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DJI – Building Fans with Events #AFBMC

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Vortrag von Annika Karstadt auf der AllFacebook Marketing Conference 2017 in München.

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DJI – Building Fans with Events #AFBMC

  3. 3. PRODUCT LINES Spreading WingsZenmuse GimbalsRonin-MX Lightbridge Ronin-M Flight Controllers Flame Wheel Matrice 100OSMOPhantom 4 Pro Agras MG-1SInspire 2 Mavic Pro
  4. 4. Communication approach Europe Social Media revolutionizes how people & brands interact, it is a way faster to write a private message/comment than emails, phone calls and is more transparent. As DJI is a content company social media works perfect to position our key values, product and use. Our customers: •  Our core audience & consumers are themselves very young & active on social media •  Use our products to produce content for their own channels •  As well content for companies for online exposure •  Facebook & social media are deeply integrated in our products (apps & direct FB live features) •  DJI > Worldwide company; social media is just the best & quickest way to reach our fans/(lead) customers all over the world •  “Communication” focused on events •  Events all over Europe & all over the globe •  Social media allows us to target & reach our audience locally to amplify the reach of our events •  And share it with the rest of the world afterwards •  PR activities within every event
  5. 5. 24 hours race - Germany Race in at famous Nuerburgring. Number one motorsport event in the region. Spanning into Benelux countries. KPIs: over 200K spectators, 30Mio Media reach, 10Mio Social Media reach World Rally Championship – Global: Europe, China, Australia, S. America 14 races within global series , mainly in Europe with span to China, and Americas KPI: 3,5 Mio spectators, 500 Mio TV and Media reach, 150 Mio Social Media reach FIS Freestyle Champions Ship Kieler Woche The biggest regatta race in the world Location: Germany, Kiel KPI: 500K spectator in harbor, 200K views, 500k social media reach, potentially TV and Media reach World Surfing Tour (tbd) European partnership in France and Portugal KPI: 1,5 Mio online audience, 23 Mio FB views Wake the Line Major German Wake boarding event. KPI: 300 K Social, 3 Mio TV Audience, 20k Spectators Building Fans With Events
  6. 6. Facebook insights: reach & engagement
  7. 7. Example campaign process social media • Facebook & instagram are used together for different purposes • Instagram stories to share more ”raw” content, behind the scenes, Q&A with the pilots… • Both platforms to post shots of the team/drone shots of the action, edited • Facebook to post final product (highlight videos, pic albums…) WRC: Weltmeisterschaft Rally
  8. 8. Typical Facebook Posts: WRC Highlights Video 2016 https://www.facebook.com/DJI/videos/1012444448861428/ WRC: Weltmeisterschaft Rally