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2013 Latin America Internet Market Research & Outlook

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2013 Latin America Internet Market Research & Outlook

  1. 1. 2013 Latin AmericaInternet MarketResearch & Outlook
  2. 2. Latin America: A Rising Economic Power November 2009 September 2010 November 2012
  3. 3. Latinos are not only an economic force but now also have political power
  4. 4. The time is NOW: Consumers are here today• Per capita disposable income: $5700 (2.5 X China, 4.5 X India) Source: Alta Ventures
  5. 5. What is fueling this economic growth?External Factors(Low interest rates and QE wars)1. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)- Experiencing record levels - $150 bn in 20122. Commodity prices are at all time highs
  6. 6. Foreign Direct Investment in Latam Source: The Economist
  7. 7. Latams commodities are at an all time high,thus helping exports. Source: http://www.indexmundi.com/commodities/
  8. 8. As a consequence...VC investors are looking at LATAM now.“Latin America is cited by 55 percent of VCs as anarea of increasing U.S. investment in 2013 followedby China (40 percent) and India (37 percent).” Dow Jones and the National Venture Capital Association Survey (December 2012)
  9. 9. Internal factors helping growth...That Boost FDI flows:• Unprecedented Political Stability• Economic Openness• Fiscal prudenceThat heat up the market:• Record LOW unemployment numbers• Low interest rates: Easy Credit for consumption.
  10. 10. Strong optimism of Latin American Businesses4 of top 10 countries most optimistic about biz in 2013 are in LatAm. Peru (#1),Chile (3), Brazil (6), Mexico (8)
  11. 11. Latin America will continue growing athigher rates than developed economies... Source: IMF World Economic Outlook
  12. 12. Top Latin American economies willcontinue to show strong GDP growth Country 2012-2015 GDP Growth (PPP) Peru 24.26% Chile 19.40% Colombia 19.08% Brazil 17.92% Argentina 16.25% Mexico 15.55% Venezuela 14.78% Source: IMF World Economic Outlook
  13. 13. Latam: Strong outlook, but manychallenges lay ahead... that meanscountless opportunities ;)
  14. 14. Latam is hard to scale and its very costly...
  15. 15. Latam is hard even for the big guys... Figures December 2012
  16. 16. Currency Appreciations... Brazil is gettingTOO hot! Note: figures in USD - Dec 2012 Source: The Economist, Apple, Honda and Colliers Intl
  17. 17. There are big differences between countries.Ej. Brazil and Chile.
  18. 18. Latam is huge, but ecommerce is concentrated in Brazil
  19. 19. Latam is one of the most promising emergingmarkets in the global online industry
  20. 20. Latams comparative advantage to otherEmerging Markets
  21. 21. Latams Internet population more than doubled in the last 5 years 2007-2012 Internet Population Growth Source: Internet World Stats
  22. 22. And Latam’s Online Population is far from saturationInternet penetration in SouthAmerica is still relatively smallOnline Populations of Latam willboom with increasing internetpenetration Source: Internet World Stats December 2012
  23. 23. Number of Internet Users in Latam Source: Internet World Stats
  24. 24. Latam: more mobile phones than peopleAccording to Informa Telecoms & Media, Latin America reached more mobiles than people in 2011. Prepaid represents over 80%
  25. 25. Latam’s e-commerce is taking off... x11 increase in 10 years! Source: eMarketer
  26. 26. B2C e-commerce sales in Latin AmericaIt’s not a matter of size…It’s about development• Infrastructure• Technology adoption• Supply of goods and services• Buying patterns and cultures• Banking and credit cardpenetration Mobile e-commerce: 2012 3% of total e commerce transactions were complete via a mobile device
  27. 27. Brazil is leading the wayLargest and most advanced market in the regionE commerce => 2012: $19.8 bn - 2015: $29.8 bn 50% GrowthOnline buyers => 2012: 23.1 M - 2015: 31.6 MIt will account for +50% of total B2C e commerce sales in LatinAm by 2013According to IAB Brazil, digital advertising grew 40% in 2012 and isexpected to grow another 80% over the next 3 years. Source: eMarketer http://www.emarketer.com/Article/Growth-Argentina-Mexico-Drives-Ecommerce-Latin-America/1009339
  28. 28. Credit Card PenetrationBrazil is the clear leader, but it’s still far behind penetration in developed countries
  29. 29. Latam Digital Advertising still far behind US and Europe, but boomingOnline ad spending will more than triple over the next five years, growing from $2 billionin 2010 to $6.7 billion in 2015. (eMarketer) Source: eMarketer http://www.emarketer.com/Article/Emerging-Markets-Drive-Worldwide-Total-Ad-Spend/1009216#1uz7SX3F9DrDER9O. 99
  30. 30. Online Ad Spending Still Accelerating in Mexico
  31. 31. Mobile Marketing is still in infant stages but showing strong signs of growth Source: eMarketer http://www.emarketer.com/Article/Worldwide-More-Money-Goes-Mobile/1009582
  32. 32. Mobile Marketing is still in infant stages but showing strong signs of growth Source: eMarketer http://www.emarketer.com/Article/Worldwide-More-Money-Goes-Mobile/1009582
  33. 33. Mobile market: very different realities in each country Source:icrossing http://connect.icrossing.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/iCrossing_Mobile-marketing_2012_V2.gif
  34. 34. Latams Internet User Profile: Highly ActiveAverage usage in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia outpace global average Source:comscore
  35. 35. Latams Internet User Profile: Younger Audience 15-24 year olds in Latin America are the heaviest Internet users, outpacing every other age group as well as the global average for the age group Source:comscore
  36. 36. Latams Internet User Profile: Social Network #1 Activity 5 of the most engaged countries in the world for social networking are in Latin America Source:comscore
  37. 37. Latin America has a flourishing Tech Ecosystem that is speeding up.
  38. 38. Accelerators and Incubators Boom in Latam Start Up Chile: Government program to attract world-class early stage entrepreneurs to Chile 21212: Accelerator looking for entrepeneurs that can replicate proven business models in Brazil NXTP Labs: Startup accelerator focused on Spanish-speaking Latin American technology companies Startup Farm: Biggest startup accelerator in Brazil with over 100 accelerated startups Wayra: Telefonicas seed-stage startup funding arm, with presence in 13 countries in Latam and Europe Founder Institute: Early-stage startup accelerator and global launch network with offices in Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Brazil Aceleradora.net: Founded in 2008 to back startups with management and seed capital in Brazil.
  39. 39. Private Equity and Venture CapitalInvestments Rise in Latin America. $7.9 billion committed in 2012 (21% over 2011)Some examples:● Dafiti raises $45 million in August (JP Morgan) and $65 million in December (Quadrant Capital)● WPP acquires 20% of Globant for $70 million USD● Navent raises $30 million from Riverwood Capital and Tiger Global Management● Baby.com.br raises $16.7 million from Accel Partners Source: Latin America Private Equity and Venture Capital Association
  40. 40. Increasing interest from US & European investors● July 2012: Redpoint e.ventures raises $130 million fund for Brasil● August 2012: Mexican.vc bought by 500 Startups● August 2012: Alta Ventures raises $70 million fund for Mexico● September 2012: Amerigo (Telefonica) $378 million fund for Latam
  41. 41. Latam Vibrant tech community is fueled by great events and organizations Events ● Redinnova Sao Paulo http://www.redinnova.com/sao-paulo ● Founders Forum Rio http://foundersforum. eu/content/events ● e-CommerceDay http://www.ecommerceday.org ● TNW Conference Latin America http://thenextweb. com/conference/latinamerica Organizations ● Endeavor: http://www.endeavor.org ● EO: http://www.eonetwork.org
  42. 42. Some great tech/startup blogs to follow in Latam ● The Next Web http://thenextweb.com/la ● PulsoSocial http://pulsosocial.com ● Uberbin.net http://www.uberbin.net ● Startupi http://startups.ig.com.br ● Webholic http://webholic.com.br ● ALT1040 http://alt1040.com ● Loogic http://loogic.com
  43. 43. Fnbox is a Latin American technology companyfocused on creating, accelerating and scalingInternet businesses• Started in 2002 with offices in Sao Paulo, Mexico and Buenos Aires• 6 active portfolio companies & 95 talents• Raised $6million in 2008 from VC Dn Capital, Fabrice Grinda, Martin Varsavsky, Jose Marin, Romero Rodrigues...• Great Place to Work – 08, 09, 10, 11 and 12
  44. 44. We made this presentation to: •Share the knowledge • Share our experience • Shameless promotion of Fnbox and businesses ;)Gustavo Victorica Rodrigo TeijeiroCFO of Fnbox.com CEO of Fnbox.com@jotecito @rodrigoteijeiroGustavo@fnbox.com Rodrigo@fnbox.comAny comments, corrections to the presentation?Just shoot us an email.