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RPM Factory for RDO

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Status of the RPM Factory experiment to become the forge to build the OpenStack RPM packages for the RDO project. Presented at the RDO Day pre-FOSDEM 2016.

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RPM Factory for RDO

  1. 1. RPM Factory for RDO Frédéric Lepied Senior Engineering Manager Member of Technical Staff 29 Jan 2016
  2. 2. RPM Factory for RDO - 29 Jan 20162 Who am I? ● work @ Red Hat in the CTO Office group focused on OpenStack ● was eNovance VP of Engineering (OpenStack service company) ● been in the Open Source world since 1995 (XFree86, Debian, MandrakeSoft/Mandriva, OpenStack) ● involved in: X11 XInput, wacom driver, Debian, Mandrake Linux, rpmlint, msec, lads, eDeploy ● worked in build systems, CI, packaging for a long time irc/twitter: @flepied
  3. 3. RPM Factory for RDO - 29 Jan 20163 Agenda ● Objectives of the project ● Where we are ● What remains to be done ● Discussions
  4. 4. RPM Factory for RDO - 29 Jan 20164 Objectives of RPM Factory for RDO ● Ease the learning curve to contribute to RDO by using the same workflow as OpenStack ● Locate the different components used in the infra at the same location as much as possible
  5. 5. RPM Factory for RDO - 29 Jan 20165 Objectives: more details ● gerrit workflow for packaging with a gating approach ● consumable RPM packages for testing upstream projects in a continuous way: ○ prepare next RDO release ○ needed artifacts for RDO manager and Puppet modules testing ● have a set of validated packages ready for consumption at different readiness levels: installable, smoke test CI, tripleo-CI, puppet CI…
  6. 6. RPM Factory for RDO - 29 Jan 2016 Where we are 6 We are experimenting this workflow using the Software Factory project at http://rpmfactory.beta.rdoproject.org Software Factory is an integration of the OpenStack workflow to be used on your premise http://softwarefactory-project.io/: ● gerrit, zuul, jenkins, nodepool with some add-ons: ● self-configurable using the config git repo with yaml files ● etherpad, paste, a config REST API, a SSO and a dashboard
  7. 7. RPM Factory for RDO - 29 Jan 2016 Target workflow 7 Local changes submitted with git-review Gerrit code review system github mirror Zuul Gearman Jenkins servers Nodepool Jenkins slaves Local git repos Upstream git repos Delorean trunk rpm repos stable rpm repos Koji
  8. 8. RPM Factory for RDO - 29 Jan 2016 Where we are 8 We are building a gerrit workflow for rpm package building: ● run unit tests from upstream project ● 2 git repositories way of working ● package builds in koji ● integration with Delorean ● gating of packages before creating a public repository using functional tests
  9. 9. RPM Factory for RDO - 29 Jan 2016 Where we are 9 Gerrit and Zuul Pipelines 2 git repositories per package: 1. project repository a. check pipeline: tox checks like upstream OpenStack. b. non merged review series to manage patch series. Avoid push -f and so allow to keep the history. 2. dist-git repository a. check and gate pipelines to build packages on the stable branches: i. using koji and validated using functional tests. b. check pipeline delorean build on the rpm-master branch.
  10. 10. RPM Factory for RDO - 29 Jan 201610 What remains to be done ● import all the repositories (1 package remains to be done) ● finish connection between delorean and gerrit ● write documentation ● finalize change to rdopkg to import the gerrit branch series ● automate branch creation
  11. 11. RPM Factory for RDO - 29 Jan 201611 Conclusion ● gating rpm packages can be done! ● we need more feedback! http://rpmfactory.beta.rdoproject.org
  12. 12. Questions?
  13. 13. Contact: frederic.lepied@redhat.com @flepied
  14. 14. THANK YOU plus.google.com/+RedHat linkedin.com/company/red-hat youtube.com/user/RedHatVideos facebook.com/redhatinc twitter.com/RedHatNews