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Gatwick Airport Car Park Investment Expanding Again

With the success of the last car park investment from Park First at Glasgow Airport, the team has managed to secure a good chunk of parking spaces at Gatwick Airport. Right now 500 spaces have been released and sold within two days. Further allocation is coming: http://www.fjpinvestment.co.uk/park-first-investment/

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Gatwick Airport Car Park Investment Expanding Again

  2. 2. Further Expansion Is Happening We all have seen the success thus far at Glasgow International Airport with Park First successfully acquiring six car parks and filling those parking spaces well above 90% as an average occupancy rate. Now we are seeing further expansion at London Gatwick Airport. The second busiest Airport in the United Kingdom after London Heathrow, due for release on August 1st 2015 for existing investors having already purchased in the previous site.
  3. 3. This makes for a special deal and with Gatwick set to be the most exclusive buy-to-let commercial property deal in the area, the team at FJP Investment is ready for the launch. In order to make this work, we have some great news to share: Park First are now the proud owners of Help Me Park which is a company based at Gatwick Airport for the last ten years providing a meet and greet service. With more car parks on the way, Help Me Park is excited to take on more work as they are struggling to find more parking spaces for their customers.
  4. 4. Get in touch with FJP Investment today and together we will secure your commercial property investment at London Gatwick Airport. Call us on: 0044 (0)2071830343