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#FlipMyFunnel Boston 2016 - Kevin Bobowski - Putting the "B" Back into B2B Marketing

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Putting the "B" Back into B2B Marketing with Kevin Bobowski, CMO at Act-On

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#FlipMyFunnel Boston 2016 - Kevin Bobowski - Putting the "B" Back into B2B Marketing

  1. 1. Putting the “B” Back into B2B Marketing An ABM Journey
  2. 2. KEVIN BOBOWSKI Chief Marketing Officer Act-On Software
  3. 3. There was a time when B2B marketers tried to become B2C marketers
  4. 4. B2B companies market to, sell to, and service, accounts – not leads.
  5. 5. Is Marketing Still Relevant at Your Company?
  6. 6. Becoming Relevant Again Brand Building and Social Marketing Getting and Retaining Mindshare BRAND Demand Generation & Lead Acquisition Inbound & Outbound, Working Together DEMAND Customer and Partner Marketing Generating Advocacy and Reducing Churn EXPAND Account-Based Marketing for a Better Customer Experience
  7. 7. Are leads dead?
  8. 8. Are you speaking their language? Matt Zelen SVP Success Tom Cameron CRO Kate Johnson CFO
  9. 9. Account-Based Marketing to the Rescue B2C and B2B are not converging; marketing to businesses remains a unique discipline with its own language, goals, and tactics.
  10. 10. Putting the “B” back into “Back to Basics”
  11. 11. “We have a well-defined target market. We target SMB’s”
  12. 12. Go old school with your Go-To-Market Strategy 1. 2. 3. 4. How will you win? Where is your target market? What’s your ideal customer profile? Who is your buyer? Influencer?
  13. 13. “Is ABM all hype like Social, Big Data or Predictive Analytics?”
  14. 14. Real Account- Based Marketing Insights 3% of respondents think that ABM is “all hype”; 25% believe it’s a real solution. But almost 42% say they “have no idea” whether it is a clear solution or just hype. Source: Act-On Account-Based Marketing Survey 2016
  15. 15. “Is this the one metric that will determine the fate of ABM?
  16. 16. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) ------------------------- Cost of Customer Acquisition
  17. 17. Customer Lifetime Value ----------------------Cost of Customer Acquisition Better Targeting & Alignment across Marketing, Sales and Post-Sales delivers: • Lower cost of acquisition • Outstanding customer experience from onboarding to renewal • Focused product development • Increased upsell and cross-sell
  18. 18. SheerID Customer Case Study An ABM Journey
  19. 19. Shared Language How Our Customers Buy Focusing Accounts That Could Be Our Customers SheerID Goes ABM
  20. 20. Turning On ABM Alignment Between Marketing and Sales Disrupt Tradition Customer Data Content To Drive Engagement Deep Integration Between Marketing Automation and CRM
  21. 21. How SheerID uses ABM Target Accounts Gather Data Develop Content Create Messaging and Personas Automated Programs By Role Timely Alerts to Sales Team Behavior Score
  22. 22. Success of ABM Increased Engagement Speed of Business
  23. 23. Questions?