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A Kid's Guide to Guided Reading

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A Kid's Guide to Guided Reading

  1. 1. .
  2. 2. Guided Reading? Maybe you've heard of guide dogs or tour guides. They help show you the way when you're going somewhere new.
  3. 3. But guided reading?
  4. 4. But guided reading isn't You’re probably about where you read. thinking, “The only It's about how you read. place I go to read is at my desk, with my Good readers know that teacher, or in the the words on the page gathering area. are only the beginning of a fantastic journey. I think I can find that And I'm here to guide by myself! you to becoming the best reader ever! .
  5. 5. What can I do for you?
  6. 6. Why do you ask so many questions?
  7. 7. Hi. I'm Gary, the Guide Guy. And this smart, little girl is my friend, Gabby.” Smart—er. Than you.
  8. 8. I Love Games!!! As your guide, it's my job to help you find questions and sometimes answers in the books you read. And when you’re reading in a small group or by yourself, you’ll get plenty of chances to tryout all my tips, tricks, and games.
  9. 9. I Love Games!!! But what is guided reading? It’s when you sit down with a small group of kids and a teacher to read certain books. You might fill in charts, write down your thinking, or play a game. Sounds pretty good so far, doesn’t it? .
  10. 10. Maybe your teacher has already picked out the small groups of readers who are going to work together. Some of the kids might be your friends while others you haven’t met yet. But you're together for the same reason-- to become awesome readers.
  11. 11. All of us can become better readers. But it takes practice and some help. I used to think I was a pretty good reader. I could read most of the words on a page and mostly understand the entire story. But when I got in my guided reading group, I found out that there was so much more to the book than the words and story. .
  12. 12. Like the pictures?
  13. 13. Using special tools, I found out how to ask questions, keep my brain thinking and really understand what the book and the author wanted me to know.
  14. 14. Ooh, a mystery! Like what do you call a pig who does karate? Pork chop! Or this one. What do clouds wear under their clothes? Thunderpants!
  15. 15. Maybe we better hurry and get started with our guided reading– F A S T !
  16. 16. What will I see when I go to my guided reading group? Each week, your teacher will meet with your group. Each of you will get a copy of a just-right book to read. You might get a fiction book that tells a story, or a nonfiction book that helps you learn something new.
  17. 17. Your reading is going to be broken into three parts: BEFORE reading DURING reading AFTER reading. One part isn't more or less important than the others. I love the wind in my hair! Just like we need all the wheels of a car to travel, we need to use all the parts of guided reading to become better readers.
  18. 18. What happens BEFORE we start to read? We’re going to read before we read? I don’t get it. Yes, Gabby. It’s helpful to get our brains ready for reading before we actually open the book. What do you How beautiful I am? think I’m thinking now, Gabby?
  19. 19. What kinds of things might we do DURING guided reading time? Games! I knew it! During reading, we want to ask ourselves questions. One way to do this is by using the spinner “Wheel of Thinking.”
  20. 20. If it’s about me, then I’m interested! During the reading, your teacher might ask you some questions about the text. For example, “Does this topic interest you? Why or why not?”
  21. 21. What happens AFTER we’re done reading? After you’ve finished your book or article, your teacher might have you finish up with another worksheet. This way she can see if you really understood what you just read. You might even use a Venn Diagram to help organize information you just learned. Who is Venn? Is he cute?
  22. 22. Then, once a week or so, if everything goes as planned, your group might get to play a reading game. I knew it!
  23. 23. It could be a game like Wordman where you try to figure out the hidden word by guessing at each letter. Or how about the game, Remember Me?
  24. 24. So, now that you’ve got a better idea of what guided reading is and how it might help you to become a better reader, do you have any questions? Yes…
  25. 25. When do we start? Now! Gear up and let’s go read!
  26. 26. The End. By Louisa James 2012