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SXSW 2015: Five Big Ideas For The Future

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Our Futurists, Marc Kozlow and Megan Routh, immersed themselves in Austin, looking through the lenses of our 17 proprietary Trends. here's where they saw the future leaking into the present

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SXSW 2015: Five Big Ideas For The Future

  2. 2. 2 Brailling the SXSW Culture Faith Popcorn Founder & CEO, Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve Marc Kozlow Futurist Megan Routh Futurist Our Futurists, Marc Kozlow & Megan Routh, immersed themselves in Austin, looking through the lenses of our 17 proprietary Trends. Here’s where they saw the future leaking into the present.
  3. 3. 3 5 BIG IDEAS FOR THE FUTURE FROM FAITH POPCORN’S BRAINRESERVE Bots As Besties1 Spread The Health 2 Sensory Sync3 Be In The Blur 4 5 Feminism 4.0
  4. 4. 4 get ready for a shift from having a BFF to a BBF: Bot Best Friend Bots As Besties1 Pepper the robot can analyze your tone of voice and respond appropriately
  5. 5. 5 Bots As Besties Coming soon, a Her-esque tomorrow, in which we fall in love with our ’bots. Early signs at SXSW: ●  The movie Ex Machina electrified the gathering with a Tinder teaser that had all of Austin swiping right, ready to meet a hot woman who turned out to be a bot. Perfect marketing for a scifi movie about humans interacting with Artificial Intelligence ●  At the Robot Petting Zoo, the friendly BlabDroid, which is an almost huggable robot-therapist, rolled along, asking visitors about their mood ●  Keynote speaker Martine Rothblatt had crowds cheering with her message: It's not us versus cyberspace; we are one 1 BlabDroid Ex Machina’s Tinder Bot
  6. 6. 6 Wearables will track you 24/7, scolding you for smoking & rewarding you for eating kale. Downside: will your doctors, employers & insurance company Also be looking? Spread The Health2 Google’s SmartLens contacts monitor your glucose level
  7. 7. 7 What’s next will pave a new path to enhanced wellness and longevity. Among the innovations we saw: ●  SmartyPans, the first app-connected frying pan, instantly calculates the calories and nutritional content of the food you’re cooking ●  A germ-free future: 3M’s Luminometer, which sanitizes equipment, was demo’d by zapping grimy mobile devices. The company’s Bluetooth-enabled stethoscopes relay info to medical providers instantaneously Spread The Health2 SmartyPans & Its App 3M Luminometer
  8. 8. PRODUCTS CUSTOMIZED TO FIT YOUR UNIQUE SENSORY PROFILE; FLAVORS,TEXTURES, SOUNDS & COLORS THAT APPEAL TO YOUr DNA Sensory Sync3 3D printed shoes that perfectly fit your feet for maximum comfort & personal style
  9. 9. 9 Sensors will identify the exact experiences that elicit maximum energy and joy. The first steps were seen in Austin: •  Does barbecue make your brain buzz? GE answered that by putting out a spread and having guests strap on Muse headbands to track EEG activity as different flavors were sampled. The output shifted the definition of “yum” from the taste buds to the brains •  Music gets medicinal with MIT’s Sync Project. Wearables track the physiological response to songs so you can stream the tunes that heighten your mood. This isn’t just about pumping you up for your next run; CEO Alexis Kopikis developed the concept to better reach his autistic son Sensory Sync3 GE’s BBQ Science MIT Sync
  10. 10. An enchanting marketing experience can’t just be online or in-store. It must move omni-channel so customers can live your brand wherever they are Be In The Blur4 Adidas uses an augmented reality code printed on their shoes to delight customers
  11. 11. 11 Our “real life” and virtual selves are seamlessly meshing as we live in an always-connected and increasingly self- curated realm. In Austin, brands clamored to share intense experiences, on- and off-line: •  Enter your favorite binge-watch show: At Game of Thrones’ SXSWesteros exhibit, fans sharpened their sword-fighting skills for the ultimate immersive experience •  The Web’s obsession with cute critters catapulted into the real world with Mophie’s Rescue Station. An army of rescued St. Bernard pups waited to “rescue” the dying batteries of Tweeters and Meerkaters. Takeaway: Cuddling a furry critter beats watching one on live feed any day Be In The Blur4 SXSWesteros Mophie Rescue Station
  12. 12. WOMEN are ROCKETING ahead, surpassing men in education, earnings, political power & social STRENGTH Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo! 5 Feminism 4.0
  13. 13. 13 Women ruled at SXSW, shattering the stereotype that they are second-string players in tech and business. And this upward arc will accelerate in the years ahead. •  Three out of the five Keynotes were from female execs •  Jessica Alba, founder of Honest Co., said, “The Millennial generation is very powerful when it comes to women: I think what we want, goes.” •  Dove, Cosmo and Ipsos created female-centric lounges to encourage intimacy, camaraderie & confidence •  #Empower, elevating women’s place in the world, was a top Twitter trend 5 Feminism 4.0 Jessica Alba Ipsos Lounge
  14. 14. what will you do differently today? Tomorrow Now that you know everything about ,