How I Built A Reusable Symfony2 TaggingBundle

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In this talk I gave at the Symfony User Group Hamburg, I describe how I built a reusable Symfony2 Bundle that allows the user to add tags to any Entity without having to copy & paste source code.

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  • Willkommen Fragen, Anmerkungen, Meinungen Vorstellung seit 2001 Software & Betrieb Fauler Entwickler Wiederverwendung Hürden Technologie Lizenz Umsetzung
  • Patterns Anti-Patterns Warum nicht? Robbenbaby
  • Text-Input? Pre-filled list / checkboxes Tags Suche bei Google, KnpBundles „Tag“ + „Symfony2“ ist vergiftet (DependencyInjection) Wo noch suchen?
  • Eindeutigkeit der Bezeichner
  • FormTypes als Service Erlaubt Injection vom TagManager
  • Code in Entity überflüssig machen Controller soll Entity nach Tags befragen Besser: Event werfen, wenn Entity dirty ist..
  • JS/CSS files sind nicht teil meines Projekts Composer kümmert sich um Aktualisierung
  • How I Built A Reusable Symfony2 TaggingBundle

    1. 1. Willkommen
    2. 2. Anti-Pattern #1 Reusage by copy & paste Every time you do this, a baby seal dies Photo by Samuel Blanc via Wikimedia Commons [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (]
    3. 3. Scenario Community web application Users seek other users by interests How to input data?
    4. 4. I can haz tagz? Illustration by Kimhunghan via Wikimedia Commons [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (] Backend • fpn/tag-bundle Frontend • max-favilli/tagmanager + something in between
    5. 5. fpn/tag-bundle Actually a Doctrine Extension in a Bundle Pro •Provides two new Entites: Tag & Tagging •TagManager handles model access Con •Some code to copy into our Entities •Lots of code to copy into our Controllers
    6. 6. max-favilli/tagmanager jQuery plugin working nicely with twitter bootstrap Pro • Basically just two form inputs • Typeahead optional Con • Not a composer project
    7. 7. Missing Puzzle Pieces Form Widget Data Transformer Form Type
    8. 8. Form Widget Two input fields • visible for UI • hidden for „tagA, tagB, tagC“ Embed JavaScript & CSS Initialize JS
    9. 9. Data Transformer transform() • convert Tags to „a, b, c“ reverseTransform() • convert „tagA, tagB, tagC“ to Tags • create Tags, if not existing • needs TagManager
    10. 10. Form Type Provide name for widget Called in Application FormTypes Gets TagManager injected Defines DataTransformer
    11. 11. Save the baby seals Entity Trait TaggableSubstriber make it reusable
    12. 12. Entity Trait avoid copy & paste for each functional Entity classes reference TagManager • after loading the Entity • to inform TagManager during flush
    13. 13. TaggableSubscriber postLoad() • attach TagManager to Entity postPersist() • TagManager->saveTagging($entity) onFlush() • save dirty Tags in TagManager Obsoletes code in Controllers
    14. 14. Make it reusable Dedicated Bundle Create composer project But how to include external JS & CSS?
    15. 15. Component RobLoach/component-installer Add package to composer.json Configure components-dir Run composer update See web/bundles
    16. 16. Live Demo
    17. 17. // TODO AppKernel: remove FPN bundle config.yml: remove FPN configuration Handling typeahead requests Configure tagmanager via Symfony Documentation :(
    18. 18. (re-)use it!