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Chap 3,perspective on consumer behaviour

This slides presents the overview of consumer regarding advertisement. it tells which factors forced the consumer towards advertisement for buying anything.it makes the picture clear about information search & purchasing behaviour

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Chap 3,perspective on consumer behaviour

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  2. 2. Perspective on Consumer Behaviors:An average American :136,692,500 ad in various form2 million TV commercialConsumer Behavior:It is a process & activities people engage in when searching for selecting, purchasing, evaluating & disposing the product & services to satisfy their needs
  3. 3. ..
  4. 4. .. Need Recognition Information SearchCultural, Social,Individual and EvaluationPsychological of AlternativesFactorsaffect Purchaseall steps Postpurchase Behavior 4
  5. 5. Stages in the consumer decision making process & relevant psychological processes: consumer decision---------- Psychological Process• Problem Recognition ::::::::::: Motivation• Information Search:::::::::::::::Perception• Alternative Evaluation:::::::::: Attitude Formation• Purchase Decision:::::::::::::::: Integration• Post purchase Evaluation::::::Learning
  6. 6. .
  7. 7. Problem Recognition:There are following source• Out of Stock• Dissatisfaction• New Needs & Wants• Related product Purchase• Market Induced recognition• New Product
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  11. 11. Personalsources
  12. 12. The Selective Perception Process• Selective Exposure• Selective Attention• Selection Comprehension• Selection Retention
  13. 13. Alternate Evaluation All available brands Brand A Brand B Brand C Brand D Brand E Brand F Brand G Brand H Brand I Brand J Brand K Brand L Brand M Brand N Brand O Evoked Set of Brands Brand EBrand F
  14. 14. Attitude Formation:It can be judge by following process• Individual• Ads• Media• Retailers• Organization• Product Brand• Company
  15. 15. .
  16. 16. Purchase Decision:After having deep thinking finally consumer decide to purchase the goods of his choice. The final decision may varies due to following reason• Brand• Price• Satisfaction
  17. 17. Post Purchase Evaluation:Now it is the time to reevaluate the things. Consumer deeply thinks about product or services after using it & finally reach to following option• Satisfaction• Dissatisfaction• Cognitive Dissonance
  18. 18. External Influences in Consumer Behavior:Following factor may influence• Culture• Subculture• Social Class• Reference Group• Situational Determinants