A national approach to supporting open education in higher education

National Forum T&L
5. Nov 2019

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A national approach to supporting open education in higher education

  1. Slides and references:
  2. We are… the national body responsible for leading and advising on the enhancement of teaching and learning in Irish higher education Our mission… lead the enhancement of teaching and learning in partnership with students, staff & leaders in Irish HE to develop an inclusive, collaborative and innovative culture that maximises learning impact for the success of all students
  3. Teaching and Learning Within and Across Disciplines Professional Development of All Those Who Teach Student Success Teaching and Learning in a Digital World
  4. Open Education goal  philosophy  values resources, tools and practices that employ a framework of open sharing to improve educational access and effectiveness worldwide - The Open Education Consortium
  5. Ljublijana OER Action Plan 2017 “OER are teaching, learning and research materials in any medium –digital or otherwise– that reside in the public domain or have been released under an open license that permits no-cost access, use, adaptation and redistribution by others with no or limited restrictions.” “Toward the realization of inclusive knowledge societies, Open Educational Resources (OER) support quality education that is equitable, inclusive, open and participatory.”
  6. Paris OER Declaration 2012 calls upon states to: “Promote and use OER to widen access to education… contributing to social inclusion, gender equity, special needs education… cost-efficiency and quality of teaching and learning outcomes.” “Governments/competent authorities can create substantial benefits for their citizens by ensuring that educational materials developed with public funds be made available under open licenses (with any restrictions they deem necessary)”
  7. OpenEdu Framework A Support Framework for Higher Education Institutions Inamorato, Punie & Muñoz (2016) and Inamorato (2019)
  8. Use of open educational practices (OEP): Complex Personal Contextual Continually negotiated Cronin (2017)
  11.  Awareness & knowledge of OER and OEP (concepts and value)  Training re: how to use, create and share OER  Institutional strategies & policies (including metrics, rewards, recognition)  Culture & values – sectoral, institutional, disciplinary, etc. Key challenges re: open education (2019)
  13.  National Forum Open Licensing Toolkit cc  Webinar: Introduction to OER and Open Licensing  Ongoing consultation, development/sharing of resources  Future plans include OER/OEP badge(s) as part of the National Professional Development Framework
  17. All Aboard (2017) CC-BY-NC 4.0
  18.  Building on the National Forum’s published (2018) Guide to Developing Enabling Policies for Digital Teaching & Learning  2019-20 series of Regional policy workshops
  19.  Repositories don’t really work… but  Ongoing work is required to build an understanding of Open – and also to build personal and institution capabilities  It’s hard