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Twitter Tips for Everyone

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A set of Twitter tips for beginners and... not.

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Twitter Tips for Everyone

  1. Twitter for everyoneThe Definitive Guide :-) by Luca Filigheddu CEO of Twimbow, Inc.
  2. Twitter is a place full of peopleTwitter is a virtual place full of people who are saying something or who are just listening to others.
  3. How many people?!? LOTS.Like any place full of people, you are not interested to listen to everyone who is speaking.
  4. Ok, so what???Your main “timeline” will befilled with messages sent by the users you follow or by messages sent by users thatpeople you follow “endorse” and re-propose to you (retweet)
  5. Twitter is all about... sharing stuff discussion and interactiondiscovering great content
  6. What can I do? On Twitter, you can write your thoughts, share a newsor simply write how you feel.
  7. Who is listening??? If no one is following you, your messages get lost. When you start using Twitter,your “followers” count will be 0. At the beginning, it’s kinda frustrating but it is normal :-)
  8. Talk to someone!If you put @username before the message you want to send to the user “username”, this user will see your message among the others and it will get his/her attention.
  9. They are listening to you!!! Messages to other users with "@username" are public and everyone who follows both you and @username can read it. So make sure you are writing something that can be public :-)
  10. Get people follow youStart interacting with people youdecided to follow, this could be a good way to get their attention and make them follow you.Some will follow you back just because you followed them.
  11. Want lots of followers? ....then tweet in english (if you can).Otherwise tweet in your own language, but you are limiting your audience.
  12. Follow wisely Don’t follow crap. Period. Follow users you are reallyinterested in and that can bring value.Follow people who add value toyou, in various forms (learning,knowledge or just because they
  13. Hey, I want followers!!!Increasing your followers is not an easy task, it takes time, but try not to get frustrated for this and keep posting what you want.
  14. Dont follow backI can be very interested in whatyou say. You are not necessarily interested in what I say. Dont follow someone justbecause he/she is following you.Make sure he/she brings value.
  15. It can be private...Twitter is also a place where youcan exchange private messages (called “DM” or Direct Messages) with other users.In case you use a smartphone, itcould be a great replacement of SMS.
  16. Get newsAlmost all blogs and newspapers post to Twitter, too, so you can use it as an RSS readerTwitter is a great source of news
  17. Share news A good way to become aninteresting person to be followed is to share news. Use the Twitter button(available almost everywhere) orany other tool that lets you share stuff on Twitter.
  18. Listen to what others say Keep track of whats going onFind people who like what you like Discover new friends
  19. BONUS (see next slides)
  20. Bonus 1/2 How to follow thousands people effectively??? Use lists Pick your favorites and make a list of max 100 people. Choose another group and make another list. Re-Iterate. Follow your lists one at a time
  21. Bonus 2/2 How to get more followers? Engage users you follow and who are not following you * go to Formulists.com * create a new list where they automatically insert ppl who are not following you * read the timeline of that list only for a few weeks Retweet, reply, engage!
  22. Last but not leastfollow us on Twitter! @filos @twimbow and join us on