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Lean Social - Tackling Social Media

  1. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Lean Social for Small Business #SocialJack #LeanSocial #SocialMedia @DeanDeLisle @GetSocialJack
  2. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Dean DeLisle • Founder and CEO of Forward Progress, Inc. • Creator of Social Jack™ • Train and Coach over 2,000 people per month • Trained and Coached over 100,000 in Social Network Skills • Social Selling, Influencer Marketing and Production, eLearning, Lead Generation and Conversion Social Networking, Digital Marketing • Financial Services, Insurance, Banking, Private Equity, Professional Services, Legal, Accounting, Technology, B2B…
  3. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc My World
  4. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc
  5. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Go for your Social Selling Black Belt!
  6. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Where do you stand?
  7. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Lean Social Components • Social Media • Value Serving • Content Sharing • Engagement • Listening • Converting
  8. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Social Media – Lean or Not Why does it often not work for organizations? MINDSET!MINDSET!
  9. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Why Social Media? • Interactive • People Respond Well • Builds Trust • Builds Community • Viral Activity • Sharing • It’s an EVENT!
  10. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Social Reach - Network Hubs Your Company Conferences Employees Charities Clients Partners Chamber Hub: Large cluster or group of cluster of network connections.
  11. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Engagement Continuum Disengaged Mis-Engaged Engaged Barely logged in Unconsciously liking things Posting and commenting Learning about person’s profile and background Engaging with intent to transform relationship for mutual benefit Transactional Conscious, Tied to Yearning & Emotions Transformational Dr. Bob Wright – Wright Graduate University
  12. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Start Managing Your Relationships 1. Plan 2. Build 3. Launch
  13. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Plan • Your services and value proposition • Your main goals • Target markets • Where you want to be found online
  14. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Identify Your Target Who is your target customer/client/partner? • What do they look like? • What Industry are they in? • What size Company do they work for? • Who do they know? • If they are consumers, what are their interests? • Who will you be talking to?
  15. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Your Professional Keywords 10-20 Rule
  16. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Your Profile! •Get Found •Attract Targets •Build Trust •Credibility •Convert
  17. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Your Professional Keywords • What are you an expert in? • How would your ideal prospect find you? • What would they “yell” or “Google” to find you? • What makes you different? • What is your skill set? Elevator Pitch!
  18. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Where Does Your Target Exist? • Facebook? • Twitter? • LinkedIn? • SnapChat? • Instagram? ONLY PICK THREE MAX!
  19. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc What is the Destination? • Your Website (Destination/Pathway) • Mobile (Destination/Pathway) • Social Media (Destination/Pathway) • Facebook • LinkedIn • Twitter • YouTube • Google+
  20. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Build – Start Simple • Social Media Profiles (Attraction/Pathway/Destination) • Your target will determine which networks are best • Pick a MAX of Three!! • Appropriate Website/Landing Page/Microsite
  21. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Social Media Profiles ACTIVE ACTIVE ACTIVE PASSIVE
  22. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Website/Landing Page/Microsite
  23. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Building a Content Map • Remember • Value • Target • Keywords • Platforms
  24. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Tools • Hootsuite • Onlywire • BuzzSumo • • Google Alerts
  25. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Launch • Begin generating valuable content • Interact and engage with customers and prospects • Build relationships • Consistently Measure (Test) • Connections • Engagement • Outcome/Sales
  26. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Connections Connection •Emails/Contacts •New Connections •New Followers •New Likes •New Subscribers
  27. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Engagement Engagement •Likes •Comments •Shares •Direct Messages •Emails
  28. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Outcome Outcome •Requests for Proposals… •Orders •Sales •Emails/Contacts •New Subscribers •New Connections* •New Followers* •New Likes*
  29. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Our Value to YouOur Value to You • Marketing Services • Websites/Blogs • Social Build • Digital Media • Online Advertising • Coaching and Training • Social Culture • Social Community • Social Career • Social Selling • Blend
  30. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Questions?
  31. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Thank You!Thank You!
  32. ForwardProgress.NET @FwdProgressInc Connect With Us!

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