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Random word

  1. Random word method
  2. Question # 1 What problem do you have?
  3. Example How do we improve meetings?
  4. Question # 2 What random word can you think of?
  5. Random word example Bear
  6. Associations with the word bear 1. Big. 2. Animal. 3. Forest.
  7. Question # 3 What connections can you find between the problem and the random noun?
  8. Examples 1. Use a big wall to write on. 2. Ask every meeting participant what animal they would like to be, if they were animals. 3. Hold a meeting in a forest.
  9. Sources of inspiration http://www.brainstorming.co.uk/tutorials/randomwordtutorial.html http://creatingminds.org/tools/random_words.htm http://www.cul.co.uk/creative/ranword.htm http://www.destination-innovation.com/articles/try-this-lateral-brainstorm-technique-the-random-word/ http://www.randomword.com/ https://youtu.be/ZdJOhgSQJ1Q