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Trends and Prospects in the Information Society: Hungary and the New Member States


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Trends and Prospects in the Information Society: Hungary and the New Member States

  1. 1. Global network of innovation Trends and Prospects in the Information Society: Hungary and the New Member States Siemens Business Services Péter Baján, CM Creating business value for our customers
  2. 2. Global network of innovation Agenda  Siemens Business Services  Challenges to governments  Areas of cooperation between SBS and the government
  3. 3. Global network of innovation Deep Knowledge of Process and IT Management Complete Service Chain Network of People A Siemens Company Strong Partnerships Trusted Business Partner About us
  4. 4. Global network of innovation Siemens at a glance  Global network of more than 400,000 people with local expertise  Siemens’ R&D activities drive innovation to increase company value (€ 5.0 billion in FY 2003 with app. 50,000 employees)  Siemens has more than 30,000 software engineers around the globe  World leader in information and communications  Generating more than 30 inventions a day  Investment of roughly € 500 million each year in expanding workforce skills  Sound financials  155 years of expertise – 116 years in Hungary Siemens Business Services is a Siemens Company
  5. 5. Global network of innovation The service provider within Siemens Financing and Real Estate Transpor- Medical tation Automation Power and Control Information and Communi-cations Siemens Dematic Siemens Building Technologies Lighting Siemens VDO Siemens Financial Services Siemens Real Estate Power Transmission and Distribution Industrial Solutions and Services Information and Commu-nication Networks & Mobile Medical Solutions Transpor-tation Systems Power Generation Automation Siemens and Drives Business Services Osram The only division of Siemens fully devoted to services
  6. 6. Global network of innovation Our business: IT services Customers € 5.8 billion sales and 33,600 employees in 44 countries Worldwide: top 10 – Europe: top 5 Solution Business Consulting, project-based business solutions and system integration Consult, Design, Build We offer the full range of IT services * Fiscal year 2002 Product Related Services Maintenance of hardware and software products, infrastructure services Maintain Operation Related Services Outsourcing of data centers, desktop services, local networks and call centers Operate
  7. 7. Global network of innovation Governments are facing varied challenges and need flexible partnerships that are best suited to their needs. ... Government institutions are facing many and varied challenges: severe budget constraints, urgent need to raise productivity and efficiency of all processes, and to win in the growing competition between governments‘ services. Our cooperation can range from traditional IT outsourcing contracts to public private partnerships. We offer the type of partnership that is best suited to your organization‘s needs. Jürgen Frischmuth, Vice President, Siemens Business Services
  8. 8. Global network of innovation Challenges for Government ... ... and Proposals for their Solution Consequent Customer Orientation Creation of a standardized transaction platform for existing internet portals Seamless and Comprehensive Services Standardization of processes and integration of data Protection of Investment in Existing Applications Soft migration: Integration of existing applications into new processes and services
  9. 9. Global network of innovation Challenges for Government ... ... and Proposals for their Solution Cost Pressure Investment “in the right topics”. Consolidation of infrastructure and application platforms E-Government Cooperation across Institutional Boundaries Scalable, modular and proven solutions with highest grade of availability
  10. 10. Global network of innovation Challenges for Government ... … Integration of Government Services Integrated portals with public and private information are “state-of-the-art” Comprehensive services overcome today’s administrational borders and responsibilities Integration platforms are the glue for the efficient creation of transactional online-services Joint design, realization and operation of portal solutions and services (public private partnership)
  11. 11. Global network of innovation Challenges for Government ... … EU Funds As a precondition to receive EU subsidies each accession country has to:  Set up an Organisation which is able to administer, pay out, and control national subsidies  Provide for an appropriate IT System The situation according to the latest regular report: e.g. Poland: „... and considerable weaknesses have become apparent in agriculture in particular with regard to the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS).... “ New EU member states: other countries The worst case would be, the countries pay EU contributions but do not receive the subsidies
  12. 12. Global network of innovation Challenges for Government … … Demand for Homeland Security Services Q2-2003: New ICAO Specification for Passport & Visa: RFID Chip 32k, Biometry, Digital Signature Q2-2003, EU Summit Thessalonica: All EU passports with Biometry 140 Mio Euro EU fund for enhan-cing EU Schengen & Visa System Q4-2003, German Second Security Package: Biometry in National ID-Cards Q4-2004: US Enhanced Border Control Act and Patriot Act: Biometry in Passports
  13. 13. Global network of innovation Full range of Homeland Security Solutions by Siemens Business Services Border Control Solutions ID Document Solutions Visa Solutions Benefit: Integrated Security & ID-Solutions increase efficiency of law enforcement agencies
  14. 14. Global network of innovation Challenge for Emergency Organisations … Requirements today Disasters are increasing Citizens require higher attention (24/7) Technology enables enhanced opportunities Emergency Organisations must react fast, effective and economic Legal Regulations Unique number 112 European Union
  15. 15. Global network of innovation … Solution SITREM Integrated Emergency Management System Consulting Development Implementation Operation Maintenance  Integration of hardware, software and telephony  Consulting, development, implementation, operation and maintenance out of one hand  Consistent tailoring according to customer and legal requirements  Professional project management based on profound business and implementation experience  Delivery of a turn-key solution  Exploitation services
  16. 16. Global network of innovation Government Solutions & Services ... ... cover the full range of Services SSoolluuttiioonn BBuussiinneessss Consulting, project-based business solutions and system integration PPrroodduucctt RReellaatteedd SSeerrvviicceess Maintenance of hardware and software products, infrastructure services OOppeerraattiioonn RReellaatteedd SSeerrvviicceess Outsourcing of computer centers, desktop services, local networks and call centers Consult, design, build Operate Maintain WWee ooffffeerr tthhee ffuullll rraannggee ooff IITT sseerrvviicceess * 2003 fiscal year Government Customers EUR 1.1 billion sales and 6,700 employees in 25 countries* Government Solutions & Services
  17. 17. Global network of innovation Global Centers of Competence - International Support for our local Customers Germany  BIM  CRM  ERP  Manufacturing  Systems Integration Italy  Telecom India  SCM Austria  Utilities  Government UK  Financial Services Finland  Paper and Wood (Focus Business Area of Manufacturing)
  18. 18. Global network of innovation CoC Government – Core Areas and Portfolio Citizens and Business Citizen Office Call Center Siemens Business Services Front Office Common Transaction and Delivery Platform Multichannel Management Secure Accession Management, SSO Internet Access E2-Government Solution Suite Mobile Access Management and Support Processes Administrative Processes Human Resources Management, Budget Management, Funds Management Knowledge Management, Records Management Back Office ID-Cards, Border Control, Visa Systems, Basic Security, Biometric Procedures Homeland Security Employment Services Defense & Intelligence Government Emergency Management
  19. 19. Global network of innovation CoC Government focuses on 6 Core Areas Front Office Multichannel Access Government Services Back Office Employment Services Highest Security Homeland Security Emergency Mgmt. Defense & Intelligence
  20. 20. Global network of innovation Best practice sharing: Tailored to customer needs on a case-by-case basis Transfer of proven solutions Innovation and development partnership Selective outsourcing Outsourcing Public Private Partnership
  21. 21. Global network of innovation Transfer of proven solutions Border control for Lithuania Both countries have border control solutions that ... Border control for Latvia  have compatible, integrated border control  information and  communication systems  between HQ and frontier posts, including mobile units  offer enhanced security, mobile identification of incoming and outgoing vehicles and persons  are ready to protect the external EU border
  22. 22. Global network of innovation Innovation and development partnership Federal States of Police in Turkey Germany Mobile Traffic Information Electronic Land Register  Police forces equipped with GPS and mobile tablet PCs  immediate access to vehicle and driver data  accident reporting online  Enhanced traffic control and security  Ready for additional applications, e.g. electronic payment of fines  Secure archive with high-availability function  Digital signature and cryptography  Coverage of 13 federal states  Faster internal processes  Direct exchange of data with other public authorities Development Consortium SolumStar
  23. 23. Global network of innovation Selective outsourcing City of Vienna Copenhagen County E-Parking Management Running the IT department  Parking charges payable by cell phone  Parking time extendable by SMS  Electronic parking vouchers  Electronic payment monitoring  Flexible service delivery corresponding to customer’s organization  Further development of infrastructure  Serving 600,000 citizens and 20,000 employees in Copenhagen County
  24. 24. Global network of innovation Employment Agency for Romania Outsourcing UK Immigration and Nationality Directorate Efficient immigration, asylum and citizenship management E-Employment services  Design, build, financing and operation of new workflow and document management system  Integrated network  Use of image storage and retrieval technology  Doubling of throughput  Job-seekers gain easy access to  national placement services  unemployment support  Employment Agency linked to its 200 branch offices  Integration of back-office processes
  25. 25. Global network of innovation Department of Labour National Assembly South Africa for Wales IT services outsourcing State-of-the-art information sys-tem for members of parliament Public Private Partnership  Outsourcing of:  Software and hardware for all 4,600 desktop PCs  Local Area Networks (LAN)  User helpdesk as remote service  Optimization of infrastructure by integrating new technology  Improvement of service delivery  Office applications and administrative tools  Remote access, video-conferencing  Individual touch-screen systems  Managed service for  87 servers  3,200 desktops  600 laptops  650 printers
  26. 26. Global network of innovation The real key to cost reduction is the optimization of internal processes! E-Government has the potential to provide enormous cost savings for the public sector. The real key to cost reduction is .. the optimization of internal processes. Public sector can benefit from third-party expertise and economies of scale. Bernd Regendantz, Vice President, Siemens Business Services
  27. 27. Global network of innovation SSiieemmeennss BBuussiinneessss SSeerrvviicceess –– YYoouurr PPaarrttnneerr ffoorr eevveerryy CChhaalllleennggee Peter.Bajan@siemens.com government.sbs@siemens.com Front Office Back Office Employment Services Homeland Security Emergency Mgmt. Defense & Intelligence
  28. 28. Global network of innovation The Public Employment Service of Austria (amsbg) Benefits • Unemployment rate (EUROSTAT) 4,1% • About 457.000 job placements • About 300.000 job offerings with AMS Challenge • about 4500 employees • central head quarter • 9 organisations in the provinces • 97 regional offices in Austria Solution  Foundation of amsbg (60% Siemens Business Services GmBH, 40% EDV GmBH)  Implementing IT in the employment services market  Consulting & IT support  Customer training Outsourcing Austria Full-service solutions for Arbeitsmarktservice Österreich
  29. 29. Global network of innovation Austrian Chamber of Notaries (ÖNK) Benefits  Operation of the system at two separate sites  Multiple data protection in the event of a disaster  Complete service provider and prime contractor  Responsibility for the development of the cyberDOC solution and its operation  Highest level of security through independent security sites and state-of-the- art encryption techniques Electronic document archive for the Austrian Chamber of Notaries (ÖNK) Challenge  Secure operation of the document archive in the SBS computer center  User-oriented encryption of data  Periodic renewal of the systems  Monitoring of the security system by an independent body  Ensuring the availability and integrity of the data through crypto logical measures and periodical test algorithms Solution  Foundation of the cyberDOC Gesellschaft für Digitale Kommunikation im Notariat GmbH (society for digital communication in the notary’s office) as a joint venture between the ÖNK and Siemens Business Services  Protection against unauthorized access through closed user groups  Guarantee of possible networking with authorized third parties Outsourcing Austria
  30. 30. Global network of innovation BMF – Bundesministerium für Finanzen Solution  Implement SAP R/3 as prime contractor  Reorganize budgeting and accounting of entire federal administration  Re-engineer administrative processes in budget cycle  Integrate electronic media  Modern, up-to-date budget management  Overall project design and transaction planning of organizational requirements  Assist in setting up a competence center Benefits  More efficient administrative process  Use of latest information technology (e.g. internet)  Standard software instead of individual software  Improved use of staff potential for citizen-friendly administration Enterprise Centric Process Austria Implement SAP R/3
  31. 31. Global network of innovation Chancellerie du Premier Ministre (Fedenet) Challenge  Modernize the old BISTEL project (Videotex)  Use new technology  User friendly, web-based and secure environment  Access to informative web sites and various kinds of information (Media, File server, Groupware, Interdepartmental e-mail, ...) Benefits  Availability and management of information (24/24 - 7/7)  Use of Internet technology & state-of-the-art standard software  Cost savings  Full support and managing of all operations (outsourcing) Solution  Services 24h/24h 7/7 + Help-desk Service + SLA 99.9% (Redundant systems)  Management : Intranet Fedenet Network, Local Mailserver, Interdepartmental Mailserver, Internet & Intranet Server  Management of Local Database and Availability Management of the external database  Integration of security recommendations (Digipass, Firewall, ...)  Maintenance and development of applications Outsourcing Siemens Business Services provides successful solutions for the Counsil of the Prime Minister Belgium
  32. 32. Global network of innovation Belgian Finance Ministry – InterVAT Benefits  InterVAT can be used without any prior administrative formalities  Sending tax returns by post is no longer necessary  Returns can be sent right up to the last minute  The system eliminates delay  More than 1,000 VAT declarations are introduced every month Challenge  Secure transmission of documents via the Internet  Use of standard browsers so that end-users do not have to make additional investment Solution  InterVAT is accessible to all taxable persons via the Internet.  No software is required at the user-end  PKI environment based on digital certificates  Encrypted with the SSL protocol (standard in all web browsers)  Solution runs on a NT platform  Support for Win 95,98,NT, Mac,Unix Customer Centric Process Belgium InterVAT: On-line VAT returns. A new step on the road to e-government
  33. 33. Global network of innovation Czech Social Security Administration Outsourcing Benefits  Independence from the paper archive located entirely in Prague headquarters  Greater data security important for the pension system in the Czech Republic  Simpler circulation of documents enabling greater data availability concerning those insured for regional offices of the ČSSZ Challenge  To process documents for pension administration stored in paper form in the central archive and their digitalization and electronical archiving  To provide immediate access to data concerning individual insured persons for workers from all regional offices (in progress) Solution  Creation of methodology and framework for the digitalization line capable of processing 30 million documents in 75 days  Business Process Outsourcing of the whole project with systems integration of another six suppliers  Project scope: 37,500 man-days Siemens Business Services provides successful solutions for Czech Social Security Administration Czech Republic
  34. 34. Global network of innovation GAFCCIS Enterprise Centric Process Germany German Air Force Command and Control Information System Requirements  Support the decision-making and monitoring process of the German Air Force (GAFCCIS) at all levels of command  Migrate mainframe-based command information system onto modern architecture using intranet technology Solution  GAFCCIS supports the planning, ordering and reporting of all assignments of the German Air Force, including monitoring, gathering information and presenting the situation  GAFCCIS is an intranet-based e-business solution with a central database and a web browser as a universal client Benefits  The applications cover the basic command areas of the military organization  As well as the purely military parts of the system, users can access functions such as e-mail, searches, directory services, web services, query and evaluation options via a browser
  35. 35. Global network of innovation Virtual city hall for Hagen Customer Centric Process Germany Benefits  Municipal government in tune with demands of a modern society  Town becomes more attractive to citizens and businesses  Citizens trust their municipal government  Staff relieved of routine activities Requirements  Convenient access for citizens and businesses to administrative services  Service offerings strictly oriented toward the products of the local administration Solution  Provide an open, future-oriented platform based on standards  Introduce a solution for payment processing  Introduce digital signatures  Protect access and use of virtual city hall  Innovate administrative processes Multifunctional chipcard
  36. 36. Global network of innovation Copenhagen County Outsourcing Denmark Solution  Professional outsourcing services  Further development of infrastructure  Economies of scale  Stability of IT infrastructure  Flexible service delivery corresponding to customer’s organization Challenge  Large and distributed infrastructure on more than 200 locations  Meeting needs from administration, hospitals, schools, politicians and citizens  Taking over an entire IT department  Focusing on past, present and future needs across the entire service chain Benefits Partnering with 600.000 citizens  Professional partnership  Ensuring available systems  Ability to handle IT, WAN and medical solutions and 20.000 employees in Copenhagen county
  37. 37. Global network of innovation UK Passport Service (UKPS) Solution  Provision of new passport application system and delivery of front-end services  10 year, £100m contract to improve turnaround and security  3-way partnership  SBS  UK Passport Service  SP&SL  Fee based on numbers of passports issues (PFI deal)  SBS staff open post, cash payments, scan documents and photos Benefits  Offices automated  Over 10 million new, digital and more secure passports issued via the SBS system  Assisting UKPS with customer service focused initiatives – e.g. Extended Opening Hours  UKPS regains Charter Mark  Impressive example of public/private partnership Outsourcing United Kingdom Efficient document processing
  38. 38. Global network of innovation Ministry of Interior – Italian Electronic ID Card Enterprise Centric Process Italy Benefits  Modernization of the Italian Government  Powerful Electronic ID Card architecture which can support both for strong identification and digital signature for e-government services  Flexible delivery procedure which allows to install secure services  Huge improvement of the Police identification process, both “vis à vis” and on-line identification Challenge  To combine a secure decentralized on-line Electronic ID card delivery procedure (at Municipality level) with a strong centra-lized PKI (at the Ministry of Interior level)  To improve citizen identification  To migrate traditional citizen-public authority relationships in public premises, based on traditional authentication, towards de-localized relationships (for example at home) Solution  Design and implementation of the Electronic ID card security architecture and file system  Design and definition of Card Services  LDAP infrastructure using Siemens ICN DirX product  Decentralized procedures for Electronic ID card emission and initialization (both for chip and optical stripe)
  39. 39. Global network of innovation SSiieemmeennss BBuussiinneessss SSeerrvviicceess –– YYoouurr PPaarrttnneerr ffoorr eevveerryy CChhaalllleennggee Peter.Bajan@siemens.com government.sbs@siemens.com Front Office Back Office Employment Services Homeland Security Emergency Mgmt. Defense & Intelligence

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • Key message:
    A complete partnership is fundamental to our approach to trusting and successful relationships. We create business value for our customers by cooperating intensely at all levels with them. Our goal is to accelerate the creation of lasting business success value for our customers and ourselves.
  • Key message:
    After discussing today's business challenges and some selected examples of our successfully realized projects, let‘s talk about Siemens Business Services, about our background, our offerings and our capabilities - how we can create business value for YOU.
    We are a part of the Siemens Group, with a global network of more than 400,000 people
    We are a trusted business partner, with more than 33,000 professionals within Siemens Business Services, with more than 10,000 customers and present in more than 40 countries
    We serve our customers across the complete Service chain: Consult, Design, Build, Operate and Maintain
    We have a deep knowledge of processes and IT Management – Best practice expertise in Integration, Outsourcing, Availability & Security Business
    We have strong partnerships, with all the state-of-the-art Technology Platform and Software & Solution producers
    And our network of People has a strong customer culture: We have a passion to serve
  • Key message:
    Siemens Business Services is part of the Siemens Group – a world leader in information and communications, with a wide array of products, systems and services.
    Siemens provides innovative products and services in 190 countries around the world. More than 400,000 employees are linked in a global knowledge network.
    Siemens has a reputation for conservative accounting practices and sound financial management.
    Siemens‘ R&D activities drive innovation to increase company value. As a technology leader, Siemens shapes the technologies of the future. To enhance efficiency, Siemens optimizes processes and leverages synergies all across the Global Network of Innovation. Siemens‘ strategically focused patent portfolio reflects its wide-ranging achievements.
    Siemens invests roughly EUR 500 million each year in expanding the competencies of its workforce.
    For us - Siemens Business Services - Siemens is an important shareholder, customer and business partner.
  • Key message:
    Here you can see the organizational structure of the Siemens Group. In addition to the Information and Communications business area (of which Siemens Business Services is a part), the Siemens portfolio consists of specialisms in:
    Automation and Control
    Financing and Real Estate
    Our group is responsible for its own international capabilities, with regional units supporting these activities. Through a decentralized structure we receive the greatest possible degree of entrepreneurial responsibility and the ability to nurture the closest of ties to our customers. Cross-Group and cross-regional cooperation is the basis for our Global Network Of Innovation.
  • As an internationally leading IT-service provider, we render our customers
    performance along the entire value chain:
    In consult-, design and build-projects, we associate experience in conceiving and designing IT-solutions with distinct knowledge about systems and applications.
    When it comes to outsourcing, we run our customers´ entire information- and telecommunication – infrastructure. Thus, our customers enjoy the benefits of focussing on their core business and of reducing their IT-costs at the same time.
    As the global number-one in vendor-independent hardware maintenance services, we assure that our customers have a 7/24 access to information technology.
    Internationally, Siemens Business Services is among the top-ten IT-services
    providers, ranks number five in Europe and number two in Germany.
    In the last fiscal year (ending September 30th, 2002), revenues accounted for
    € 5.8 billion – whereby 73 % have been realized outside Siemens.
    At present, Siemens Business Services counts on about 33,600 employees in
    44 countries.
  • What we share with our customers are first and foremost best practices.
    By learning from each other and by adopting best practices,
    we speed up the transformation process by saving time and money to develop E-Government solutions,
    we enhance our level of efficiency, reduce risks and inherently improve quality,
    we grow closer together, and
    we ensure compatibility throughout Europe.
    Every partnership model has to suit the particular needs in each case.
    However, it is critical that the business model is not defined abstractly in advance, but in virtue of
    the precise E-Government services to be implemented, and
    the available financing modes.
    The chosen business model
    must be robust, and
    very importantly, must also meet both partners´ expectations and interests.
    In the following, I will present you our understanding of:
    transfer of proven solutions,
    innovation and development partnership
    selective outsourcing
    Public Private Partnership.
  • On a very plain level, best practice sharing could stand for transferring and implementing a solution which has already proven success elsewhere.
    At first, this means screening for best practices.
    But one should not get caught in the mistake of considering only the major and most industrialized countries. For instance, there are ID-card solutions from Macao or the National Assembly of Wales’ IT-setting that undoubtedly qualify as best e-Government practices for Germany.
    Once having selected a best practice solution, the objective is then to implement it in accordance with local requirements, customs and laws in the customer´s specific business processes.
    Therefore, best practice sharing is very far from just getting a CD-ROM with the software code, installing it, and there you go.
    That is why successful best practice sharing calls for an IT-service provider that acts global and thinks locally. This provider will be the best knowledge broker and implementation partner.
    When working with us, there is a very high chance that we already have implemented the required best practice solution in other places.
    For example, we have delivered two similar border control solutions in Lithuania and Latvia.
    This is a case in point for sharing experience and best practice between two neighboring countries and other solutions for example in Argentina and Ukraine.
    By adopting today a modern system that is compatible with tomorrow´s Schengen requirements, these countries are well prepared to protect the future external borders of the European Union.
  • Innovation and Development Partnerships are indicated, if transferable best practice solutions are not available.
    One of the reasons might be that the requirements are novel or unique with respect to the specific technical or process-related environment.
    In this case, the best practice consists in an approach to find and conceive a new solution, develop it and make it ready for roll-out – ideally configured in a way allowing re-use and roll-out to other locations.
    In Turkey, police forces are supported by mobile technology and devices for traffic control and traffic security purposes. Besides Turkey - and as already mentioned - Italy, we supplied innovative solutions to police forces in the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and UK, among others.
    Another showcase for joint development is SolumStar in Germany, where 13 of the 16 federal states entered into a consortium to develop an electronic land register for subsequent roll-out to all the consortium’s member states.
  • Different from complete outsourcing, selective outsourcing means that the customer assigns defined subtasks to a third party, instead of an entire set of tasks. Therefore, selective outsourcing is also called ”outtasking”.
    Selective outsourcing may be an interesting pre-stage to a complete outsourcing at a later date, since it can be easily taken advantage of all experiences gathered.
    Even selective outsourcing with an Application Service Provider requires already considerable attention and effort in selecting the right partner. A part of the project responsibilities is transferred to the partner, who will run customer’s applications and host them for him.
    As a first step, we designed and built an electronic parking management solution for the city of Vienna. This solution allows for paying one´s parking fees by mobile phone.
    Now, we are also running this application for our customer as an ASP-Service.
    For Copenhagen county we operate the IT-department providing 600,000 citizens access to public administration. In addition we provide IT infrastructure and back office solutions for 20,000 public servants.
  • Outsourcing is becoming increasingly common in information technology and other industries even for services that have formerly been regarded as intrinsic to managing a business.
    Siemens Business Services is one of the top 10 outsourcing providers worldwide. More than 15,000 employees work in this field serving over 200 major customers in 35 countries across all industries – offering economies of scale for example through data processing centers, call centers and resource-pools.
    Based on a case-by-case analysis performed together with our customer, we are ready:
    to provide full IT-outsourcing services, handling the customer’s entire IT, or
    to agree on business process outsourcing – in this case, we assume the responsibility for managing and optimizing an entire business process.
    After we designed and built a new workflow and document management system, the UK’s Immigration and Nationality Directorate benefits from increased efficiency measured by a doubled through-put of processed cases.
    The Romanian Central Employment Agency has been linked to it’s 200-plus branches by back-office integration. In addition, job-seekers gained easy access to national placement services and unemployment support. We also served the respective customers in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Turkey.
  • Looking finally at a Public Private Partnership, we quickly realize that this is a highly complex form of cooperation, which may include any or all of the aforementioned models in conjunction with the outsourcing of business processes.
    There are several business models for structuring a Public Private Partnership, culminating in a jointly owned company.
    In this case, the private partner also bears entrepreneurial, commercial and market risks. Such highly entrepreneurial relationship implies in a very high level of trust.
    For the South Africa’s Department of Labor we improved service delivery by providing an optimized IT infrastructure.
    The National Assembly for Wales disposes of a state-of-the-art IT-setting including office applications, administrative tools and remote access, comfortable touch screen PCs and video conferencing.