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_____________________       trust services partners       _____________________          © Market Engel, 2010.   market.en...
Gambling Compliance (www.gamblingcompliance.com) provides world class critical Regulatory,     Financial and Legal informa...
Hipay (www.hipay.com) is a financial institution issuer of electronic currency, registered CBFA     Belgium with a Europea...
_____________________          trust services partners       _____________________  regulation                            ...
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Market engel online gaming trust services partners

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Market Engel online gaming trust services partners enable operators to streamline their go-to-market strategies and comply with newly regulated market requirements in the most timely, cost-efficient and confidence manner.

Market Engel partners specialize in online gambling regulation compliance, law, finance, certification, audit, trust architecture, hosted managed services, secure payments, players' acqusition and enrolment, audience measurement, marketing, communications, advertizing performance and news...

Market Engel partners notably include Gambling Compliance, Ulys, Asensi Abogados, Largiliere-Finance, GLI, On-X, Dictao, Continent 8, Colt, Legigame, Gran Via Online, Hi-Pay, Wexpay, Tagattitude, Mediametrie, EyeView, Zaostratecrea, Awedacity, iGaming France and IGA Magazine.

To know more, write to market.engel@free.fr or call Frederic Engel at +33 6 13 42 38 98.

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Market engel online gaming trust services partners

  1. 1. _____________________ trust services partners _____________________ © Market Engel, 2010. market.engel@free.fr +33 6 13 42 38 98
  2. 2. Gambling Compliance (www.gamblingcompliance.com) provides world class critical Regulatory, Financial and Legal information to over 800 users in 44 different countries who operate in the Gambling Industry. Gambling Compliance clients range from online and land–based operators, lotteries, manufactures, law firm, technology / software, payment providers, financial and advisory firms and regulators. Contact: Sean Farrell, Business Development Manager, +44 20 79 21 99 80, sean@gamblingcompliance.com Ulys (www.ulys.net) is a modern and human law firm, dedicated to innovation. Its Media, Gaming & Entertainment department advises a broad range of players: land-based casinos, international online gaming operators, TV channels... The firm has acquired a unique experience over the last decade in gambling and gaming laws on a European level. Together with Santiago Asensi (Asensi Abogados, Spain), DR. Wulf Hambach (Hambach & Hambach Law Firm, Germany), Justin Franssen (Van Mens & Wisselink N.V.), and Quirino Mancini (Sinisi Ceschini Mancini & Partners), Ulys co-founded the portal http://www.gaminglaw.eu and edits http://www.droit-technologie.org Contact : Thibault Verbiest, Attorney at law, Paris and Brussels Bars. +33 1 40 70 90 11. Thibault.verbiest@ulys.net Founded in 2005, Largillière Finance (www.largilliere-finance.com), specialized in merging and acquisition, has developed a thorough competence in the i-gaming and i-gambling sector, in France and abroad. Its team covers every step of the merging & acquisition deals, fundings and financial engineering processes (LBO, OBO, …) for the management teams, shareholders and investors. They advise a large number of operators in their application to obtain license agreements in France and abroad. Doc: http://slidesha.re/gyFewy Contact : Paul Bougnoux, Associate. +33 1 46 10 07 96. Paul.bougnoux@largilliere-finance.com For more than 20 years, Gaming Laboratories International (www.gaminglabs.com) has been the world leader in providing independent testing, inspection and certification services to the gaming industry. With 15 laboratories spread across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America, GLI is the only global organization of its kind to hold U.S. and international accreditations for compliance with ISO/IEC 17025, 17020 and Guide 65 standards for technical competence in the Gaming industry. GLI offers independent third party evaluation and certification of Gaming technology, devices and systems in addition to providing network and information security assessments. Contact : Filippo Ferri, Director of iGaming Development, +44 75 27 87 36 96 F.Ferri@gaminglabs.com The ON-X Group (www.on-x.com) has the ability to support online gambling operators in all technical fields throughout their application for accreditation, namely : Security Maturity, Front End (sensor/capteur + secure vault), Gambling Platform and Gambling Software. Following the accreditation process, ON-X offers continuous support to its customers, (fulfillment of ARJEL requirements, processes & information systems, achievement recurring audits, vulnerability & compliance, assistance in implementing ARJEL reporting devices).They trust ON-X: Betnet, BWIN, EOG, France Pari, Partouche Gaming, Itecsoft, Playtech, ZEturf France. Doc: http://slidesha.re/dGFDWo Contact : Edouard Despointes, Business Development Director, + 33 40 99 29 45. edouard.despointes@on-x.com Dictao (www.dictao.com) provides online gambling operators with a turnkey trust solution that enables operators to comply, across Europe, in a timely and cost-efficient manner, with national online gambling authorities’ technical requirements. Amongst other services, Dictao trust solution guarantees the traceability and the secure storage of gaming data, provides player authentication and facilitates players’ registration. The solution is available as a ‘hosted compliant service’ or on a pure ‘software license’ mode. Doc: http://slidesha.re/ihPxWE Contact : Grégory Kuhlmey, Project Director. +33 1 73 00 26 81. gkuhlmey@dictao.com. Continent 8 Technologies (www.continent8.com) provides state-of-the-art co-location and managed hosting services to the online gaming industry. Continent 8 customers benefit from its continued investment in advanced data centres, high quality networks and online technologies. Continent 8 has multiple centres of excellence around the world including Isle of Man, France, Malta, Singapore and Kahnawake, Montreal, and provides truly global service capability to our clients regardless of geography. Doc: http://slidesha.re/hU7Vta Contact: Peter Williams, Business Development Director, +44 16 24 69 46 08 peter@continent8.com LegiGame (www.legigame.net) offers a turnkey solution to outsource players ID, address & bank details verification process, accordingly to regulatory requirements. LegiGame provides a full service from proof documents reception to validation, including follow-up messages and secure archiving. With fast track integration and no set up fees, LegiGame outsourcing solution lets online gaming operators get direct access to other innovative LegiGame solutions for players acquisition. Doc: http://slidesha.re/hRXHJZ Contact : Hervé de Kermadec, Director. +33 6 26 30 94 96. hdk@legigame.com© Market Engel, 2010. market.engel@free.fr +33 6 13 42 38 98
  3. 3. Hipay (www.hipay.com) is a financial institution issuer of electronic currency, registered CBFA Belgium with a European agreement. Hipay provides all domestic payment methods for each European country. Bettors can charge their account by fund transfer, international credit card – visa, mastercard, maestro- domestic payment methods, Multibanco/Payshop, Bancontact / Mistercash or payment buttons : ING, KBC/CBC, Dexia on line, Fortis, electronic funds transfer like iDeal, giropay, sofort. Hipay limits fraud and charge back risk thanks to a very powerful anti fraud system and is compliant with the 3D Secure protocol. 7 different currencies are available to avoid fee on foreign exchange. (Euro, USD, CAD dollar, Australian dollar, GBP, SEK, Swiss Franc.). Hipay provides bettors with the means to transfer automatically a part of the transaction amount to partners. In France, Hipay complies with all ARJEL requirements. Contact : Fabienne Lefebvre, commercial director. +33 (0)1 73 03 89 98. flefebvre@hi-media.com Wexpay (www.wexpay.com) enables online gamers to pay by cash. To pay, gamers exchange cash for coded notes (numeric cash) through a national network of local kiosks or press stands. Wexpay is a simple, universal, secure and anonymous method of payment, a valid alternative to credit cards. Originally designed for e-commerce, Wexpay offers operators unique assurance levels against risks of fraud, cancellation and repudiation, as well as protection for minors. The solution integrates seamlessly with operators’ payment platforms, including Atos, payline, paybox and ogone. It benefits from an e-money issuer certification (EME) from the Banque de France and complies with ARJEL requirements. Contact : Jan Zizka, founder and President, +33 (0)1 46 08 01 17. j.zizka@wexpay.com Tagattitude (www.tagattitude.fr/en) specializes in mobile payment and security technologies applied to eCommerce, eBanking and eEntertainment applications and services, including online gambling. Tagattitude enables the use of all existing mobile phones worldwide as payment tools and authentication devices for secure access to online gambling accounts, wallets and CRM communications services. Tagattitude uses the mobile phones audio channel to transmit secure transaction data and makes contactless payment solutions possible for millions of online gamblers and bettors. Contact : Herve Manceron, COO, +33 (0)1 39 23 13 41. herve.manceron@tagattitude.fr Mediamétrie (www.mediametrie.fr) created in 1985 has developed its Television, Radio, Cinema, Internet and New Media activities in France and abroad. The aim of the French inter-professional company is to ensure audience and performance measurement for the audio-visual and interactive medias and in addition to attain the high level of quality to be the unique professional reference for all the market players with the general consensus. The company is developing its range of services and extending its scope by working on gambling since 2009. Doc: http://slidesha.re/fwEmCc Contact : Nelly Cerdan, Customer surveys Manager. + 33 (0)1 47 58 36 22. ncerdan@mediametrie.fr EyeView (www.eyeviewdigital.com) provides Video Ad Personalization Technology and Services that enables the delivery of video ads which are more effective and relevant. EyeView’s revolutionary technology allows video ads to have dynamically changing scenes that are updated and targeted in real-time. EyeView’s solution, combined with high quality creative services, increases video advertising effectiveness, giving better ROI on media buys. Among EyeViews customers: 888.com, PartyPoker, Mansion, EuroPoker, PaddyPower and Dragonfish. Doc: http://www.eyeviewdigital.com/samples/WilliamHill.htm Contact : Tal Riesenfeld, VP Marketing. +917 864-5100 tal@eyeviewdigital.com For Zaostratecrea (www.zaostratecrea.com), a great «creative» idea is, first, a «strategic» idea. Zaostratecreas consultant-managers are personally involved in each mission. Their dedication to customer relations, coupled with a unique reactive / pro-active mindset, guarantee that concepts, plannings and costs are fully under control. Whether small or large corporations, customers select Zaostratecrea for ponctual or global missions, focused on brand audit, online or offline media campaigns and field operations. Contact : Franck Medoux, Associate. +33 (0)1 46 10 43 20. franck.medoux@zaostratecrea.com Awedacity (www.awedactity.co.uk) is a boutique regulatory events and marketing agency, specialising in connecting smart people to solve business problems. With an excellent reputation for organising timely and thought-provoking events that are rooted in its in-depth knowledge of the gambling industry, Awedacity brings together leading opinion-makers and practitioners in the industry to inform, stimulate and move the industry forward as a whole. Contact : Julie Garvin, Managing Director, +44 (0)7 515 566 541 julie@awedacity.co.uk IGA magazine (www.igamagazine.com) is the first French-speaking media specialized in the Igaming industry. Besides its essential daily newsletter, IGA magazine publishes the only paper magazine distributed to all the professionals of the sector. Information, press review, analyses, interviews, portraits… IGA editorial staff covers the key news, while granting a specific coverage to the affiliation sector. Contact : Ricardo Martin, Business Development Manager. + 33 (0)6 63 69 82 23 ricardo@igamagazine.com iGaming France (www.iGamingFrance.com) is the French speaking BtoB newsletter specialized on the iGaming industry in France. Historically the first information source of the iGaming industry in France, it has become, for the last year, its leading media with an audience that constantly captures a fast, growing number of professionals. Interviews, analysis, editorials, focus on French and European stakeholders, news... iGamingFrance.com is the information source of choice of a market that evolves at an exceptional fast pace. Contact : Jérome Falcon, iGaming France. +44 78 24 42 66 52. jerome.falcon@igamingfrance.com Together with its trust services partners, Market Engel Online Gaming enables European regulators and operators to execute their go-to-market strategies in a convenient, cost-efficient and confident manner. Contact : Frederic Engel, Managing Director. +33 (0)6 13 42 38 98. market.engel@free.fr© Market Engel, 2010. market.engel@free.fr +33 6 13 42 38 98
  4. 4. _____________________ trust services partners _____________________ regulation legal finance certification audit trust hosting enrolment paymentauthentication audience advertizing strategy & event & news creation communications © Market Engel, 2010. market.engel@free.fr +33 6 13 42 38 98