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Typeface Research 'Main Text'

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Typeface Research 'Main Text'

  1. 1. Typeface Research<br />‘Main Text’<br />
  2. 2. This font is called ‘Europe Underground’, the font would work extraordinary well as the main text as it is neat and contrasts between both male and female audiences, the font is organised as the lettering is big in size and close together which makes it easier to read.When asked a variety of male and females of my target audience they said they would follow this font as its of a ‘sophisticated’ style. Although hip-hop isn’t seen as a sophisticated form of music genre the main text connotes a sense of artistic style which would appeal to most music enthusiasts. Therefore, I could consider this as a potential typeface. <br />
  3. 3. This font is called ‘Aubrey’, at first glances when this font is seen it directly appeals to a female audience this is due to how the font is neat and the lettering has slight curliness which is symbolic towards females, other than this the font is clear and quite bold which is quite easy to read and could be used in hip-pop magazine which is targeted to females. As in result I know this font would not be suitable for my main text as I would need a font which is ideal for both male and female genders. In conclusion I wouldn’t use this font for my main text as it is feminine.<br />
  4. 4. This font is called ‘Satin’, the font is fairly organised as the tidiness connotes this this font would be rather effective for the main text as the publication would contain a variety of text as it would be necessary for it all to look nicely structured. However this font could alsoconnate feminism through the tall slim lettering and lightly curly letters as this could be a disadvantage as I would want the font to appeal to both my genders therefore I would carefully consider before using this font for my main text.<br />
  5. 5. This font is called ‘Geo Sans Light’, it would be avery suitable and an ideal font for the main text, through its tall, neat, separated lettering as this connotes a sense of youth sophistication which would attract my target audience as well as many other consumers. Also, ‘hip-hop’ is understood as a youthful genre of music so this typeface would be effective in representing this as it would appeal to both male and female genders. After carrying out this research and experimenting with a variety of different Typefaces/Fonts for main text I've chosen that ‘Geo Sans Light’ is the typeface that would work most appropriately and effectively asthe main text in my magazine publication.<br />