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Advertising on the mobile phone

Ways of advertising on the mobile phone

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Advertising on the mobile phone

  1. Advertising on the mobile Mena Cristal – Faraya, 29 January 2009
  2. Table of discontents I will not talk of interactive  I won’t talk of user generated content, social networking  nor web X.0 I won’t talk about the recession  I’m not gonna talk about convergence  I’m not gonna talk about going green  I’m not going to share public research 
  3. Today’s advertising This is what advertisers want…
  4. Advertisers want attention That’s why we pay media owners a lot of money 
  5. Why should I give my attention for free? Especially if advertisers are paying someone else for it…
  6. Selling my attention So here I am a normal guy walking down the street  I look to my left and a billboard owner makes money off me  .25 D0 US
  7. Attention is a price that I pay I have traditionally paid this  price to: Read a free (or much cheaper)  newspaper Watch free to air TV channels  Listen to free radio  Get better / cleaner roads?  Get information / entertainment  for free on the internet
  8. The attention exchange People are greedy  They want to sell everything they can:  Advertisers are willing to pay  As long as they get attention of the right target 
  9. Abusing media
  10. The way it is now There are two parties:  The Advertiser: That wants to deliver a message 2. The Media Owner: That wants to get paid (sell your attention) 4. Any place an “identified” sponsor pays to deliver their message through a medium is advertising
  11. What if you owned the media?
  12. Media How can advertisers use your personal belongings or your media to reach you? Some examples of Media include: Your T-shirt  The wall in your room  Your forehead  The desktop background on your personal computer  Your mobile phone 
  13. You have no right to get in my personal belongings! Getting into media is extremely sensitive, as it involves blatant intrusion into people’s lives
  14. Mobile Media The mobile is one of the  most personal assets we own We don’t want to even  share it with the people we love
  15. Why mobile advertising? There are more mobile devices than both televisions and  personal computers More people in the world have access to an Internet ready  mobile device than a PC with Internet access The mobile is the most electronic device most people own  and can’t leave home without The mobile is becoming more capable of internet browsing  and video streaming as connection speeds are increasing There is a global decline in traditional TV and print-media 
  16. Global mobile ad market forecasts EJL Wireless: Global mobile ad market will reach $9.5B by 2011.  The Shosteck Group: Global mobile ad market will reach $10B by 2010.  Informa: Global mobile ad market will reach $11B by 2011.  Strategy Analytics: Global mobile ad market will reach $14B by 2011.  ABI Research: Global mobile ad market will reach $19B by 2011.  Global revenue from mobile data services will surpass that of fixed  internet access services in 2009
  17. Mobile advertising An ideal model for advertising on mobile phones has not  been developed To advertise on the mobile or on any other medium however;  we need to adhere to two criteria: Getting permission  Giving something in return  v Rc pt ce Ac
  18. Permission and giving To get permission, we need to give advertizees something that  they want These are the basic rules of life: Supply & Demand 
  19. BLYK Blyk, a mobile operator in the UK, offers subscribers (between  the ages of 16 and 24) 217 free text messages and 43 minutes of free airtime per month as long as they agree to receive six ads every day A year after its launch in Britain, Blyk has signed up 200,000  subscribers—twice what it had aimed for
  20. Phonevalley Phonevalley, a mobile-marketing agency owned by Publicis,  offered a service that set up a teleconference between friends when their football team scored. It was sponsored by Puma
  21. Giving for permission Here are things you can offer customers for free to get their  permission to view your ads: Free content  Free bandwidth  Free alerts  Provide free SMS messages  Provide the mobilization of relevant information  Provide convenience through using phone features 
  22. Some media available on mobile Idle screen advertising Click to call banners   Mobile applications (widgets) Conventional banners   Photo, video, or audio MMS Business cards   Pre, post, mid roll video-ads Download to mobile   QR codes Search engine optimization   Mobile ticketing/couponing Location based services  
  23. Image Source: Orange Advertising Network Idle Screen advertising Places ads on your mobile screen when it’s idle and not in use. Ads can be complemented with weather updates, sports news, local events etc.
  24. Mobile Applications (widgets) Any application that you provide for a phone; you can advertise on it. Examples include sports stat provider, unit converter, photo editor etc.
  25. Multimedia Messages (MMS) Text messages that can include any media (Audio, Video, Photo) up to a certain size (dependent on operator)
  26. Image Source: Orange Advertising Network Video ads Ads can be pre-embedded in videos or dynamically streamed at the beginning, end, or at certain intervals of video content
  27. QR codes QR codes can be read by phones from print media, and either provide you with some text info, or take you to a certain WAP page
  28. Mobile Ticketing / Couponing You can receive QR codes or Bar codes on your phone, and scan your phone screen to get a discount, a gift, or to enter somewhere
  29. Image Source: Orange Advertising Services Click-to-call By utilizing your phone’s calling capability; click-to-call ads allow you to directly dial a number when you click on the ad
  30. Image Source: dotMobi Advisory Group Conventional banner ads Banner ads on the mobile usually link you either to an interactive WAP page or in many cases a static ad (similar to a print ad)
  31. Business Cards Just like you send phone numbers to friends as business cards; companies can send you their contact details and location via business cards
  32. Download to mobile Allows you to receive a piece of content you are interested in on your mobile. Can be done in several ways; bluetooth, SMS, MMS, or side-loading
  33. Search Engine Optimization Similar to the online market, search is a very common feature on mobiles and can be exploited through the exact same way
  34. Image Source: Orange Advertising Network Location Based Services LBS allows you to receive ads or sponsored information relevant to your location. It can use GPS or proximity technologies
  35. Final tip If consumers can get famous without paying for media, why cant brands
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Ways of advertising on the mobile phone


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