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Pizza Hut Clone: Online Pizza Delivery App

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Streamline the profits for your pizza delivery startup with the customizable, white-labelled and ready to launch Pizza Hut clone online pizza delivery app. for more info: https://www.v3cube.com/uber-for-pizza-delivery-app/

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Pizza Hut Clone: Online Pizza Delivery App

  2. 2. Food Delivery Habit Is Killing Local Pizza Shops Due to the overall busy life that people have this in turn has led to people reducing the visit to local pizza shops and thereupon ordering the pizza home so as to enjoy the meals at the comfort of their house. This in turn has killed the local pizza shops and increased the popularity of apps to a greater extent.
  3. 3. Why Advertisers Tap on the Pizza Delivery App? ● Quick pizza delivery services ● Streamlines operations and ensures easy order monitoring for pizzerias ● Easy order management for delivery drivers ● Access to innumerable pizzerias
  4. 4. Advanced Features Of Pizza Hut Clone App ● Mark Pizzeria as Favourite ● Membership Subscription Plan ● Wallet to Wallet Money Transfer ● Scan Credit Card for Payment ● VOIP Based Call ● Realtime Chat with Support Team
  5. 5. Benefits Of Pizza Hut Clone App ● Access to innumerable pizzerias ● Fast and swift pizza delivery services ● Easy task management for delivery drivers ● Automate operations for pizzerias
  6. 6. Pizza Delivery Companies Step Up Contactless Delivery Service ● To ensure safety and security of delivery drivers and customers contactless delivery is encouraged ● This ensures that there is minimal physical touch between customer and delivery driver ● This is done through the customer notifying of a request for contactless delivery and in turn the delivery driver takes a snap to notify the customer of delivery on a dry surface thereby reducing the risk of catching the pandemic
  7. 7. How To Safely Order Pizza Delivery during the Coronavirus Quarantine? ● Use contactless deliveries ● Utilize online payments ● Wear masks and apply sanitizers ● Follow social distancing by maintaining maximum distance as and when the delivery driver arrives.
  8. 8. Thank You! https://www.v3cube.com/uber-for-pizza-delivery-app/ sales@v3cube.com +1(858)427-0668 (Worldwide)