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Resolving Workplace Conflicts: Employee Relations - Gender Discrimination

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Typically, the gender being discriminated against, has had to work two to three times harder to prove themselves. While they are often more competent, this works against them because they "threaten" the other sex's ego, compounding the conflicts associated with gender discrimination. If there have been previously bad experiences either personally or professionally with the opposite sex, work relationships may suffer as a result of over-generalization and/or unresolved anger. The individual being discriminated against likely has done nothing to warrant the treatment.

With this tool you get the following:

* The effects discrimination against diverse team members have on the organization.
* Considerations for why discrimination occurs.
* Numerous solutions for addressing discrimination.
* Ideas for negotiating/adjusting solutions.
* Potential barriers and ways to overcome them to achieve resolution.
* Implementation timeframe.
* Follow-up review commitments.

Additionally, we provide a blank, editable Conflict Resolution Worksheet and the Worksheet Guidelines providing a step-by-step process for addressing your own workplace conflicts.

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Resolving Workplace Conflicts: Employee Relations - Gender Discrimination

  1. 1. This document is a partial preview. Full document download can be found on Flevy: http://flevy.com/browse/document/resolving-workplace-conflicts-employee-relations--gender-discrimination-3773
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