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SEO Copywriting

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SEO Copywriting

  1. 1. SEO COPYWRITING 20POWERFUL SECRETS Vaishali, Digital Marketing Consultant Exegyconsulting.com
  2. 2. ABOUT EXEGY… Let's make digital marketing your strong suit, too.We craft digital marketing strategies that help businesses engage their audience, grow their sales and build lasting customer relationships through thorough research, delightful content and lots of fresh ideas. Few Case Studies • A LOCAL PLAYER BEATS ITS INTERNATIONAL RIVALS • HOW WE DELIVERED 9X GROWTH IN ORGANIC TRAFFIC IN 10 MONTHS • IMPROVING APOLLO HOSPITALS' SEO HEALTH
  3. 3. Article Writing How to make your article appear good How to give valu a.k.a How to make you article interestin
  4. 4. OUTLINING Outlining is important to get a better idea of what you are writing, and how you are going to write it. Outlining gives clarity and decreases the amount of time you spend on writing an article. By the time you are done with outlining, you would have answered most of the questions that were required to be answered.
  5. 5. Example of an article that has been written with a structured outline When you use an outline to write an article, you are more likely to finish the article in less than half the time it used to take earlier.
  6. 6. OVERCOMING WRITERS’ BLOCK Writers’ block is a nuisance. But overcoming it is not. In fact, it’s simple. When you are facing writers’ block, stop writing. And start speaking. - Simply phone your friend or relative and talk to them about the article you Ask them to ask you questions. - You can do the same with your office colleagues. Since they wouldn’t have what you are exactly writing, their questions can trigger ideas in your head.
  7. 7. FIRST FIFTY WORDS Often, writing the first fifty words is the hardest part. It can sometimes become harder than writing the article itself. The Remedy? This: - Finish off the article with the right structure (don’t really bother about how the first fifty words have come up). - Once done, check the paragraph around the 150-word mark – that is where you would have got the flow and really good content would have come out. - Copy the content, modify it accordingly, and paste it as the intro. The 150-word mark is approximately that place in the article where you would gotten into the flow. Pick the words around that part, and you are more likely to really good ‘first fifty words’.
  8. 8. NEW AND KNEW New is something your reader doesn’t know. And knew is something your reader already knows. Keep alternating the two, and you can make your article interesting to read
  9. 9. SEOCopywriting
  10. 10. USE COMPETITOR’S/FEATURE SNIPPET TO MAKE YOUR CONTENT 2-3X MORE COMPELLING Most people think SEO copywriting is all about putting words after words. But, the STRUCTURE of your content is just as important as the writing itself. And what better place to find proven content structures? •Featured Snippet by Google
  11. 11. • Competitor Article • Brainstorming • Answerthepublic for FAQ around the topic •Google Top 3 search results and search suggestions
  12. 12. ADD “BUCKET BRIGADES” TO SLASH BOUNCE RATE AND BOOST TIME ON PAGE When someone lands on your site from a search engine, two things can happen: They either leave right away… …or they stick around. And when people stick on your page like superglue, Google thinks: “This is a great page. Let’s give it a rankings boost.” But when people leave your site like a sinking ship… That’s when Google drops you like a stone.
  13. 13. If you want higher rankings, you NEED to keep people on your site.
  14. 14. WHAT ARE BUCKET BRIGADES, EXACTLY? Bucket Brigades are words and phrases that keep people on your page by generating curiosity to read more. Bucket Brigades are an old school copywriting tactic that were originally designed to keep people reading sales letters.
  15. 15. ADD THESE WORDS TO YOUR SEO CONTENT (AND MAKE GOOGLE HAPPY)Today’s super-smart Google doesn’t care how many times you cram a keyword into your article. Instead, it pays close attention to Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords. (LSI keywords are a fancy way of saying: “synonyms and closely related words”) And these LSI keywords help Google understand what your page is all about. For example, let’s say you write an article optimized around the keyword “cars”.
  16. 16. …they know the page is about the cars you drive.
  17. 17. BUT WHEN GOOGLE SEES A PAGE LIKE THIS… …they know it’s about Cars the movie.
  18. 18. CREATE YOUR OWN KEYWORDS. You may not have thought about it, but your brand is a keyword… …a keyword that you automatically rank #1 for. You can generate boatloads of extra organic traffic when you also brand your products, services, feedback, lookbook and strategies.
  19. 19. STALK FORUMS FOR THE EXACT WORDS YOUR READERS USE Go after a keyword that competitors wouldn’t bother targeting… …even though it gets a decent amount of searches. These keywords can be identified using forumns, Community, Feedback, reviews, Q and A.
  20. 20. HERE’S HOW TO GET MORE SOCIAL SHARES FROM EVERYTHING THAT YOU PUBLISH Navigation side bars and no of shares Add Cta for look book, widgets, embedds
  21. 21. CTR MAGNET METHOD And Finally Step 3: GET THE CLICKS
  22. 22. SPRINKLE AUTO SUGGESTED KEYWORDS FROM BIG ECOMMERCE WEBSITESWith giants like Amazon, flipkart dominating the first page, it’s not easy for an ecommerce site to practice effective SEO. Solution: You’d search for “organic dog food” in Amazon:
  23. 23. And because Amazon Suggest keywords are so laser-targeted, they tend to convert GREAT. Finally, sprinkle those keywords into your product and category page copy (and in your title and description tags):
  24. 24. GOBBLE UP MORE LONG TAIL TRAFFIC WITH “TITLE TAG MODIFIERS”If you want more traffic from long tail keywords, the solution is simple: Add “modifiers” to your title tag. What are “modifiers”? Modifiers are words that you add to your title tag. Words that get your site in front of more long tail searchers.
  28. 28. USE OF SUB HEADING Sub Heading with secondary and LSI keywords are always good to improve CTR and time on site.
  29. 29. EXPERIMENT WITH TWEAKS IN HEADINGS • numbers=clicks • Emotionally compelling headlines get more clicks • Add More numbers than your competitions The formula to be followed while writing headlines – umber or Trigger word + Adjective + Keyword + Promis
  30. 30. THREE OTHER TYPES OF HEADLINES THAT WORK • Headlines with problems • Headline with Questions • Headlines with Curiosity
  31. 31. Headlines with problems - How to avoid problems while selling your home - How to avoid taking too much time while writing articles The science behind – Our brains respond to problems better than solutions. So w a headline with a problem (and if the problem is relatable to the reader), the brai alert and wants to know what’s being said.
  32. 32. Headlines with questions - Can you sell your home within 24 hours without any hassles? - Can you double your speed while writing articles? The science behind – When your brain sees a question, it needs an answer. It loo an answer.
  33. 33. Headlines with curiosity - How working women can sell their home within 24 hours - How copywriters can double their writing speed - How to stay focused at your job, travel, and also write at the same The science behind – When the headline is specific, talks about an unfamiliar co or is in direct contrast to the status quo, the brain gets curious.
  34. 34. The three types of headlines that work - - Headlines that can hurt someone’s ego - Headlines that aren’t specific - Headlines with multiple thoughts
  35. 35. Headlines that can hurt someone’s ego 10 Reasons Lawyers Are Horrible Networkers Why Your Shopping Habits Are Plain Silly Headlines that aren’t specific The Power Of Walnuts Headlines with multiple thoughts How Walnuts Help Women Regulate Their Sleep Patterns And Help With Depression And Other Mood Disorders
  36. 36. DON’T END- LET THE DISCUSSION GOING ON • Ask questions at the end • Compel to add comments • Ask to try and share your feedback • Use embeds
  37. 37. QUORA ANSWERS GUIDELINES Stick to the point If the question asks you to mention ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ then please do it right at the beginning of your answer. Catchy sentence Let your first few sentence be written in a manner to grab the attention of the reader. Short and sweet Let the answer not be too short or too long. Well, many readers don’t really read lengthy answers. Let your thoughts be clubbed in short sentences. Grammar Be spell perfect and also use the ‘Bold’ and ‘Italics’ fonts cleverly. If it’s too boring job, copy the answer into MS Office Word and let it do your job! Pictures Graphics are always catchy and pictures also enlighten your answer (Meaningful pictures) Quora’s Policy – No unnecessary links Always stick to Quora’s answer policy unless you want your answer to collapse (believe me; they do it even after 5 years!)
  38. 38. THE NEW ANSWER