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Egg Donation Canada - CFC

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Are you looking for an Egg Donor who is located in Canada?. FertilityConsultants.ca is right place to begin your search with. There are various causes why female may not be be able to use her own eggs to conceive a child. In such cases, egg donation can be very useful when trying to conceive a baby. Find more information about egg donor process, requirement, donor egg program in Ontario Canada.

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Egg Donation Canada - CFC

  1. 1. Egg Donation Canada Egg donor program allow IPs to choose a donor with the physical and mental characteristics that somewhat reflect themself. Being an egg donor, you will find great reward, and best of all more satisfaction in knowing that your contribution has brought an little miracle into couple life's who has been starving long to enjoy parenthood. Find out how!
  2. 2. Egg donation is a part of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) technology. In this procedure, several eggs are stimulated to produce via hormone therapy which are later harvested from the woman. Retrieval of the eggs requires sedation as they are removed vaginally with the use of a needle. The mature eggs are subsequently fertilized outside of the body (on glass) and allowed to grow for a few days. The resulting embryos are then implanted into the uterus (3 atmost) which are followed by implantation and result in pregnancy if the procedure is successful. Egg Donor Procedure
  3. 3. The egg harvesting technique developed for IVF has subsequently been used for the egg donation, in the same way as sperm has been used for donation purposes for several years. Such donated eggs, from either known or anonymous donors, can be used to overcome infertility in women who: lack ovaries; have diminished ovarian function; or have a genetic disease or a history of genetic disease. Egg donation procedure, are somewhat complicated than sperm donation. In addition to the complex procedure for harvesting egg, eggs are also less amenable to storage than are sperm. Unlike the storage of sperm donations, there exist no such bank for egg donations. Although there are some donor eggs bank in Canada where retrieved eggs are kept frozen, success rates of pregnancy varies. Eggs are used immediately after retrieval and are fertilized in vitro (on glass disc). Resulting embryos are more easily stored than eggs and can either be implanted or stored cryogenically for an extended period of time.
  4. 4. • Any woman willing to get pregnant has the option of pursuing donor eggs. • Early menopause or premature ovarian failure • Having very weak Egg Health • History of Genetic Disease • Ovaries does not respond to stimulation • Hormonal Imbalance • Age above 40 Who Need Egg Donors?
  5. 5. • Have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 28 or less (weight to height proportionate) • Ages between 19-31 • Healthy, not currently on Depo-Provera • Non-smoker and no recreational drugs. • willing to complete medical and psychological testing, take a series of injectable medications, and undergo an outpatient surgical procedure for egg retrieval. • Secondary Education is not necessary. • Time from selection by a future parent to completion of your egg donation is 60 to 90 days. How to be an Egg Donor?
  6. 6. How Fertility Consultants can help? Canadian Fertility Consultants (CFC) is an leading consulting firm for fertility treatment in Ontario. A full devoted firm in helping couples who are having difficulties in trying to conceive naturally, by providing proper guidance and adequate support while exploring alternate method to build family. We have helps hundreds of couples become parents since 2007 and take a holistic steps to everything we can possibly do. We'll put team of experts to help you throughout journey of building family with care and love. CFC egg donor program allow IPs to choose a donor with the physical and mental characteristics that somewhat reflect themself. The eggs from the donor are then fertilized with the sperm given by the partner or a donor and implanted into either the intended mother or one of our Surrogate Mothers. Our services include providing you with right information, email support, telephone support, counselling, huge list of reputable clinics, etc. Once you register with our website, you get full access to view profiles of the donors and surrogates.
  7. 7. Contact CFC 40 Main Street, Box 784 Brighton, Ontario Canada K0K 1H0 Telephone: 1 (613) 439 8701 Fax: 1 (613) 439 8703 @cfcleia CanadianSurogacy Visit website http://fertilityconsultants.ca