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FOODPAY : Home Delivery Restaurants in Jaipur | Order food Online in Jaipur with the best restaurant menus,food delivery online reviews and Pay. Toll Free : 1800-200-4221

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  1. 1. Foodpay: The Red Burger Is Here Why fix what ain’t broken, isn’t that so? That isn’t the situation with our cherished burgers however, considering everything from the Burger to the Burger have advanced toward worldwide menus in the previous couple of years.Foodpay in Jaipur went with the same pattern by presenting their form of the Burger in May, and now they’ve improved and are dispatching the Red Burger today! These eyebrow-raising variations will be accessible in Chicken Mutton and Vegetarian on the eatery’s menu, and we got a selective taste yesterday.
  2. 2. Inquisitive to know how the burger got the red tone, we figured out that the blazing dark red tint is made utilizing tomato powder and stew drops. What’s more, befitting of that shading, these burgers are zesty with a liberal filling sauce. they’ve kept their vegan variant potato free, and utilized chickpeas and beetroot as the fundamental fixings.
  3. 3. We tasted their Mutton Red Burger that had a red hot succulent patty alongside staples like lettuce, onions and cucumber. In the event that you don’t care for a lot of warmth, you have the choice to modify your request also.