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Office 365 Groups Connectors for SQL/ERP/CRM
Features & Benefits
The Layer2 Cloud Connector integrates your line-of-
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Office 365 Groups Connectors for SQL/ERP/CRM and 100+ more

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Office 365 Groups can be connected via the Layer2 Cloud Connector to local and cloud-based SQL/ERP/CRM and 100+ more enterprise systems.

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Office 365 Groups Connectors for SQL/ERP/CRM and 100+ more

  1. 1. Office 365 Groups Connectors for SQL/ERP/CRM Features & Benefits The Layer2 Cloud Connector integrates your line-of- business data sources like SQL/ERP/CRM and 100+ more with Microsoft Office 365 Groups: • No programming or tools required: Just select a data provider, enter a connection string and a data query. No installation or customizing at the data source side required. • Office 365 Group Cards are generated on each data change in your backend system. • Keep your team up-to-date: They will be notified about newly created items, any data changes or deletes in almost any system. • Flexible settings: You can centrally setup the notification interval and the data fields monitored. • Secure data connection and transfer: The connector runs where your data resides today - on a server or client inside your corporate network with Internet connectivity available, or in the cloud. No data is exposed to any 3rd party. No changes in network settings or firewall required. • High performance: Works great with large data sets. • Almost any data source supported: ODBC, OLEDB, OData, .NET-based providers, file content (Excel, XML, CSV), documents in file system, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2, IBM AS/400, IBM Informix, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics NAV/CRM, Exchange, Active Directory, Navision, Lotus Notes, SAP, SOAP Web Services etc. • Data providers for SharePoint, OData, File System, XML/RSS, Exchange, SOAP, Groups included. Almost any vendor specific or 3rd party ADO.NET data providers additionally supported. • You can connect all supported systems also directly with each other for data migration, integration or backup, without using Office 365 Groups. Licensing & Partner Program Licensing per installation. No user CALs required. • Free Shareware Edition available for download. • App Edition: Via Microsoft App Store only. • Personal Edition: UD$ 499 / 399 € per server. • Professional Edition: US$ 1.407 / 995 € per server. • Annual Software Assurance: 20% per year. • Layer2 Partner Program for VARs and resellers: 15-30% discount on licenses, FREE NFR Edition, priority support, web site listing, lead transfer. “I am thoroughly impressed with your Cloud Connector software. It is an excellent concept, has extremely comprehensive functionality and is easy to configure.” Brent Seeney, Information Systems Support Manager at INEX Independent Extrusions Limited Layer 2 GmbH | Eiffestr. 664b | D-20537 Hamburg | Germany +49 (0) 40 284112–30 | sales@layer2.de | www.layer2solutions.com/en/products/