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  1. 1. Fathi Waleed Aweida Address: Khobar, KSA. Phone (+966) 053-400 1600. Email: fathi_aweida@hotmail.com. Nationality: Jordanian . Gender: Male . Marital Status: single . Place and Date of Birth: Jeddah 25-May-1991. SUMMARY A versatile, deadline oriented, analytical and hard-working Projects Management, Computer IT and Networking professional with a practical hands-on approach, who always perseveres to achieve the best results. Able to collect and analyze information, digest facts and quickly grasp complex technical issues. Excellent negotiation and problem solving skills and swiftly identifies the root of any problem and develops an effective solution with a meticulous attention to detail and within agreed deadlines. SKILLS  All Project Management skills.  Professional in Computer networks, network administration, configuration and troubleshooting.  Ability to work and perform under pressure.  Effective time management skills.  Eager to learn.  Good communication and reporting skills.  Effective, Accurate, Meet Deadlines, Goal oriented and hard worker.  Critical thinking and problem solving.  Strong Team Skills and Effective team player.  Strong Interpersonal and Organizational skills. EXPERIENCE Projects Manager Jan 2015– present Pyramid Arabia Est. Job Description - Create and execute project work plans and revise as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements. - Schedule, plan and organize Project Management Teams Responsibility . - Lead and manage multi-disciplinary telecom project teams for successful project completion - Manage and control project’s schedule, budget and quality - Coordinate with internal and external resources and parties to successfully execute the Project .
  2. 2. - Manage and deal with multiple small to medium projects simultaneously or manage large projects . - Apply project management standards in all project Phases . - Interface with clients to establish business and Certification requirements of the Company . - Assisting in RFQ/RFI formulation. Projects Executed Project: Royal commission wireless enhancement phase two Project. Client: Jubail RCJ, Saudi Arabia Scope: The project is implementation of Aruba WLAN . Role: Project Manager, Partnered with Aruba for the implementation . Project: AL-HASA Court LAN Project. Client: Ministry of Justice, Saudi Arabia Scope: The project is implementation of LAN and cisco networks. Role: Project Manager. Project: AL-Jubail Court CCTV Project. Client: Ministry of Justice, Saudi Arabia Scope: The project is implementation of IP CCTV and cisco networks. Role: Project Manager. Project: Khobar Municipality LAN WLAN Project. Client: Dammam Municipality, Saudi Arabia
  3. 3. Scope: The project is implementation of Aruba WLAN and Juniper networks. Role: Project Manager, Partnered with Fortinet for the implementation . Project: security enhancement for King Abdulaziz port. Client: King Abdulaziz port, Saudi Arabia Scope: The project is a maintenance of IT network and network enhancement DC and DR. throughout Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Role: Project Manager. Network Engineer Jan 2014 – Dec 2014 Askadenia – Jordan TRAINING COURSES& WORKSHOPS PMP COURSES 3 Ways Academy, Egypt. 24 Sep 31-Oct-2016 EDUCATION Bachelor: Computer Information System AlZaytoonh University High School : Ibn-Sina Al-khobar LANGUAGES Arabic: Mother Tongue. English: Professional speaking, writing and reading skills. References are available upon request.