects us from infection and foreign substances such as bacteriaand viruses. However, sometimes the immune system overreacts. This can lead to chronicinflammation. Chronic inflammation is an immune response of prolonged duration thateventually leads to tissue damage. When chronic inflammation is in an organ or in a primarybody system, it can lead to disease and a significant deterioration of health.When your body is sending you a signal that inflammation is present, it wants you to makechanges and deal with the inflamed area. Normally pain is associated with inflammation butmany types of internal inflammation are not identified by pain but by various symptoms.• Inflammation of the heart: shortness of breath, leg swelling• Stomach inflammation: constipation, irritation, gas, swelling• Inflammation of the large intestines: cramps, diarrhea• Inflammation of the kidneys: high blood pressureOver time, these symptoms can progress to serious diseases. Obesity and diabetes are twoinflammation-related diseases that don’t necessarily start with pain. In most cases they arerecognized through symptoms; when lifestyle choices are made to reduce the inflammation,the risks of the disease can be reduced. When your body is giving you a symptomaticresponse, you can make decisions to help stop the progression of inflammation.Let me give you a personal example. Several years ago I was on one of my wilderness adventuresin northern British Columbia. I love that country with its beauty and remoteness. Whilehiking above the timberline and the vast water tributaries in the valley below, I lost my waterbottle with its good pure water to quench my thirst. So rather than retreating miles back to ourcamp, I chose to drink water that unbeknownst to me was infected with bacteria. Within hoursinflammation was at work!As I returned home my symptoms did not change even though I had good water and healthyfood. As I gradually lost weight, my energy and strength deteriorated almost daily. My body wasentering a state of chronic inflammation, and my stomach tissue was being damaged. Fortunately,through the efforts of Dr. Conard and the University of British Columbia, the bacteria wasidentified and a therapy was administered.Now, think of the many things that could introduce bacteria or foreign substance into yourbody without you being aware of it. Such things can be found in the air you breathe and thefoods you eat. Please give consideration to what I am saying as it may be critical to your health.The latest statistics from Heart Screen show that 80% of illnesses are preventable and 90% ofhealthcare costs deal with preventable illnesses.2 l June 2008...when lifestyle choices are made to reduce the inflammation,the risks of the disease can be reduced.Letter from Michael Ellison continued on page 5...
  3. 3. 4 omega-3 fatty AcidsA key to the inflammation –disease connection.6 B-12 Update With dr. ConardVitamin B-12 can help slow brain erosion –and help you regain mental energy.9 not Your mother’smenopause – part IIWhat every woman needs to know.12 The Body mass Index: If It’shigh, So Is Your disease RiskWhat BMI means and how you canget it in the healthy range.15 grandparents Raisinggrandchildren; It’s AllToo CommonHelpful tips for a second roundof parenthood.16 dropping Weight andpicking Up RewardsUlonda is succeeding as an AffiliateMember referring Leanology products.VITAJOURNAL l 310 foundationalvalues10 foundationalvalues1. physician-Formulated Supplementsour physicians use their extensive health and nutritionknowledge to create proprietary TriVita supplementsbased on the latest scientific research and the healthand wellness concerns of our Members.2. patented Absorption Systemsunlike other supplements that can be difficult toabsorb, TriVita supplements are developed formaximum absorption and effect.3. Controlled Laboratory Studiessignature products from TriVita undergo medicalstudies and trials at accredited universities andmedical centers to ensure their effectiveness.4. purest natural IngredientsTriVita uses the highest-quality essential nutrientsavailable to create effective, body-friendly formulaswithout mood altering stimulantsor harmful chemicals.5. pharmaceutical-grade Qualitywe voluntarily adhere to the strict manufacturingguidelines of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).6. Third-party Testing and Certificationin addition to our own quality control, wecommission third-party testing and research toguarantee that our products are full potency andmeet all regulatory standards.7. Quality-Controlledpackaging and productionsafety is a top priority in our packaging and manufacturing;we inspect each product at least 10 times and use twosafety seals per package on all ingestible products toguarantee safety, freshness and product potency.8. dedicated to product InnovationTriVita’s commitment to science is a driving forcebehind our superior quality products, from formulationto production. Led by our Chief science officer andrenowned nutraceutical pioneers, we put the utmostcare into creating products that deliver positive andlifelong wellness experiences for our Members.9. Medical Advisory BoardTriVita’s advisory panel of Board Certified physiciansprovide us with the latest information on scientificdevelopments and testing methods.10. Complete CustomerSatisfaction guaranteewe promise to provide the best customer experiencepossible and offer a 60-Day Money BackGuarantee on all of our products.Ournaturalproductsarefoodbased.Ifyouhaveanyfoodbasedallergies,pleasereadthelabels.StatementsorclaimsinthispublicationhavenotbeenevaluatedbytheFoodandDrugAdministration.Theseproductsarenotintendedtodiagnose,treat,cureorpreventanydisease.In thisissueBroccoliburstswithhealthfulnutrients. 2420 how To Live LongerSimple lifestyle changes can add yearsto your life – and life to your years.26 Earn great Rewards WhenYou Refer Trivita productsReceive $25 Gift Cardsand cash rewards;it’s so easy!RosediscoveredabigdifferencebetweenLeanologyandotherweightlossplans. 13You can win cash prizes and a grandprize trip! Details in the July catalog.You can win cash prizes and a grand
  4. 4. trivita.com4 l June 2008You may have heard healthexperts explaining the poten-tial cardiovascular benefitsof Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Yes,they’re certainly great for your heart.Now, there’s increasing evidence thatthese fatty acids offer many otherimmediate benefits.Omega-3 fatty acids are necessarythroughout lifeWhat are Omega-3 fatty acids and why are theyconsidered “good fats?” It’s because good fatsmake your brain and heart healthy. They helpreduce inflammation, improve circulation andthe immune system, and help reduce pain.Essential fatty acids make the immunesystem work smarter, not harder. They canhelp right now by easing pain and inflamma-tion, nourishing the brain and hormones andhelping ease the inflammation that can triggerasthma and arthritis.Essential fatty acids can help your body protectagainst or help manage:• Coronary heart disease and stroke• Crohn’s disease• Mild hypertension• Autoimmune disorders includinglupus and nephropathy• Rheumatoid arthritis.Cardiovascular healthOmega-3 fatty acids have been shown to helpyour body protect against heart disease anddeath from coronary disease, especially cardiacarrest. This has been verified in hundreds ofexperiments and clinical studies.The immense health-giving power of essentialfatty acids was first observed when scientistsinvestigated the incredible good health of Green-land Eskimos. Their diets were very high in fatfrom seals, whales and fish – yet they had a verylow rate of coronary heart disease. Further studiesconfirmed that the majority of the fat thatEskimos consumed came from fish that providelarge amounts of essential fatty acids.Brain healthMany health experts believe that Omega-3fatty acids may be crucial for brain functionand that a deficiency could lead to or increasemental illness in certain people.• The blues – several studies suggest thatOmega-3 fatty acids may be beneficial inthe treatment of the blues.• Bipolar disorder – a Harvard studypublished in the Archives of GeneralPsychiatry found that Omega-3 fattyacids were effective in the treatmentof bipolar disorder.• Schizophrenia – according to a studypublished in the journal Lipids, essentialfatty acids helped reduce the severity ofsymptoms in a group of 34 patients withschizophrenia.• Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD) – preliminary evidence suggeststhat a deficiency of Omega-3 fatty acidsmay be responsible for recent high rates ofADHD diagnosis among children.An Australian study tested a combina-tion of Omega-3 fish oil and eveningprimrose oil on 132 children with ADHD.At the study’s conclusion, almost half ofthe parents reported that their children’ssymptoms had improved.While additional research is needed to confirmthe benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids and mentalhealth, some psychiatrists have already recom-mended that patients with mood disorders eatfoods high in Omega-3 fatty acids.Skin healthEssential fatty acids play an important role inthe health of our skin and can help you avoidskin rashes and infections.Skin disorders such as psoriasis have beenimproved by supplementation with Omega-3fatty acids. Psoriasis sufferers typically have moreinflammation in their skin. Omega-3 fatty acidshelp inhibit production of these inflammatorycompounds. Clinical trials have shown thatOmega-3 fatty acids can successfully assist in thetreatment of eczema. Omega-3 fatty acids havealso been known to help reduce skin blemishes.There’s another great benefit of Omega-3s – theyhelp lock moisture into skin cells, encouragingthe production of strong collagen and elasticfibers, which aid in youthful-looking skin.Joint healthNumerous reports show that Omega-3 fatty acidshelp reduce inflammation and joint pain. As youage, the constant movement of joints createswear and tear. Continual inflammation can alsocause joint damage. Essential fatty acids providelubrication for the joints as they move againsteach other. This reduces the wear that can occurat these joints and helps reduce inflammation.Omega-3FATTY ACIDSIt’s amazing what one supplementcontaining essential fatty acids cando to help protect your brain, heart,skin, joints and more!
  5. 5. VITAJOURNAL l 51-800-991-7116This means that there are things we can do to help prevent the deterioration of ourhealth. It is time for us to think outside the box as to what is causing this escalation ofinflammatory diseases.Let’s briefly look at how the foods we eat could trigger inflammation. If we ate meatthat was tainted with E. coli or chicken tainted with salmonella we would ingest a foreignsubstance that would create an inflammatory condition. What if you ate farm-raisedsalmon – thinking it was good for you – and the pellets that fed that salmon were fullof pollutants? What if you were eating turkey, chicken or beef that was full of hormones?What if the vegetables you ate were contaminated with pesticides?Obviously we cannot be hermits, but we can be more aware of the things in the worldaround us that are contributing to inflammatory diseases. You may be thinking, “Michaelthat is an interesting point, but what can I do about it?” There are several things you cando that will make a significant difference:1. Understand that fat cells are like a storage warehouse in our bodies for toxic foreignsubstances. By reducing your body fat, you actually cut down on the storage capacityof these foreign substances.2. Exercise can improve circulation and the lymphatic cleansing of the unwantedforeign substances.3. By supplementing with OmegaPrime, which is an inflammation fighter, you canhelp reduce inflammation.4. By eating organic vegetables and free-range meats, you can reduce your exposure.Although we are just scratching the surface of this subject, hopefully you will be inspiredto at least consider the dangers and understand that there are things you can do to loweryour risk of chronic inflammation.TriVita is committed to helping each person achieve greater wellness so they may fulfilltheir important life purposes.Pursue health and wellness with passion and purpose!Michael R. EllisonP.S. We want to wish all fathers a happy and healthy Father’s Day!P.P.S. COMING SOON... TRIVITA’S ANNIVERSARY SWEEPSTAKES –Your chance to win BIG prizes! Look for details in your upcoming July catalog.I’m interested in your opinions and concerns. Email your feedback to ceocareteam@trivita.comor mail TriVita, PO Box 13565, Scottsdale, AZ 85267, attention: CEO Care Team.Letter from Michael Ellison continued from page 2...The best foods for Omega-3fatty acidsfatty fish, including:Note: salmon, tuna and halibut should be eatenin moderation, because they may contain largeamounts of mercury and toxins.plant-based foods, including:The American Heart Association recommendsthat healthy people and those at risk, or whohave, heart disease take .5 to 1.8 grams ofOmega-3 daily. It may be difficult for you toget all the essential fatty acids you need fromfood sources.• Salmon• Mackerel• Tuna• Herring• Halibut.• Ground flaxseed• Flaxseed oil• Canola oil• Soybean oil• Walnuts• Leafy greens• Tofu.Scientifically-formulatedTriVita OmegaPrimehelps fight inflammationand painWhen we developedOmegaPrime we set out tocreate nothing less than thebest essential fatty acidsupplement available. I believe we have succeeded becauseour blend of essential fatty acids is of the finest quality tosupport vibrant good health.• Contains all four premier essential fatty acids inprecise proportion: Omega-3 fish and flaxseed oilsand Omega-6 evening primrose and Perilla seed oil.• Perilla seed oil helps:• Reduce inflammation in airways and thedigestive track• Reduce frequency and intensity ofasthma/allergy symptoms• Protect against sinus inflammation andstomach bloating common with allergies.• OmegaPrime is fortified with twice the Vitamin E ofother formulas to protect and preserve the molecularintegrity of the fatty acids.• Delivers a balanced daily serving of essential fattyacids in two soft-gel capsules.• Scientifically-formulated for increasedabsorption and maximum potency.Go to page 11 to get startedon OmegaPrime today.Brazos MinshewTriVita Chief science officer
  6. 6. trivita.com6 l June 2008scott Conard, M.D., is the founder of TienaHealth,an organization of medical doctors in primary carepractice who emphasize healthy lifestyles to maintainwellness. Dr. Conard is considered a national experton disease prevention. TienaHealth also conductsclinical trials.scott Conard, M.D.Founder, TienaHealthHowever, if your age is creeping up to40, 50 or 60 then you have reason to beconcerned if:• Your memory is starting to slip• Your agility, coordination and balancemay be off• It’s harder for you to focusand concentrate• Your attention span is shorter• Your concentration is scattered• It’s more difficult for you to startor sustain a conversation• Your handwriting is becoming sloppyor illegible• You are starting to wonder whetheryou are getting dementia.If one or more of these is happening to you,it could be the result of brain erosion. Brainerosion means that the brain actually erodesor shrinks. Can the brain really shrink? Yes itcan! The human brain may lose from 10 to 25percent of its total volume due to the effectsof stress.That’s scary enough, but now brain erosionis happening to people at a much younger agethan in the past. Statistics from the 1970sand 1980s found brain erosion only in peopleover 50. However, a major study conducted byWashington University (St. Louis, Missouri)detected brain volume loss as early as age 30.Researchers also discovered that this brainvolume loss often leads to dementia.People under the age of 30 may also losecognitive function as a result of asthma,ADHD, allergies, digestive issues or diabetes.These medical issues can result in a muchlower B vitamin absorption rate. That meansthe brain is literally “starving” for the rightkind of nutrition. B vitamins, especially B-12,are so important because they help increasethe effectiveness of other essential nutrientslike Omega-3 fatty acids.Why are we seeing this dramatic change overa few decades? Stress and its damaging effectson our bodies is a major reason. Stress maycome from the pollution in our environment,lack of nutrients in our foods, the accumulationof small and large injuries that we carry withus, the relentless expectations that we placeon ourselves and the pressure of other people’sexpectations of us.Stress places such a demand on us that itovercomes our body’s ability to cope. Brainerosion is one result. How can you tell if yourbrain is shrinking?You may initially have a nagging feeling thatyour mental performance is starting to slide –that you are no longer at your peak. When thishappens, it’s easy to feel frightened, depressedor frustrated, thinking that your mental abilitiesare slipping away. But don’t despair or lose hope,because there is a lot you can do to slow andeven repair brain erosion.by Dr. Scott Conard, M.D.B-12 updateB-12 updateB-12 is the key to reclaiming your mental energyBrain erosion can startas early as age 30Brain erosion can startas early as age 30Most everyone has “senior moments.” You’ll be talking with someone andsuddenly you can’t remember your best friend’s name or the movie you sawlast night. These are fairly commonplace occurrences for people as they ageand nothing to worry about as long as they don’t happen very often.
  7. 7. sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic AcidB-12 Flavors: original Berry,Cinnamon, Strawberry, variety packNon-Member $24.99Member $19.99Redeem with 200 VitaPointsNomorePainfulandExpensiveB-12shots.Why have satisfied customers purchased over10 million boxes of dr. alfred libby’s original,patented formula – sublingual B-12?results show – it works!dr. Libby’s Originalpatented FormulaVARIETYPACK STRAWBERRYVARIETYPACKCINNAMONORIGINALBERRYVARIETYPACKCINNAMONSTRAWBERRYVARIETYPACKCall TOLL-FREE to order 1-800-991-7116or visit us at trivita.comFor best results, take Sublingual B-12 daily.1-800-991-7116Vitamin B-12 is the answerYour brain may be lacking some of the essential building blocks it needsto thrive – especially B-12 or Omega-3 fatty acids. This lack can cause yourbrain volume to shrink. But Vitamin B can help protect against this. Thiswas confirmed by a University of Illinois study which stated that peoplewith greater B-12 intake were also able to maintain greater brain volumefor a longer period of their life.So, how eager are you to do whatever it takes to improve brain fitness nowand help protect against much worse problems like dementia from developing?I know I’m dedicated and that’s why I’m such a strong believer in B-12supplementation. Based upon research studies, it should begin as earlyas age 30. While there’s nothing that’s going to stop you from havingan occasional “senior moment”, you should feel heartened to know thatVitamin B-12 is readily available and easy to take.Now’s the time to turn back the clock on brain erosion. Don’t lose anymore brain cells to poor nutrition, stress and bad habits. Reclaim yourmental energy, ease irritability and slow brain erosion with Vitamin B-12.suCCEss sToRiEs“trivita sublingual B-12 saved my life...”“A year ago, I returned froma trip to see my daughter.As soon as I turned on thetelevision, there was a programpromoting TriVita SublingualB-12 tablets. I’d been anemicmost of my life, so it reallycaught my attention. I quicklyordered two boxes, one forme, and one for my 86-year-old dad, who was getting a B-12 shot at the doctor’s office the nextmorning. I asked the doctor about them and he said that he had seenmuch success with sublingual tablets, so I knew I was on the right track.My dad has Parkinsons disease which affects his gait, and the next dayhe fell and fractured the top of his tibia, under the kneecap. He was inthe hospital for three weeks.The day my dad was released from the hospital, we found out that myhusband had prostate cancer, and had robotic surgery a month later.Three weeks after his surgery, my mother was taken to the ER in septicshock and she passed away shortly after.I still work full time and sleep every night at my dad’s so that he canstay in his home. I take a Sublingual B-12 tablet every day and with allthe family’s medical problems I would have folded a long time ago ifit wasn’t for the B-12. It has allowed me to keep going at 60, andI tell everyone that I can about how TriVita Sublingual B-12 saved my lifeat a time when I needed it most.”– JoettA D. SHerwooD, ArBy placing our B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid supplement under yourtongue, TriVita sublingual B-12 is directly absorbed into yourbloodstream where it can be used quickly.• sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid absorbs through theveins under your tongue for fast B vitamin delivery• As early as age 30, B-12 deficiency can lead tobrain shrinkage• After age 40, your ability to absorb B vitamins beginsto diminish• Your brain needs B vitamins to function properly• if you are deficient in B vitamins, you could be agingprematurely and becoming more susceptible to disease
  8. 8. trivita.com8 l June 2008By addingthese nutri-tious foods toyour diet, you cango a long waytoward reducinginflammation –as well asimproving youroverall health.Inflammation: immune systemsgone wild!Inflammation is your immune system’s responseto damage. This damage can arise from trauma,stress, genetic abnormalities, metabolic disordersand a host of other sources including bacterial,viral or parasitic infection. Certain lifestylechoices can also contribute to inflammation:poor diet, stress, overweight, a sedentary lifestyleand smoking. Inflammation can cause redness,swelling, heat, pain and loss of function.Perhaps while cutting vegetables the knifeslips and cuts your hand. The inflammatoryresponse immediately moves into action.White blood cells rush to the scene of thedamage and begin to destroy the damaged cells,while sending out chemical signals that call formore help. That’s when unstable moleculescalled free radicals are released. Free radicals,now considered key players in many diseases,start to attack the damaged area with indiscrim-inate zeal, destroying some healthy cells in theprocess. This new damage leads to yet anotherround of inflammation.And that’s where the trouble begins! Thisdamage to healthy tissue can lead to a viciouscycle of chronic inflammation. Chronic inflam-mation has been linked with heart disease,arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, strokes, certaintypes of cancer and more.Lifestyle choicesThe first step you can take to help reduceinflammation is to eliminate some of thebehaviors that can contribute to it:1. If you smoke, quit. This is the numberone preventable cause of death!2. Practice stress management techniquessuch as deep breathing to help manageyour stress load.3. Simply being overweight can increaseinflammation. Start a sensible diet andexercise plan – it will help with inflamma-tion and your overall sense of health andwell-being.4. Exercise at least 30 minutes per day, threeto five days per week.5. Cut out unhealthy food choices – some ofwhich can actually contribute to inflam-mation. Some examples are:a. Trans fats – read all food labels so youcan avoid trans fats and any otherhydrogenated oilsb. Refined carbohydrates – avoidprocessed starchy foods such as whitepasta, rice and breadc. Processed foods – if possible, removeall these health-stealing foods fromyour diet.A healthful diet to the rescueA wholesome diet and supplementation can neverbe overemphasized. This is especially true when itcomes to fighting inflammation. Make these anti-inflammatory foods a staple in your diet:• Omega-3 fatty acids – Omega-3 fattyacids are well-known for their inflamma-tion-fighting benefits. Include thefollowing rich sources of Omega-3 fattyacids in your diet:o Salmon o Mackerelo Sardines o Flaxseed.o Walnuts• Vitamin C – this vitamin has been shownto reduce inflammation and is found in awide variety of fruits and vegetables:o Strawberries o Orangeso Grapefruit o Kiwio Green peppers o Tomatoeso Broccoli o Brussels sproutso Kidney beans o Kale.o Papaya• Bing cherries – cherries have been shownto reduce inflammation, especially thatassociated with arthritis• Blueberries – blueberries have becomefamous for their health-enhancing anti-oxidant properties• Turmeric – turmeric is a spice commonlyfound in curry, and contains the anti-inflammatory compound, curcumin• Grapes – grapes contain quercetin,a bioflavonoid with antioxidant andanti-inflammatory effects.The foods you eat can help defeat inflammationFind out which foods pack ananti-inflammatory punch!
  9. 9. VITAJOURNAL l 91-800-991-7116Bone loss and osteoporosis riskAccording to the National Institute of Arthritisand Musculoskeletal and Skin Disease, meno-pausal women begin to lose bone at an esti-mated rate of three to five percent per year. Thisis because estrogen levels drop – and estrogenprotects bone. The good news is that osteoporo-sis is highly preventable. You simply must makehealthy lifestyle choices.• Get plenty of Vitamin D and calcium.The National Osteoporosis Foundationrecommends that women over 50 get1,200 mg of calcium and 800–1,200 IUof Vitamin D daily.• Exercise for at least 30 minutes onmost days. Weight-bearing exercise isespecially important and has beenshown in studies to strengthen bone.Plus, exercise has been shown to helpreduce the symptoms of menopause aswell as improve mental well-being.• If you smoke, stop. Nicotine and otherchemicals are toxic to your bone cells.• Avoid excessive alcohol.• Get a bone density test. Your risk factorswill determine at what age you shouldget tested. Talk with your healthcareprovider about your individual needs.If you have been diagnosed with bone loss, visittrivita.com to learn more about TriVita BoneBuilder, proven to rebuild bone!Weight gain: It’s not inevitable!It is true that many women gain weight duringthe menopause years. However, you don’t haveto accept this as inevitable! As you age, yourmetabolic rate tends to slow down. Most peoplecontinue with their same eating patterns, whichresults in weight gain.This is where you will have to take special care.You may need to reduce your caloric intake andexercise more. Plus, make sure what you are eat-ing constitutes a well-balanced diet. Be sure toinclude plenty of fiber, whole grains, fruits andvegetables. Keep saturated fats to a minimum.Exercise 30 minutes per day, most days ofthe week. Also, try to fit exercise into yourdaily activities:• Park far away from entrances to banks,grocery stores, etc.• Take the stairs instead of the elevatorwhenever possible• Turn off the television and take a walkaround the block• If you work at a desk all day, stand up atleast once an hour; do some stretchingand take a short walk.Menopause and sexualityThere is a common misconception that meno-pause negatively affects your sex life – every-thing from reducing your interest in it, to evenstealing your ability to perform. Although thereare physical changes at menopause that canchange your sex life, it certainly doesn’t have tospell the end of it!Menopause and the accompanying drop inestrogen can result in vaginal dryness and painduring intercourse. However, a study out ofthe New England Research Institute and theUniversity of Massachusetts Medical School,Worcester, found that diminished hormonesdo not necessarily affect a woman’s interest insex. Rather, lack of interest has more to do withgeneral health and social factors.Medications, stress and other health problemscan all affect libido. Discuss any fears andworries with your partner. Age can also affectmen’s sexual drive and performance. Together,you can discover new sexual experiences thatwill satisfy you both.A different kind of menopauseDon’t let menopause – or the fear of it – controlyour life. Take control by arming yourself withthe knowledge you need to help minimize symp-toms and keep yourself healthy and happy. Un-like menopause experienced by women decadesago, this can be a time you look forward to: youare an empowered woman, and you are readyto roar!MENOPAUSE!Bone loss, weight gain and sexualitynoT YoUR moThER’SpArT II OF II
  10. 10. Bad FatSaturated fats – Saturated fat is bad fat. These fats are solid atroom temperature and do not turn rancid easily when exposed toair. Saturated fat is guilty of raising blood cholesterol levels, whichput you at greater risk for stroke and heart disease.Food sources: Animal products.Ugly FatTrans-fats – Trans-fat is the biggest threat to your health, andas many as 40% of foods in a grocery store include trans-fat. Trans-fat is found in virtually every cookie, cracker and pastry available,as well as being used heavily in restaurant and fast food cooking.You are most likely to find it on an ingredient label as a “partiallyhydrogenated” vegetable fat (e.g. soybean oil, etc.). To help foodsstay fresh on grocery shelves, or to create a solid fat product suchas margarine, food manufacturers hydrogenate – add hydrogen to –polyunsaturated oils. Fortunately, since January 2006, the Food andDrug Administration has required that food labels show the trans-fatcontent, making it easier for us to avoid it.Trans-fatty acids raise “bad” cholesterol levels and lower “good”cholesterol levels, which raises the risk of heart disease.Food sources: Cookies, crackers, french fries, donuts and commer-cially fried foods.Trimming the FatTo avoid the unhealthy fats, you should:• Severely restrict intake of packaged baked goods like cookiesand pastries• Eliminate commercially fried foods (like french fries) asmuch as possible• Reduce the amount of animal products you eat• Use 1% or skim milk instead of whole milk.To get more healthy fats into your diet:• Eat more fish, such as salmon and tuna• Use olive oil for cooking• Try a handful of nuts in place of a sweet snack.Remember, too much fat of any kind can be unhealthy. Realize,too, that just because a product is labeled “low fat,” does not meanit is low in trans-fat. It is always better to go with unprocessed food,and shop for fresh produce instead.It’s not easy to get the skinny on fats. There is a lot ofinformation out there to sort through. Which fats aregood, bad or ugly? What foods contain these fats? Whatshould you be eating regularly, occasionally, or not at all?Use this guide to trim the fat off all you have heard.trivita.com10 l June 2008Good FatUnsaturated fats – good fats that lower bad cholesterol or raisegood cholesterol – are found in many forms. Unsaturated fats are thegood fats. They are either monounsaturated or polyunsaturated. Whileunsaturated fats can lower your blood cholesterol level and offer otherhealth benefits, you should moderate your fat intake because all fatscontain more than double the calories of proteins or carbohydrates.Monounsaturated fats – oils made from this fat are liquid atroom temperature, but begin to get solid when refrigerated. Mono-unsaturated fat lowers blood cholesterol when used in place ofsaturated fats.Food sources: avocados, olives and peanuts; and canola, almond,hazelnut, peanut and olive oils.• Omega-9 is a monounsaturated fatty acid that converts to oleicacid. High consumption is linked to reduced incidence of breastcancer and heart disease.Food sources: flax, olive, evening primrose and borage oil.Polyunsaturated fats – oils made from this fat are liquid atboth room temperature and refrigerator temperatures. These fats turnrancid when combined with oxygen. Polyunsaturated fat also lowersblood cholesterol when used in place of saturated fats.Two important polyunsaturated fats are Omega-3 and Omega-6 fattyacids, which come mostly from fish sources. Both are essential fattyacids (EFAs), which means the body does not naturally producethem; they must be derived from foods.• Omega-3 makes the blood less likely to form clots that causeheart attacks, protect against irregular heartbeats that can causesudden death, and lower blood pressure.Food sources: salmon, lake trout, herring, sardines, mackerel,albacore tuna, nuts, green leafy vegetables; and safflower, flax, corn,canola and sunflower oils.• Omega-6 is also known as Linoleic acid, which is turned intogamma-linolenic acid (GLA) by the body. It reduces choles-terol, improves the effects of insulin and improves effectivenessof the immune system.Food sources: evening primrose, borage and black currant oils.fats:the good, thebad & the ugly
  11. 11. 70% of how you age is directly linked to your lifestyle – learnhow you’re doing, and where to make improvements.Are you looking forward to your golden years as a time to enjoy all life has to offer? Maybe you planto spend time with grandkids, travel, get involved in your community, or enjoy a new hobby. Thegood news is, about 70% of how you age is directly linked to your lifestyle.Take our Healthy Aging IQ quiz and discover if you know what it takes to enjoy vibrant health foryears to come! Circle True or False for each question below.Answers:IfyouansweredTruetoalloftheabovequestions,you’reright!Chancesaregoodyouhaveafirmgrasponwhat’shealthyforyouandwhat’snot.Ifyoumissedtwoorthree,takeacloserlookatthoseareasinyourlifetoseewhereyoucanmakeimprovements.Ifyoumissedhalformore,youmaywanttomakeanappointmentwithyourhealthcareprovidertobesureyouunderstandexactlywhathealthrisksyouarefacing–andwhatyoucandoaboutthemtoday!IQ?IQ?WHAT’S YOURhealthy aging1-800-991-7116TriVita uses only the highestquality essential fatty acidsfrom natural sourcesomegaprime™#30520Non-Member $22.99Member $17.99Redeem with 180 VitaPointsContainsPerillaseed oilCall 1-800-991-7116or visit us at trivita.com1. Four of the five top killers in America – heart disease, cancer, diabetes and stroke –are all strongly linked to diet, so it’s vital to eat a healthy, balanced diet. True False2. older people and those following restrictive diets have an increased risk for vitamindeficiencies and can benefit from daily nutritional supplementation. True False3. Checking your skin regularly for any noticeable changes can help you detect possibleskin cancers early, and may save your life. True False4. it’s important to have annual physical exams and other medical screening tests, especiallyafter the age of 40, to help prevent and detect potential health threats. True False5. Exercise, at any age, can help strengthen your heart and lungs, lower your bloodpressure and improve muscular strength. Age-related bone loss can also be lessenedwhen the activity is weight-bearing. True False6. You can avoid constipation and reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease by drinkingeight glasses of water and getting plenty of fiber every day. True False7. Breathing deeply is key to good health and the detoxification of the body. in fact, about75% of body toxins are eliminated through deep breathing. True False8. seven to eight hours of sleep each night is critical to your health. sleep deprivation isassociated with premature aging, free radical damage, sexual dysfunction and depression.True False9. High blood pressure, smoking, obesity and a lack of regular exercise all increase the riskof heart disease. True False10. staying socially involved and participating in mind-stimulating activities, such asreading, playing strategy games like Chess or working crossword puzzles, will helpyour mind stay young and alert. True False11. As you age, your thirst sensation diminishes and you may not feel the need to drink as youshould. so, it’s important to make certain you’re drinking enough water. True False12. Drinking excess amounts of alcohol and smoking both significantly raise your risk forosteoporosis and other debilitating diseases. True FalseBuy 2get 3rdomegaprimeFreegood through 6-30-08limit 2 specialsper householdand nourish yourheart, brain, skin,glands and jointsHelp ReduceHarmfulInflammationVITAJOURNAL l 11• Reduce inflammation – help cleanup sinuses and reduce infection• Protect circulation – promote HDL(good cholesterol), and help lowertriglycerides and bad cholesterol• Help reduce pain – in joints andinflammation while increasing flexibility
  12. 12. trivita.com12 l June 2008What is BMI?Body Mass Index (BMI) – most people have heard about it, but veryfew people know what it really means. BMI is a number calculated froma person’s weight and height. It is considered by many healthcare profes-sionals to be a reliable indicator of body fat for people. And, it’s also aninexpensive and easy-to-perform screening tool that may help indicatepossible weight-related health problems.How BMI is usedBMI is a measurement tool, not a diagnostic one. Just because you have ahigh BMI doesn’t necessarily mean you should be alarmed. To determineif excess weight is a health risk, a healthcare professional may use otherassessments, including:• Skinfold thickness• Diet• Level of physical activity• Family history and other appropriate health screenings.Calculating BMI is easyWith BMI, you don’t need to be a math genius to quickly assess weightand obesity. You only need to calculate height and weight. This makesit an inexpensive and easy tool for clinicians and the general public.Use the following chart to find your BMI:BMI reliability as an indicator of body fatThe relationship between the BMI number and body fat is fairlystrong; however the correlation varies by sex, race and age. Look forthese variations:• At the same BMI, women tend to have more body fat then men• At the same BMI, older people on average have more body fat thanyounger adults• Highly trained athletes have a high BMI because of increasedmuscularity, instead of increased body fat.Higher BMI = higher disease riskStatistics clearly indicate that higher BMI reading often means obesity.Obesity also increases your risk of getting a disease. So, by lowering yourBMI readings you will improve your chances for good health.If your BMI is between 25 and 30, you should seek ways to lower BMI usingdiet and exercise.A BMI reading over 30 indicates an unhealthy condition. You may beat risk for serious medical problems. A change in your diet and exerciseprogram is strongly encouraged.* Ideal Body Weight is based on mathematics and may vary for individuals based onmuscle mass and/or other factors.BMIHeight(inches)Normal Overweight Obese91 96 100 105 110 115 119 124 129 134 138 143 148 153 158 162 16794 99 104 109 114 119 124 128 133 138 143 148 153 158 163 168 17397 102 107 112 118 123 128 133 138 143 148 153 158 163 168 174 179100 106 111 116 122 127 132 137 143 148 153 158 164 169 174 180 185104 109 115 120 126 131 136 142 147 153 158 164 169 175 180 186 191107 113 118 124 130 135 141 146 152 158 163 169 175 180 186 191 197110 116 122 128 134 140 145 151 157 163 169 174 180 186 192 197 204114 120 126 132 138 144 150 156 162 168 174 180 186 192 198 204 210118 124 130 136 142 148 155 161 167 173 179 186 192 198 204 210 216121 127 134 140 146 153 159 166 172 178 185 191 198 204 211 217 223125 131 138 144 151 158 164 171 177 184 190 197 203 210 216 223 230128 135 142 149 155 162 169 176 182 189 196 203 209 216 223 230 236132 139 146 153 160 167 174 181 188 195 202 209 216 222 229 236 243136 143 150 157 165 172 179 186 193 200 208 215 222 229 236 243 250140 147 154 162 169 177 184 191 199 206 213 221 228 235 242 250 258144 151 159 166 174 182 189 197 204 212 219 227 235 242 250 257 265148 155 163 171 179 186 194 202 210 218 225 233 241 249 256 264 272152 160 168 176 184 192 200 208 216 224 232 240 248 256 264 272 279156 164 172 180 189 197 205 213 221 230 238 246 254 263 271 279 287Body Weight (pounds)5859606162636465666768697071727374757619 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35Here’s another good reason to pay attention to your BMIA comprehensive study indicates that abdominal fat boosts dementia riskAccording to a large study, a potbelly in middle age more than triples the riskof senility decades later. The connection between obesity and cognitive declinehas been studied for years. Researchers with the Kaiser Permanente Divisionof Research in Oakland, CA recently reported that people who were fatter inmiddle age were as much as 74% more likely to develop dementia when theybecame senior citizens.This study looked specifically at belly fat, to see if it was a risk factor for peoplewho were not otherwise considered overweight. The study examined 6,583Kaiser Permanente healthcare plan members between the ages of 40 and 45who had their abdominal fat measured in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Theresearchers recently followed up to see what happened when these same peoplereached their 70s and beyond.Approximately 16% of those studied developed dementia. Researchers foundthat obese people in their 40s with the most abdominal fat were 3.6 times morelikely to develop dementia than those with the least amount of abdominal fat.Researchers also noted that the roots of dementia develop years before itbecomes obvious, so a positive change in belly fat now could create a bigbenefit late in life.Find out how to lower yourBody Mass Indexand reduce serious health risksIt’s easy to estimate your body fat
  13. 13. leanology™nutritional shakeFlavors:Dutch Chocolate #30620,Creamy Vanilla #30630,Mixed Berry #30640Non-Member $56.99(15 shakes per 2 lb bag)Member $44.99Redeem with 450 VitaPointsleanology™Weight loss Capsules #30610Non-Member $37.99Member $29.99Redeem with 300 VitaPointslose weight the healthy, natural wayLeanology Weight Loss Capsules• Contain ConvertaTM, a proprietary blend of naturalingredients found exclusively in Leanology• Converta actually converts stored fat into energy• Just take two capsules twice daily with mealsLeanology Nutritional Shakes• Enjoy these delicious, nutritionally balanced shakesas a meal substitute once or twice daily• Several delicious flavors to choose from• Shakes are packed with protein, healthy carbs, fiber,vitamins and mineralsVITAJOURNAL l 131-800-991-7116Many women can relate to Rose’sweight story. It’s called havingchildren and not being able toget the extra weight off.“After my last child I never returned to mypre-pregnancy weight,” Rose says. “Plus, as I gotolder, even more weight seemed to stick. I wasdiscouraged, depressed and embarrassed by myincreased weight.”Rose attempted several weight loss programs –with little success. She would lose some weightand then eventually put it all right back on.“I was frustrated because I didn’t have lastingresults,” she says. “It seemed hopeless. The verythought of denying myself food actually mademe more hungry. I felt totally defeated.”Her road to success began in January 2007when she organized a weight loss contest withother members of her family. Rose started outmodestly until she bought the Leanologycapsules and shakes – and then the poundsreally started peeling off.“Over the next five months, I lost 30 morepounds,” she says, “and I have managed tokeep it off ever since.”Rose also discovered another big differencebetween Leanology and all those other weightloss programs. With many of them, weightloss from diet and exercise is 78% from fatand 22% from lean body mass. Leanology isclinically proven to burn up to 132% more bodyfat and actually puts back on 32% lean bodymass – the good stuff.Rose loved the taste of the mixed berry shakesand the convenience of the Leanology capsules.She had more energy to do the things sheenjoys – such as walking and bike riding. Roseis also a big believer in TriVita’s 10 Essentials forHealth and Wellness – especially drinking water,eating nutritiously and enjoying activity to loseweight, but her favorite life-long pursuit hasbeen #10 – to develop a relationship with God.She eventually did win the weight loss contestwith her family members, but only because shefound and started Leanology. According toRose, “Leanology was an excellent investmentin my health, my energy levels and in myemotional outlook on life.”“I’m truly thankful to the Lord for getting mein the program and helping me lose weight.”“I really likethe new me!”Rose reached for Leanology when shedecided to get serious about losing weightLeanology is stimulant-free, easy to follow and it works!BEFoRE
  14. 14. Enjoy the flowersof summerAdd Some COLOR To Your LifeSummer flowers are in bloom! And there’s no better way to enjoy a summer evening than sipping iced tea onthe porch, surrounded by the beauty and fragrance of a summer garden. From petunias and vincas to zinniasand sunflowers, there are a variety of summer flowers that will keep your garden a kaleidoscope of color.Although it may be too late in the season to plant certain bulb flowers, there are still opportunities forsummer blooms. But there’s no time to waste! Get your summer garden in as soon as possible.1. Find out which USDA Plant Hardiness Zone you live in; this will determine the type of flowers thatgrow best in your neck of the woods. You can find this information on online gardening Web sites,in gardening books or at your local nursery.2. If you’re a beginning gardener, a trip to the nursery will prove invaluable. Gardening books will alsocome in handy but consulting with someone about your particular setup will make a big differencein your gardening success.3. Pay close attention to planting and watering instructions. You’ll need to know how deep to plant theseeds/plants, how far apart to plant them, how much sun they should get and how often they shouldbe watered.Tips for keeping summer gardens in tip-top shape• Put down a thick layer of mulch to help keep the soil cool, retain water and reduce weeds.• Deadhead flowers – this means removing the bloom when it begins wilting to make wayfor new growth.• Fertilize after deadheading flowers.• Keep an eye out for pests; they love the summer weather. Avoid harmful pesticides,however. There are many online gardening sites that can give you tips for healthypest control.• Don’t forget to water! You’ll have to be extra careful in the summer to ensureyour flowers get the water they need. Try to water during the coolest part ofthe day as water will mostly evaporate in warmer temperatures.If you love summer flowers but simply don’t have a green thumb, visityour local florist. You’ll be able to boast beautiful blooms all summerlong – without lifting a finger!• Aster• Verbena• Dahlia• Amaranthus• Cockscomb• Tithonia• Agapanthus• Begonias• Gladiolus• Iris• Calla Lily• Dahlia• Canna• Geraniums• Snapdragonstrivita.com14 l June 2008
  15. 15. More and more grandparents, in fact millionsof them, have a new and often unexpectedcareer – that of primary caregivers for theirgrandchildren. What is causing this trend? Anincreasing number of parents are either unable orunwilling to raise their children. Another reasonis the divorce epidemic. Sometimes grandparentsare the only ones available with the maturity,resources and stability to step in and shoulderthe burden of raising their children’s children.U.S. Census figures from 2000 show that 2.4million grandparents are singlehandedly raisingtheir grandchildren. A large number of themhave been doing it for five or more years.Most grandparents would agree that parent-ing grandchildren is completely different fromparenting their own children. These “secondtime around” parents may feel unprepared tohandle today’s challenges relating to custody,child care, access to services, medical careand everything else. You’ll find some helpfulresources in this article.dealing with the emotional issuesGrandparents are often thrust into the caregiverrole because of a volatile family situation. And,after children are separated from their parents,they may be angry with Mom and Dad, confusedby their absence and divided in their loyalties.Children may also feel they can’t show affectionto their grandparents in front of their parents, orvice versa – without hurting one of the adults.Because of the emotional complications ofthe children, grandparents may be uncertainabout how to discipline them. The children arealready having a difficult time and the grand-parents may feel that discipline will make themfeel even worse. On the other hand, grandparentsmay try to overcompensate by setting overly rigidboundaries or becoming over-protective.Here are some simple ways for grandparents tobuild a trusting bond with younger grandchildrenand help them adjust to this big change intheir lives:• Set a good example. Work out disputes bynot using hurtful words and by definitelyavoiding aggressive behavior and violence.• Offer lots of love and support. Children feelsafer being with people they love and trust.• Follow a routine. Change is usually upset-ting for young children. If they know whatto expect they will feel both safer and morein control of their life.• Help them express their feelings. Youngchildren often lack the words to describehow they feel and may need your help to puttheir feelings into words. Some grandparentsfind a “feelings or emotions poster” useful –it presents a range of simply-drawn facessuch as sad, happy, scared, neutral, etc. Thechild then simply points to the face thatreflects how they are feeling inside. Manyschools have these, and they are availableon the Internet.• Encourage friendships. Children will feelmore emotionally grounded if they havebonds of friendship, both with children theirown age and their siblings.• Assign chores so the child will feel helpful.Connect with other grandparentsfacing similar issuesThe American Association for RetiredPerson’s (AARP) National GrandparentInformation Center provides a listing ofrelevant support groups.• Visit www.aarp.org and click on the“family” tab.• Go to the grandparent’s section and clickon the Grandparent Information Center.• Go to the GIC Database and enter a zipcode in the online search to find resources,support groups and public assistance optionsin your area.Tips for grandparents raising grandchildrenBecoming a parent againBecoming a parent againVITAJOURNAL l 151-800-991-7116enjoy the warmdays ahead!Get quick and lasting energy withthe Two-Step Energy SystemTwo-step energy systemTMOne box energy now! andOne box Sublingual B-12B-12 Flavors: original Berry, strawberry,Cinnamon or Variety PackNon-Member $56.98Member $39.99Redeem with 400 VitaPointsSubstitute HCy guard for B-12 and add $4.00#32690.02Non-Member $61.98Member $43.99Redeem with 440 VitaPointsNote: If you have PKU or are taking MAO inhibitors, do not takeEnergy Now.To order call 1-800-991-7116or visit trivita.comORIGINALBERRYVARIETYPACKCINNAMONSTRAWBERRYSublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic AcidThe B vitamins in TriVita Sublingual B-12, B-6& Folic Acid provide nutrients essential to ahealthy brain and nervous system, whichproduce “feel-good” energy. SublingualB-12’s original, patented sublingual deliverysystem ensures maximum absorption of thehighest quality natural ingredients that helpto produce lasting energy.energy now!The nutrients in scientifically-formulatedEnergy Now! help your body generate a burstof natural, non-jittery energy within minutes.SAVE $16.99over non-memberprices
  16. 16. trivita.com16 l June 2008Ulonda’s journey from regular Membershipto Affiliate Membership is a tale worthrepeating. It is a tale of product success,easy referrals and future hopes. And it’s a taleothers might find valuable to follow.Four years ago, Ulonda became a Member whenshe started taking three different TriVita prod-ucts – TriVita Sublingual B-12, Vitamin C andVitaDaily AM/PM. She also got her husband onthis same regimen to better his health. This wasquite a feat, she says, because her husbanddoesn’t like to take pills of any kind. Today,Ulonda and her husband still take three prod-ucts each, except that they switched fromVitaDaily AM/PM to Daily Women/Daily Men.Over the years, Ulonda hadn’t really givenmuch thought to stepping up from regularmembership to Affiliate Membership. But allthat started changing as her Leanology resultsmaterialized. Ulonda began taking it in June2007, and it only took her three months toachieve her desired weight of 145 pounds – aloss of 27 pounds. This was a welcomingsurprise because Ulonda had tried manydifferent weight loss programs in the past, but,as she says, “They just would stop working aftera point and I couldn’t lose any more weight.With Leanology, however, I could just keeplosing weight – I’m really sold on it.”Ulonda’s success with Leanology led her tobecoming an official Affiliate Member. She says,“What happened was, other women would see Ilost weight, and then come up to me to ask aboutit.” Ulonda adds, “I wasn’t an Affiliate Memberafter referring Leanology to the first woman whoasked me about my weight loss. But then I sawan advertisement in one of the publications,and decided to check it out. I went to TriVita’swebsite, read about the programs, and chosethe Affiliate Membership because it was free.”That was in January 2008.ulonda showshow makingreferrals is bothrewardingand easyFROM DROPPING WEIGHT TO“If you like the product,you can refer it to peoplewho need it, and then youget paid for it.”– Ulonda
  17. 17. VITAJOURNAL l 171-800-991-7116It was good that she did sign up becauseUlonda has now referred a total of six womento TriVita with Leanology. Five are relatives:three sisters, a sister-in-law, and a niece. Thesixth is a woman from church. What’s so goodabout all this is that Leanology is working forthese women, too. Ulonda says, “Two of mysisters lost 20 pounds each, and my other sister,while losing only 7 pounds so far, is still pleasedbecause she’s losing inches. Plus, my laterLeanology referrals, to my sister-in-law andniece, have lost 15 pounds each.”One of the great things about Leanology is theway it helped Ulonda lose weight and reshapeher body.“Leanology has helped me lose inches every-where – I’ve lost 25 inches total. But it hasespecially helped me lose those stubborn inchesaround the abdomen, which up until now, wasimpossible to do. My improved figure is one ofthe things other women are noticing.” In fact,several women from church noticed the changesand approached Ulonda. She ended up referringthree more women to TriVita for Leanology. Atthis time they haven’t bought yet, but Ulondahas high hopes.Ulonda uses the 10% Discount Referral Cardswhen making the referrals. She says, “When Ifirst signed up, I downloaded the online ReferralCards, then printed them up and passed a fewout. Later, along with my cash rewards checks, Ialso got booklets of these cards and now I usethem, too. I just write in my ID number andhand them out.” As for the $25 Gift Cards shegets for referring others to TriVita, Ulonda usesthem to help pay for her favorite products sheorders each month.Right now, Ulonda is a stay-at-home mom. She’sraising several children, with her youngest stillnot in school. “Being at home all day long limitsmy chances for talking to people,” she says,“except for when I go to church. But once myyoungest starts school next year, I’ll be able to goout more in public and make more referrals.”Asked why she likes doing these referrals,Ulonda says, “If you like the product, you canrefer it to people who need it, and then you getpaid for it.” Then she adds with a chuckle, “It’sreally not a lot of work.”Believing in the product is crucial andUlonda really believes in Leanology. Abouther own progress, she says, “After reachingmy desired weight in October, 2007, I wentinto the plan of just maintaining it. Then inMarch, 2008, I started up again and now I’velost another five pounds.”Interestingly enough, she also reports, “Myniece had a problem with cholesterol, and sincestarting on Leanology, her level has dropped100 points.” Asked if this remarkable drop wasdue to Leanology or to some other medication,Ulonda replied, without missing a beat, “Myniece says it just has to be Leanology becauseshe doesn’t like taking medications, and isn’ttaking anything for cholesterol.”Ulonda also likes TriVita Sublingual B-12 for herhusband. She says, “My husband says he can’tfunction without it. If he stops taking it, hereally feels it.”Much of Ulonda’s initial referral success camefrom a reactive mode – women noticed andapproached her about her great weight loss andbody-reshaping results. But now Ulonda hasstarted acting proactively, too. “There was thiswoman at church who had several medicalproblems, including being overweight anddiabetic,” she says, “so I referred Leanology toher. She needs the help, and it felt good referringthis product I believe in so strongly to someonewho could benefit from it.”Referring is working out so well for Ulonda thatshe sees a future where she might even sign up tobecome a Business Affiliate. Her feeling is, “Ifyou really believe in your product, referring it toothers is easy.”uLOndA’S reFerrIng MeTHOd:ulonda worked on herselfand lost weight with Leanology.she made one Leanologyreferral. Then, after seeing anad in a TriVita publicationabout earning rewards forreferring, she went to the TriVitawebsite, read about the program,and signed up to be an Affiliate Member.she also downloaded and printed outReferral Cards.ulonda basically followed thestrategy, “if you build it, they willcome.” Due to her slimmer newlook, others came to her andasked how she was losing weight. shethen referred them to TriVita andLeanology, and gave them a ReferralCard containing her iD number.she received a $25 Gift Cardfor each new referral ($125 totalfor five people). she receivedmonthly cash rewards checks,and new Referral Card booklets to use.in the future, ulonda won’t justwait for others to come to herabout her weight loss success.instead, when it’s appropriate, she’s going toproactively offer the good news about TriVita’sLeanology to others struggling with weight problems.Affiliate member highlightsname and Location:ulonda P.Marianna, FLOccupation: Age 41,married, full-time home-maker, with three youngerchildren and one older one.Favorite products: TriVitasublingual B-12, Vitamin C,Daily women, Leanologyreferring Stats: AffiliateMember since January2008. Referred 10 people toTriVita for Leanology. sixhave purchased.12345Ulonda, before Leanology.do you have a great referring story to share?Call us at 1-800-693-4083 or email your story to story@trivita.com
  18. 18. Bromelain and cat’s claw may help inflammationNew York, New YorkA clinical study has indicated that the enzyme bromelain has a much higher success rate than many prescriptiondrugs in treating inflammation and pain. Most of the people in this study who took bromelain reported less painand were discharged from the hospital sooner than those who took prescription drugs. These same patients alsoexperienced fewer side effects. The results of several other studies showed that bromelain has been effective inreducing inflammation from arthritis or sports injuries.Cat’s claw, an herb that grows in South America, not only enhances the functioning of the immune system, butalso has been found to reduce inflammation. Several studies have indicated that cat’s claw may help people witheither rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.TriVita’s OptimaFlex has both bromelain and cat’s claw. See page 19.Omega-3 fatty acids show promise in treating arthritisFort Lauderdale, FloridaClinical trials have examined the effectiveness of Omega-3 supplementation in a variety of inflammatory andautoimmune diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, lupus and migraine headaches. In somecases, patients who supplement with Omega-3 have been able to reduce reliance on anti-inflammatory drugs forrelief from painful symptoms.Experts have noted that Omega-3s are excellent at lowering inflammation. These fats actually “crowd out” excessarachidonic acid – an immune system compound that promotes pain and inflammation. Studies have shown thatwhen Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are balanced, much less arachidonic acid is produced. Fewer of thesecompounds in circulation usually results in less inflammation. See page 4 for more on Omega-3 fatty acids.Exercise may ease menopause symptomsNew York, New YorkA new study suggests that regular brisk walks may help improve the mental well-being of menopausal women.Researchers discovered that middle-aged women who exercised regularly had lower stress levels, anxiety anddepression during menopause than those who didn’t exercise regularly. These findings, published in theMedicine and Science in Sports and Medicine Journal, add to the body of evidence that physical activity benefitsboth mental and physical health.The study included 380 Philadelphia women who were 42 years old and premenopausal at the beginning of thestudy. After eight years, 20% were menopausal and another 18% were in the late transitional phase. The research-ers discovered that menopausal women who had exercised at moderate to high levels had lower stress levels thaninactive women. Postmenopausal women who exercised regularly had lower stress levels and suffered less fromanxiety and depression symptoms.The latest Scientific research that affects you, your health and your lifeResearch and focustrivita.com18 l June 2008
  19. 19. summer’s here. That means it’s time to laceup the hiking boots and head for the greatoutdoors! But first you need to figure outwhere you’re going. whether you’re lookingfor a gentle urban stroll or a rugged, fend-for-yourself hike, there are a number of waysto find the trail that’s just right for you.Online resourcesThe internet is a great tool for finding hikingtrails. A simple internet search will pull up sitesthat include all the information you’ll need toget started. Plus, you may even find a localhiking club to join.if you’re ready to embark on a hikingvacation, consider researching the nationaltrail systems on the u.s. Forest service website: www.fs.fed.us. You’ll find information onnational scenic Trails such as the AppalachianTrail (2,144 miles from Maine to Georgia) andnational Historic Trails such as the Lewis &Clark national Historic Trail (3,700 miles fromillinois to oregon).Maps and booksMaps and books are the best sources of trailinformation. They tell you everything you needto know, including:• Topographic information• Trail length• Points of interest• Picnic areas• Restroom facilities• Trailhead parking information.Plus, maps are easy to come by. Here are just afew places where you can find them:• Bookstores – visit your nearestbook store. often, they will have anentire section devoted to hiking mapsand books.• outdoor gear retail outlets – manyretailers that specialize in outdoor gearalso carry trail maps. Here you will findwaterproof, tear resistant maps. Plus,this will give you the opportunity toshop for anything you might need totake on your trip!• public library – an often underutilizedresource is the public library. Visit yourlocal branch – they are sure to carrybooks and maps that you can check out.VITAJOURNAL l 191-800-991-7116Feelyounger,bemoreactiveandincreaseflexibilitywithOptimaFlexCALL 1-800-991-7116 and help fight joint pain with OptimaFlex!• helps your body reduceinflammation & pain• helps increase jointhydration• helps your body repairconnective tissueoptimaFlex –30ct Box #30580Non-Member $87.99Member $69.99Redeem with 700 VitaPointsoptimaFlex – 30 1-scoopserving Tub #30590Non-Member $74.99Member $59.99Redeem with 600 VitaPointsSummer hiking season is here!Summer hiking season is here!fInd ThE TRAIL ThAT’S RIghT foR YoUfor more information on optima products, go to optima4golf.com
  20. 20. DeliciousBerryFlavorReduce the damaging effects ofstress • Promote mental calmness• Improve physical staminaThe only way to knowhow wonderful you’ll feelis to try itDISCOVER theamazing effects ofAdaptogen10 PlusTMAdaptogen™ 10 Plus16 oz ea #30550Non-Member $31.99Member $24.99Redeem with 250 VitaPointsAdaptogen 10 Plus™3 oz 10 pack #33116Non-Member $59.99Member $49.99Redeem with 500 VitaPointsAdaptogen 10 Plus™ 3 oz(3 servings) Travel Bottle#30555Non-Member $5.99Member $4.99Redeem with 50 VitaPointsCall 1-800-991-7116 today20 l June 2008Simple waysthat can add years toyour lifeAdd one yearGet a pet – or if you have one, play with itSo many positive things happen when youinteract with your pet. Your blood pressure andstress levels drop – while your mood-boostinghormone oxytocin rises.A less stressed out heart is a healthy one. Anddog owners have an added advantage: they walkmore often and cover more distance. One studyfound that heart attack victims who own dogs areeight times more likely to survive an attack thanpeople without pet dogs.Add two yearsExerciseAccording to the Framingham Heart Study,walking just 30 minutes a day can lengthen yourlife. Regular exercise helps you burn calories andmaintain a healthy weight. It also helps protectagainst everything from type 2 diabetes and heartdisease to high blood pressure and stroke.Weight training two to three times a weekcan also be an important part of your exerciseregimen. Your muscles and bones weaken withage; weight lifting can help reverse this and keepyou strong well into your 80s and 90s.Add three yearsLose weightYour body mass index (BMI) measures bodyfat based on height and weight. It may alsoaffect how long you live. Being overweight(a BMI of 25 to 29.9) can take three years off yourlife. Being obese (a BMI of 30 or higher) may costyou seven years. Those extra poundscould raise your risk of heart disease, diabetes,high blood pressure and other life-shorteningdiseases. A BMI range of 18.5 to 24.9 is con-sidered healthiest. See our chart on page 12to calculate your healthy weight.Add six yearsFloss regularlyThe very same bacteria that cause periodontaldiseases such as gingivitis also trigger an immuneresponse that can cause arteries to swell, whichconstricts blood flow and increases plaque depos-its. It also may increase your risk of cardiovasculardisease. Routine daily flossing combined withregular brushing after meals, will help protectagainst these problems.Add seven yearsPositive outlookAccording to Yale University researchers, anoptimistic attitude increases life span by at least7.5 years. That’s because a positive outlook boostsyour body’s immune system, which allows it tobetter handle the destructive effects of stress. So,it makes sense to keep looking on the brighterside of life.Add eight yearsStop smokingResearch shows that smokers who quit by age 35live about six to eight years longer than peoplewho continue smoking. Kicking the smokinghabit lowers your risk of developing many deadlyconditions, including lung cancer, heart disease,stroke, chronic bronchitis and emphysema.Remember, while you may have limited controlover your genetics, you have lots of control overdifferent lifestyle choices that can add years toyour life − and life to your years.
  21. 21. There are 108 boys born in the USA for every 100girls. Yet, by age 5 the numbers are about even forboys and girls. By age 65 the numbers are signifi-cantly different: 235 women for every 100 men.There are several causes of this disparity. The firstis genetic.That pesky “y” chromosome!Genetically, men have one “X” chromosome andone “Y” chromosome. Women, meanwhile, havejust two “X” chromosomes. These chromosomesare literally shaped like X’s and Y’s. If you look atthe X and Y shapes, you can see the Y is missing aleg when compared to the X. As a result, womenhave eight regions of genetic material to rely on,but men have only seven. The gene pool that helpsa body resist disease is smaller for men than forwomen. And the smaller size also means that menhave a lower number of disease-protecting genesin total.So, men need to take better care of themselves,and not neglect the gifts of life and health.Beyond genetics – other risks for menRisky lifestyleWhen we look at health risks, men tend to engagein more risky, dangerous behaviors and generallylive more hazardous lives than women. Men tendto smoke more, drink more and don’t wear theirseatbelts as often.Poor dietMen also eat fewer vegetables. Yet, men need thenutrients and antioxidants from fruits and vegeta-bles even more than women. Why? Because mentend to be bigger. The average man needs nineservings of vegetables and fruit every day to pro-vide the antioxidants necessary to reduce disease.If you are bigger than average, you need even morefruits and vegetables.Lung cancerThe most prevalent form of lethal cancer in menand women is lung cancer, which is primarilycaused by smoking. To help prevent this type ofcancer, stop smoking.Colon and prostate cancerThese two cancers are the second and thirdleading causes of death by cancer in men. Theykill roughly 40,000 men in the U.S. every year.Leading physicians and health policy experts tellus that these deaths are mostly preventable. That’sbecause the incidence of colon cancer is reducedin those who routinely eat a high fiber diet or takea fiber supplement daily. This is another reason toeat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Besides all theantioxidants, they are also very high in fiber.Obstructive sleep apneaAnother killer of men is sleep apnea. Obstructivesleep apnea (OSA) kills nearly as many men asdoes colon cancer and prostate cancer – just under40,000 per year.Obstructive sleep apnea often occurs in conjunc-tion with obesity. The more obese a person is, themore likely they are to have OSA. You can tellif a person is at risk for OSA because they snoreloudly. Many heart attacks and strokes that occurduring sleep are caused by OSA. It is also the mostcommon trigger in congestive heart failure.Over 60 years of accumulated data clearly indicatesthat proper lifestyle choices are the best remedyagainst early death and disability in men.Genetics are a two-way street. Men definitelyhave a genetic disadvantage compared to women.But, this doesn’t have to mean an early deathsentence. Knowledge is very empowering. Bymaking proper lifestyle choices and followingTriVita’s 10 Essentials for Health and Wellness,men can live longer, healthier lives, too.VITAJOURNAL l 21Healthy AgingMen – find out how to increase your longevitydon’t let genetics prevent you from living a healthier, longer lifeGreat Father’s Day Savings!Save $5 on Daily Men – no limit through 6-30-08• Whole food concentrates contain sevenclasses of nutrients• Safeguard prostate and urinary tracthealth with Saw Palmetto, StingingNettle and Beta Sitosteroldaily Men#33071Non-Member $24.99Member $19.99 Now $14.99SAVe$5OndAILyMenSTOCK up – nO LIMITOffergoodthrough6-30-08
  22. 22. trivita.com22 l June 2008Everyone has experienced loneliness at one time or another; whether itwas loss of a loved one through death or divorce or simply a feeling ofloss when the kids move away. Loneliness is a state of mind and a part ofeveryday living, times when you may feel abandoned, dejected or simplylost. Being alone on the other hand is a state of being – of being solitaryor independent on your own. It’s important to realize that just becauseyou are alone, it doesn’t mean you must be lonely or lonesome.Just as a wound takes time to heal, the emotional pain felt by someonewho has experienced a loss may be felt for a long time. While it is truethat you may always miss the person or the thing that was lost, it doesn’tmean that you must suffer permanent loneliness. Many times, older menwho are retired are less likely to have close friends and are thrown intodespair after losing their spouse. It may be harder for them to connectwith the outside world when their whole life has been wrapped aroundthat person. The same could go for many older women who find them-selves alone and feeling lonely because they have spent much of theiradult lives caring for others. If you are in one of these positions, beingpatient with your emotional healing and remaining hopeful enables youto learn to move ahead.Build a timetableLearning to schedule your time is crucial when it comes to being alone.Buy a journal and make lots of notes in it. Write down your feelings, yourdreams and desires. Give yourself some short and long-term goals. Thishelps you put a “method to the madness.”You may go through a transition stage before you’re ready to adapt tothe new you, but there is support out there. In time, you will evolve,and you’ll find you can be very comfortable in your own skin – with orwithout anyone around.Don’t worry about the “what ifs”Interestingly enough, there is an increasing trend toward single living –in adults of all ages. Whether you’re widowed, divorced, or single, there isavailable support for you. You’ll need to keep reminding yourself that youhave the energy, enthusiasm and interest to give and to receive. While itmay not be easy, you will go on to thrive once again. Keep in mind thatGod is with you all the time. You may ask yourself, “What if I’m alonethe rest of my life?” “What if this pain I’m feeling never goes away?”“What if, what if, what if?...” You may not ever be able to answer all the“what ifs” in life, but knowing that God is with you all the time assuresyou that He has all the answers you’ll ever need.Doesn’t Have toMean LonelinessCoping with despair and lonelinessBeing Alone
  23. 23. your body, His Temple1 Cor. 6:19-201-800-991-7116Although Father’s Daywas June 15th thisyear, and most likelypassed by the time youreceived this month’sVitaJournal, I couldn’tlet the month go bywithout acknowledgingfathers across NorthAmerica. “Father,”“Dad,” “Daddy,” “Pop” –these are words many of us may have used at onetime or another regarding our fathers. I know inmy own life, I called mine “Daddy” up until hepassed away. Even as an adult, I was always“Daddy’s little girl.”Growing up in a home with loving parents issomething I am very thankful for, and yet Irealize that’s not always the case for many. Thereare many people who never knew their father orif they did, they might prefer they never knewhim. I’ve heard horror stories about men andwomen who were physically, emotionally orsexually abused by their fathers. My heart goesout to them, as I couldn’t imagine my own fatherdoing anything that would be hurtful to me ormy siblings.With all the broken homes that exist in our dayand time, there are many offspring, especiallygirls, who wind up seeking out male approvaltheir entire lives, simply because they didn’treceive it from their own father. This is very sad,and you often see these women migrating fromrelationship to relationship simply to find thatone man who approves of them and makes themfeel special. The really sad part is that approvalfrom another human being is never going to besufficient. People are just that – human – andthey will always let you down.The only approval that matters isgod’s approvalYes, it’s awesome to have a loving earthly father,but for those who don’t, I offer hope in sharingwith you the love of the Heavenly Father. I amreminded of the scripture in Matthew 7:11 –“If you then, being evil, know how to give goodgifts to your children, how much more willyour Father who is in heaven give good thingsto those who ask Him!” So many people pictureGod sitting in heaven – distant, angry and readyno Greater Love“Dad, your guiding handon my shoulder will remainwith me forever.”– Author Unknownby Pam Knox, Guest WriterThis father’s day, experience perfect love from the “perfect father“Steps to help you in your walkwith god1. get a Bible and read it daily.2. Begin to put time aside daily to“talk to god.”3. go to a place of worship that encour-ages you in god’s Word.4. Share your decision with aclose friend.VITAJOURNAL l 23PHOTOS: PAM KNOX’S FAMILY, 1955-1959to smote them with a big lightning rod. Thisperception has been misrepresented over thecenturies, distorting God’s true image. The Biblesays that God is love – pure love. He wants tolavish His love on you, not because you deserveit, but just because He made you.Connect with your Heavenly FatherYou may have had or currently have awonderful relationship with your father, andif he is still alive, this is wonderful news! Alongwith a relationship with God, nurturing familyrelationships is important to your health –physically, emotionally and spiritually. If you’veeither lost a father or never knew yours, Iencourage you to reach out to your HeavenlyFather and establish or re-establish a relationshipwith Him. There is nothing except a personalrelationship with God that can fill the void oflove and acceptance that we are all born with.This month, we honor fathers across NorthAmerica, but in doing so, I also askthat you seek your Heavenly Father, forHe is standing there with open arms readyto receive you – just the way you are. Hisunconditional love is yours for the asking.on my shoulder will remainThis month, we honor fathers across Northwith me forever.”– Author UnknownVITAJOURNALVITAJOURNALVITA l 23PHOTOS: PAM KNOX’S FAMILY, 1955-1959
  24. 24. trivita.com24 l June 2008Broccoli: The king of vegetables! This member of the cabbage family isbursting with healthful nutrients that have been shown to help protectagainst everything from cancer to heart disease. A recent study evensuggested that broccoli may help boost aging immune systems. And,broccoli may help lower the possibility of prostate cancer, especiallywhen eaten with tomatoes.Broccoli is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. But,if you overcook it, you won’t get the health benefits; overcooking canleach the nutrients right out of it. A study in the Journal of the Scienceof Food and Agriculture found that steaming broccoli is the best way topreserve its nutrients; microwaving is the worst way to prepare it.Broccoli was developed from wild cabbage in ancient Roman times.It made its way to the U.S. in colonial times, brought over by Italianimmigrants. However, its popularity didn’t really start to grow untilthe 1970s. By 2005, Americans were eating 5.6 pounds of broccoli percapita every year!When choosing broccoli at the store or farmer’s market, look for firmstalks and florets that are tightly closed and green.Probably the only bad thing you’ll hear about broccoli is that it can beodiferous when cooked. But don’t let that deter you from enjoying thishealth-enhancing, delicious treat!Spice up your steamed broccoli!Toss with:• Olive oil and lemon zest• Italian dressing.Dip in:• Low-fat saucesof your choice.Eat your broccoli!Get the most out of this powerhouse vegetableFresh pickTomato-Broccoli SaladDirectionsCut broccoli into bite-size florets. Steam broccoli for one minuteor until bright green. Pour broccoli into colander and rinse in coldwater; drain well. Cut tomato into small slices and combine withbroccoli in bowl. Toss with dressing.2 medium tomatoes • 1 bunch of broccoli • Vinegar and oil dressingIngredientsChicken and Broccoli CasseroleDirectionsPreheat oven to 350°F. In 9 x 13 casserole dish, layer chicken,broccoli and one cup of cheese. In separate bowl, combine soup,mayonnaise and lemon juice. Pour into casserole dish. Top withcheese and bake 20-30 minutes.Ingredients4 cooked chicken breasts, diced2 bunches steamed broccoli2 cans low-sodium cream ofchicken soup1 ½ C low-fat mayonnaise1 T lemon juice1 ½ C grated cheddar cheese
  25. 25. 1-800-991-7116Our environment means everything to us – it’sthe land we live on, the air we breathe and thewater we drink. Think of it this way – the earth islike a spaceship, traveling through the universe,with its own self-contained environment. Now, ifwe ruin that environment, we’re stuck with thedamage we’ve done. That’s why we must all takepersonal responsibility for the environment.The good news is that all of us can dosomething to improve it. Many waste materialsare renewable, which means they can be usedagain. For example, we can recycle bottles, cansand other items. Cardboard and paper are alsorecyclable. This means that fewer trees areneeded to make paper products.Plant waste in gardens can be saved in a woodor wire frame or a plastic bin. It eventually willdecompose and then be used as compost to helpfertilize new plants.Here are other ways to help create acleaner environment:In THe HOMe• Clean or replace air filters in yourhome monthly• Lower the thermostat on your waterheater to 120 degrees• Turn off lights even when leaving aroom for a short time• Set your refrigerator temperature at 36oF to38oF and your freezer at 0oF to 5oF• Clean the lint filter in your dryer after everyload so it uses less energy• Use a microwave whenever you can insteadof a conventional oven or stove• Wash clothes with warm or cold waterinstead of hot• Use compact fluorescent light bulbs to savemoney and energyIn THe yArd• Use an electric lawn mower instead of agas-powered one• Leave grass clippings on the yard – theydecompose and return nutrients to the soil• Minimize pesticide use and use a minimalamount of fertilizer• Water grass early in the morning instead oflater in the dayprOTeCT THe AIr• Lower your fireplace’s air pollution by usingseasoned wood (it burns cleaner thangreen wood)• Don’t use your wood stove or fireplacewhen air quality is poor• Use less gasoline by purchasing radial tiresand keeping them properly inflated• Also, join a carpool or vanpool to getto workuSe LeSS WATer• Check and fix any water leaks in yourfaucets, toilets and other plumbing• Install water-saving devices on all faucetsand toilets• Don’t wash dishes or brush teeth with thewater running continuously• Wash and dry only full loads of laundryand dishes• Install a low-flow shower head• Replace old toilets with new ones that useless waterprOTeCT THe WATer• Replant or mulch cleared, bare soil as soonas possible• Never dump anything down a storm drain• Inspect and pump out your septictank regularly• Check your car for oil and other leaks, andrecycle motor oilCreATe LeSS TrASH• Buy products that you can reuse• Maintain and repair durable productsinstead of buying new ones• Reuse items like bags and containerswhen possible• Shop with reusable canvas bags instead ofalways taking new paper and plastic bags• Use rechargeable batteries for frequentlyused devices• Compost your vegetable scrapsOver 30 suggestions were presented above, and ifyou just do a few of them, you’ll be really helpingour planet. What’s more, you’ll be helping futuregenerations and saving money, too.This reusable bag has plentyof room to carry everythingyou need when you are onthe go.• It has the look, feel, strengthand quality of cloth• Stitched side seams andbottom gusset• Tear resistant• Water repellent• made from recyclablematerialsCALL1-800-991-7116TO PLACE YOUR ORDER ANDREQUEST YOUR FREE TRIVITA TOTE BAGHelp improve the environmentAnd SAVe MOneyVITAJOURNAL l 25By following some of these tips, you won’t just feel good –you’ll save money, tooAsk for yourFREE TRIVITATOTE BAGwhen you place yournext order – whilesupplies lastLimit 1 per householdNot available with web orders.
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  28. 28. “My energy level increased, my sharpmemory returned and the dizzinesswent away.”“I was diagnosed with severe anemia and myhemoglobin count was very low at 9.0. I felt dizzy,foggy and did not have the energy to make itthrough the day. I was wondering, ‘Where has myelephant memory gone? What’s happening to me?’One day, I did an online search for new solutions andI found TriVita’s website. I was impressed by what Isaw. I ordered two boxes of TriVita SublingualB-12 immediately. The product arrived just threedays after I placed the order. It was well packed andI was impressed with the customer service and thefast shipping. After I started taking the product backin October 2007, I noticed my energy level increased,my sharp memory returned and the dizziness wentaway. My hemoglobin count is up to 11.6 and Iexpect that count will soon rise to the normal figureof 12 as long as I keep taking TriVita Sublingual B-12.Thanks TriVita, I love your product, and I stronglyrecommend that everyone should add SublingualB-12 to his or her daily vitamin intake.”– Alice L. San Antonio, TX“Energy Now! is the reason I can do whatI can do.”“I’ve had chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) for overtwenty years. I went to every doctor and tried everymedication in the world trying to find relief, andnothing worked. I kept trying to find something tohelp me through the day.Then I saw one of your TV programs and gotTriVita’s Two-Step Energy System, includingSublingual B-12 and Energy Now!. I’m 62 yearsold and care for my mother. With CFS, I have weak-ness, pain in all of my joints and very little stamina.On bad days I also have blurred vision, mental fog,and I’m so weak I can’t hold up a paperback book.Energy Now! is the reason I can do what I can do. Itgives me energy and stamina. I just thank God forit. I take two in the morning and another one a littleafter lunch. But I’d tell anyone to play it by ear andadjust individually-sometimes I’d need just one inthe morning or I’d have to take two in the afternoon.But I want everyone with chronic fatigue to knowthat Energy Now! really helps me.”– Virginia C. Lexington, MS“Now that I take TriVita Sublingual B-12 thetrembling has left me, and I get up bouncing!”“For years I had suffered with a weak trembling plussoreness in my back each morning. Now that I takeTriVita Sublingual B-12 the trembling has left me,and I get up bouncing! I am alert and ready to takeon any chores. I’m the oldest person in my apart-ment complex, and I find myself helping the otherresidents. I am 89 years old, live on my own and doall of my own cleaning. My friends and neighborsare amazed that I never have colds and other healthproblems. I have the energy to write history booksby hand. I wrote my first book in 1982; it was on myfamily history. I’m working on my fifth book now. Ihaven’t slowed down! My 72 year old daughter hasbegun taking Sublingual B-12, too. I have noticedthat both her strength and attitude have changedfor the better.”– Lottie S. Georgetown, TXReal Stories from real peopleSee what Members like you have to say about TriVita products!Go to page 26 to find out howyou can earn free productsby sharing your wellnessexperience with others.“I have lost a lot of body fat and feelmore energetic.”“I decided to try Leanology after attempting otherdiets which didn’t work for me. I wasn’t focusedenough to follow any one diet.I found that Leanology shakes keep me fully satisfiedfor 3 ½ to 4 hours. I also like the taste of the Leanologyshakes and spice them up with frozen strawberries and other fruits. I takethe Leanology capsules along with my meal or snack. My body shape is moredefined and my clothes fit better.I have lost a lot of body fat and feel more energetic. My wife has also had a lotof success with Leanology.”– Norf. F. Pointe Claire, QC“…my triglycerides were cut in half. I wasthrilled with the results, and so was my doctor.”“When I saw my doctor he said my cholesterol was alittle high and that he wanted me to take Lipitor. I did,and after 30-40 days I went in for a follow-up test. Mycholesterol did go down, but so did the good choles-terol, and my triglycerides didn’t change at all. I did alittle online research and decided that I wasn’t comfort-able taking any statins, so I asked my doctor if I could stop the Lipitor. He thensuggested I take fish oil to help control my cholesterol. So that’s when I triedTriVita OmegaPrime. I took OmegaPrime religiously for 30-40 days beforemy follow-up test. When I got my results back, I learned that my total choles-terol was under 200, my good cholesterol was over 80 and my triglycerideswere cut in half. I was thrilled with the results, and so was my doctor. He hasn’tmentioned Lipitor since! It’s sad that so many people are taking statins andspending so much money, when there is a natural alternative that works. I telleveryone about OmegaPrime.”* – Alice H. Denton, TX*You should consult with a healthcare provider before starting any diet, exercise or supplementationprogram, before taking any medication, or if you suspect you might have a heart problem. You shouldnot stop taking any medication without first consulting your healthcare provider.trivita.com28 l June 2008