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Vado bathroom acessories

e all know that our day starts with this small yet the most important place and thus adding quality to our bathrooms becomes a necessity.

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Vado bathroom acessories

  1. 1. Vado Bathroom Acessories At http://www.fountaindirect.co.uk/browse-by- brand/vado.html http://www.fountaindirect.co.uk/ sales@fountaindirect.co.uk 01663 746 086 2-6 Market Street, New Mills, High Peak SK22 4AE
  2. 2. Though a small place, bathrooms are an important part of our lives. We all know that our day starts with this small yet the most important place and thus adding quality to our bathrooms becomes a necessity. Whether renovating or building a new bathroom, one would definitely want the private place to not just serve its purpose but be a calm, tranquil and peaceful zone too. Vado Bathrooms
  3. 3. Offering Perfection Providing with the perfection and quality to all bathrooms across the world is a leading British bathroom brassware manufacturer, Vado. It provides high quality taps, showers, accessories and fittings to customers, who would love to flaunt them in their bathrooms.
  4. 4. Quality Clubbed With Best Service All the effort and quality that it provides to its product is based on four guiding values namely Quality, Design, Service and Innovation. All these qualities produce a product that is graceful in its own terms exceeding the demands of the customers. The products at Vado strictly undergo quality assurance processes for its unparalleled value that is assured. Traditional mixers, shower valves and accessories to contemporary designs including waterfall style spouts and handle options in different colours and materials are the beautiful products created by Vado. The company also provides with a great customer support throughout the entire buying process, from initial query, through delivery, point of sale displays and after care.
  5. 5. Variety To Choose From We offer a variety of ranges for the following products such as bathroom taps, showers accessories, wastes & fittings, kitchen taps, water saving products and spares.
  6. 6. Global Network Vado works in partnership with a global network of distributors that spans more than 60 countries. Vado is one of the many brands Fountain showcases in its website. For over 25 years they have been an established and respected supplier of high quality bathrooms and kitchens. Giving us all the information and offer a range to choose from.
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