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#FIRMday Manchester 4th March 2020 - Recruitive: Is Your Careers Website Fit for Purpose?

In this session Stephen Day, Sales Manager and Victoria Creamer, Principal Consultant at
Recruitive will discuss how to attract the best candidates with a great looking and engaging
careers website while retaining essential recruitment functionality.
• Is your Careers Site attractive and Engaging for Candidates?
• How do you Drive Traffic to your Careers Website?
• Is your website optimised correctly for search engines?
• Does your website connect to Google Jobs?
• Does your website promote and retain your brand?
• Does your ATS seamlessly integrate with your careers website?

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#FIRMday Manchester 4th March 2020 - Recruitive: Is Your Careers Website Fit for Purpose?

  1. 1. Candidate Attraction Careers Websites Agenda Careers Websites Presented by Victoria Creamer & Steven Day
  2. 2. Candidate Attraction Presented By Victoria Creamer Principal Consultant
  3. 3. Demographic Channels Attraction
  4. 4. Candidate Demographic Experience Education Location
  5. 5. Channels 14% Employee Referral 61% Career Site 12% Social Media 12% Jobs Boards 1% Other
  6. 6. How do they get there? 70%+
  7. 7. Attraction
  8. 8. Careers Websites Presented by Steven Day Sales Manager
  9. 9. Secure Responsive GDPR Google Jobs Fully Branded Third Party Jobs Feeds Social Media Job Posting Fully Updateable Blogs & Articles Embedded Media SEO Landing PageCandidate Registration Secure Candidate Portal Job Mate Integration FEATURES
  10. 10. Bespoke Website Design
  11. 11. Protect Your Brand! Unique Design Promote Your Ethos Engaging Content Imagery & Media Your People Integrate With Corporate Website No Templates No Pop Up Windows
  12. 12. SEM & SEO - Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Optimisation
  13. 13. Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Optimisation Optimize Images & Links Unique Meta Tags Across All Pages Quality Content & Media Regular Content Substantial content Create custom URLs Meta Tags & Descriptions Descriptions – Easy to Read & Presentable Branding – Company Name Paid Adverts
  14. 14. Meta Tags
  15. 15. Mobile Compatible Mobile Usage Accounts for Half Of Web Traffic Worldwide. Soon to be 60% & Growing.
  16. 16. Usability •Quick To Navigate on PC/Phones/Tablets •Filtered Job Searches •Quick Applications •Quality Content & Media
  17. 17. Website Content Regular content Quality content Content Management System (CMS) SEO Video Content Meta Data Custom URLs
  18. 18. Link Automatically to Google Jobs Launched in 2017 70% Job Seekers Start via Google Searches Updates Automatically Include Structured Job Data Local Job Searches
  19. 19. Branding Continuity Direct Local Searches Rank In Google Search Free Reduce HR Costs Filtered Searches Reduce Jobs Board Spend Increase Candidate Engagement
  20. 20. Website Analytics • Track Visitors • See Traffic Flow • Hot Spots • Search Positioning • Track Referrals • Demographics
  21. 21. Candidate Drop Off Avoid Pop Up Windows- Increases Candidate Drop Off
  22. 22. Demographics Review the Demographics of Your Careers Page
  23. 23. Overview Monitor Growth & Record Events
  24. 24. Interests Review Your Visitor Base
  25. 25. Referrals Monitor Where Your Traffic Originates From
  26. 26. Search Console Monitor Search Clicks & Impressions
  27. 27. Hints & Tips Create URLs to Match Search Phrases All Jobs to Have Descriptive URLs & Meta Tags Include Company Name in Meta Tags if Possible Add Search Tags to Images & Media Add Key Phrase Tags to In Page Links Add Job Title & Description to 1st Job Description Paragraph Reduce Pop Up Windows Add Unique Meta Tags to All Pages Where Possible
  28. 28. Thanks For Listening. Want A Free Website Review? Call us today on 0345 600 0550 Or email info@recruitive.com Please click here to complete our Careers Website Survey