Peafowl Skye

Felix ChenFelix Chen
Peafowl,[object Object],By Skye Urbach,[object Object]
Appearance,[object Object],Each feather has little hairs that make a pattern that looks like a large  iridescent blue, purple, green, and bronze eye at the top of each feather.  ,[object Object],Iridescent means that something changes colors or reflects like a bubble.,[object Object],The hair like strands seem to change color.,[object Object]
Appearance,[object Object],A peacocks tail feathers range from 1.4- 1.6.  meters in length. That is about as tall as me.,[object Object],Their body and tail can be 2.3 meters in length. That is about 1 and a half of me.,[object Object]
Appearance,[object Object],There are three species of peafowl,[object Object],Blue or Indian peafowl ,[object Object],2. Green peafowl,[object Object],3. Congo peafowl,[object Object]
appearance,[object Object], Peacocks might have ornamental feathers on their heads, but not peahens. Peacocks and peahens have a small crest of feathers on their heads.,[object Object]
Appearance,[object Object],A peacocks fan of colorful feathers has 200 feathers that cover his real tail that he does not use for mating.,[object Object]
Not In Danger!,[object Object],Peacocks and peahens are not endangered, they are found in many places.,[object Object],They are found in India and zoos. This is a map of India and where they are found. ,[object Object]
Diet,[object Object],When a peacock  or peahen swallows the food goes  into a pouch called the crop. The crop leads to the stomach.,[object Object]
Diet,[object Object],Peafowl don’t have any teeth. They swallow the pieces of their food whole.,[object Object]
diet,[object Object],  Peafowl will eat anything they can find like wheat, rice, corn and flowers.,[object Object],In India, they even eat cobras!,[object Object]
diet,[object Object],When peafowl are in zoos they eat all day long.,[object Object],But, when peafowl are in the wild, they eat and drink in the morning and afternoon.,[object Object]
Life cycle,[object Object],At the start of breeding season, peacocks often live alone and then fight each other for land to live on with their families. They fight each other with the spurs on their ankles. The winner of the fight gets the land and then attracts a mate.,[object Object]
Life cycle,[object Object],Peahens can  lay 3-5 eggs. They lay their eggs in grassy areas to hide the eggs.,[object Object]
diet,[object Object],Sometimes peacocks and peahens eat and chase butterflies in the fields in India. ,[object Object]
Scientific name ,[object Object],The scientific name for the Indian peacock is Pavo cristitus,[object Object]
Appearance,[object Object], The long and beautiful feathers of the peacock can reach the ground on each side .,[object Object]
Interesting facts,[object Object],Peacocks will do a dance to get a mate.,[object Object],[ Its fun to see ],[object Object]
Interesting facts,[object Object],When a peacock calls it makes a unpleasant sound. A squawking sound that is often mistaken for a woman yelling.,[object Object]
Life cycle,[object Object],When a peacock is doing his mating dance he shakes his real tail.,[object Object],The real tail is a tail that is like the tail a duck might have. It is covered by the feathers that are colorful. When the color feathers are lifted up you can see the real tail.,[object Object]
Mating,[object Object],Peahens seem to pick their mate by how big the peacock is and how good he dances.,[object Object]
Sources that I used.,[object Object],,[object Object],Encyclopedia of Animals, 2006, Peacock,[object Object],Berman,Peacocks, 1996,[object Object],http://kids,,[object Object],www.arkive .org/peacock,[object Object]
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