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Fond of science

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Fond of science

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Fond of science

  1. 1. • The CHILD has been in the centre of our attention... • The CHILD - able to think sensibly, understand, appreciate • The CHILD’s curiosity and imagination Our Values
  2. 2. • Science: popular with younger and older children • Suitable behavior & responsible attitude • “The Experiment” learning tool • “The scientific method” the surrounding world • “Fun Science” concept. Our Mission
  3. 3. • Curiosity, enthusiasm and stubbornness • Parents + Teachers = The perfect match • Children ask questions • Their answers are found in science • “What happens if… ?” • Finding answers, developing skills The little creative researchers How to encourage the child towards science Science for kids – from games to learning
  4. 4. • Science Skill and Fun • P – 4 • Bubbles, magnets, ladybugs • Germs, weight, energy “Great Science Education” in Primary School
  5. 5. Junior Science Club • ‘Science has helped me to surpass my limits’ • ‘I hope I will be motivated to share the others the fascination of discovering some of the mysteries of the universe’ • ‘It has opened a new perspective of knowledge for me’
  6. 6. Senior Science Club • “Eco power, eco utility” • “Anything for a better life” “Microcontroller Arduino” • “The reading of cards for car keys” • “The traffic lights” • “Humidity” • “The temperature sensor”
  7. 7. *From vast mountain forests to the tiniest cells in petri dishes, biology is the study of life* • BioTeam has been studying the environment, looking closely at insects, plants, germs … • Fun + research = success BioTeam
  8. 8. • C h e m i c a l re a c t i o n s happen around us all the time, whether we're cooking or cleaning or making invisible ink! • These Chemistry Projects provided lots of fun and learning, while discovering t h e s c i e n c e b e h i n d e v e r y d a y o b j e c t s - everything from vacuum cleaners to snowflakes The Young Chemist
  9. 9. There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failures.